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Hi there! Mark this day on your calendar,  jot it down in your diary or at minimum be cognizant as it is etched into your consciousness because this is the day you found THE TRUTH. What you do with it is up to you, it has no effect upon us, we only wish others well and warn them to PAY ATTENTION, as we all should.

Firstly, how about a unique challenge in which only we can lose and YOU are 100% guaranteed success? . . .

If you can handle it, the knowledge provided here at 5Truths.com can empower you like nothing else ever has or could. It’s because we only focus on the BIG stuff and EVERY SINGLE WORD on each page is glorious, irrefutable TRUTH. (If that’s not True and you come forth publicly with the veritable reason in the comments section below, we owe you $100 and you can collect it in cash money anytime you wish! Hence the old adage of “put your money where your mouth is” has been accomplished.)

And FYI: After over a hundred thousand views of that challenge for over 5 years at issue #119 of the Goyim Gazette (where Truth numbers 2 & 4 come from) not one single person has ever come forth. NONE, NOTTA, ZIP. Heck, let’s just up the ante and make it a $1,000. There, we’re all in, and you’ve literally got nothing to lose. Sound fair? It’s because we ALWAYS speak the TRUTH and this won’t be any different.

There, now you’ve been given our $100 $1,000 challenge!



…to the only site on earth created to save your freedom, life & soul.


1st, for your FREEDOM . . .


For the translator; YOU VOTE ONLINE!






FYI: You could Truth for a hundred years but must take ACTION to nourish and protect yourself from harms along the way. Hence the purpose of our homepage, it is the action portion of things. That said, as you’ll see there’s still a whale of a Truth to be had from it as well. And if you’re like us, it will be one of the largest ones you have ever experienced! 


FIRSTLY, FOR THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY READ OUR BALLOT AND CAME TO VOTE, HERE YOU GO! If not, continue on and vote after educating yourself.


All Fields Are Required

(FYI; Like most State voter registration databases, only names and addresses are public.)

    First Name

    Last Name


    Home Street Address


    State (2 letter abbreviation)

    Zip Code

    County of Residence (US counties only at present)





    Understanding what’s wrong with our “supposed democracy” as of current begins with five obvious FACTS: Pay attention long enough to read ALL of them AND the rest of this short page, IF YOU’RE A REGULAR JOE OR JANE, THIS MATTERS TO YOU, GUARANTEED!

    aaa ballot

    1. We the People don’t get to vote on anything that really matters because we only get to choose between pile of crap A or pile of crap B instead of options and candidates we ourselves have selected from the outset.

    2. We the People have never had any real way of knowing if our votes were counted. There is no way to check if YOUR VOTE mattered!

    3. We the People have never had the ability to see how others voted which if you stop to think about it, is TOTALLY BACKWARDS.  For instance would you remain friendly with someone who elected and supports officials responsible for mask mandates and forced vaccinations with untested vaccines or for legalizing pedophilia or promoting transgender in schools? Of course not but you currently have no way to see how others vote! That means anyone around you could be a traitor and you’d never even know it which is exactly the case! (One excellent and common example of that is outlined below surrounding a local woman we know, her own husband of many years turned out to be a total, democracy hating scumbag and she didn’t even know it!)

    4. We the People can’t change bad laws or create good ones in a reasonable manner. It takes TONS of effort, time and money just to petition the masses to get anything on a county ballot. The red tape is daunting to put it mildly. And even if you were to succeed at doing so, if the judges (and/or their friends the mayor, sheriff, commissioner, assessor, PUD managers, clerks, rich local business owners and even foreign corporate executives of nationwide chains) in your county don’t like it, they can just toss it out for any number of nonsensical reasons. AND THEY DO, ALWAYS. Look at the ridiculous rules for petitioning in our county here in Chelan, WA. And remember, that’s just to get something on a ballot which only comes around once a year for our county only, one in over 3,000 in the USA! Forget about doing anything good nationwide!!!

    5. We the People can’t fire our own public employees even when they’re widely known to suck! So, we end up paying dearly in taxes of every kind imaginable to employ liars, cheats and frauds who get to stay in office for years and years before getting replaced, most often with more liars, cheats and frauds! If you lied, cheated or stole at your place of work, how long would management allow you to remain there? And worse yet, the ones that get replaced NEVER pay for their failures which most often are de facto crimes. Instead they simply retire in the lap of luxury!

    We want to change all of that, how about you?!


    The primary focus of this page is real time, year round, polling and voting online thereby giving We the People (WTP) the ability to change laws and fire any public official within weeks, days or even hours of anyone (like YOU) starting a quick and easy online initiative to do so. WTP will soon be able to simply go online to fire ANY public official (corrupt  cops, judges, mayors, commissioners, governors, senators and yes even the president, ANYONE) with zero red tape.

    And that is why NONE of the corrupt ones, their bribing corporate supporters or paid subversive infiltrators among us want you knowing about, sharing or doing this! Get it? This is the only thing we need to fix America and as you’ll learn, there are those who don’t want America to be fixed because they like it the way it is, CORRUPT! And the only people who don’t support this are them and everyone they’ve succeeded to brainwash into thinking the net is perfectly secure for EVERYTHING, EXCEPT real time, year round, polling and voting about THEM AND OUR COUNTRY!

    Below is the full AAA Ballot which begins with the “Do Not Consent” (DNC) page. Note; If you’re not aware of the level of corruption and evil in our world, much of it will go over your head. So, just recall the main purpose here is year round polling and voting online. That is what “they” don’t want YOU to be able to do!

    (For those using the Spanish translator, please go to the professionally translated page for accuracy in legal terminology.)

    Traducción Española


    You can also download a .PDF of the DNC and AAA Ballot for reading/sharing directly. It includes a printable form for snail-mailing votes to us in both English and Spanish. (Share/use/print those to help folks who don’t have/utilize desktops, laptops or smartphones. Do your part to assist others!


    This all begins with a simple acknowledgement that things are completely out of hand and We the People have to say NO MORE.


    For Freedom, Democracy & Justice

    We The People Do NOT Consent To:

    We Say No to: US Officials Keeping Traitorous Alliances or Supporting Bigoted Special Interests of Citizens United, Super Pacs, the ADL, AIPAC, SPLC, JDL, & Etc. Anti-Democratic Entities

    We Say No to: The Plethora of Illegal and Anti-Democratic Presidential Orders and Other Non-Congressional Changes To The Constitution Of The United States of America and our Bill of Rights

    We Say No to: Any Minority Religious, Ethnical or Other Group Owning/Controlling the Majority of U.S. TV/Radio Channels, Newspapers, Magazines, Books, Movie Studios, Banks and Largest Corporations

    We Say No to: Diplomatic Immunity, Noahide and Sharia Laws Passed By Congress Which Make It Legal for Some to Cheat, Rape, Persecute & Enslave the Common Man at Home or Abroad

    We Say No to: All Forms of Government Sponsored/Sanctioned Propaganda and Use of Psychological Warfare to Oppress We The People Via Mental Conditioning/Programming of All Kinds

    We Say No to: Covert Modification Of Earths’ Weather via HAARP, NEXRAD and/or the Introduction of Harmful Metallic, Chemical or Biological Elements Into Our Air, Water, Soils or Food

    We Say No to: Eugenics & Population Control via Private Labeling of Foods, GMOs, Tainted Vaccines, Flouridated Drinking Water, Psychotropic Drugs & Etc. Harms of All Kinds to the General Public

    We Say No to: Unwelcome and Unnecessary, Non-Court Ordered Data Mining, Sharing of Private Info, Surveillance and Recordings of All Kinds By Government and/or Commercial Entities

    We Say No to: The U.S. Government Allowing Censorship or Banning of Truthful Information by Publicly Traded Companies Such as Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or the “Big 5“ of Media

    We Say No to: The Fraudulently Enacted Federal Reserve Act of 1913, We Demand the FED (or it’s replacement, i.e. “Outbank”) Be Owned and Governed By “We The People” As it Used to Be

    We Say No to: Our Youths and Our Military Being Used To Terrorize and Heinously Murder Completely Innocent, Non-Aggressive, Unarmed Men, Women and Children Anywhere on Earth

    We Say No to: Traitorous Communists, Fascists or Socialists Having Dual Citizenship In the United States of America or Working in Our Government, Schools, Media or Entertainment Industries

    We Say No to: Being “Policed” by Dangerous SWAT Teams In Military Assault Vehicles Armed w/Military Grade Projectiles, Sonic, Electromagnetic, Radiation or Other Combat Weaponry

    We Say No to: The Department of Army Field Manual 30-39.40 and the Army Regulation 210-35 for Civilian Inmate Labor Program, 2 Documents Every American Must Be Aware Of

    We Say No to: Any US Officials’ Involvement w/Occult (secretive) Practices of Talmudism, Satanism or Luciferianism (Yale’s Skull & Bones, the Bohemian Club, CFR, etc.)

    NOT Oligarchy, Oppression & Injustice!
    Dear Compatriot, along with all that, you’ve also been cunningly robbed of your ability to vote on any issues that really matter to you. But regaining your rights is simple, painless, peaceful and rewarding both personally and monetarily (if desired by the majority, see initiative #9). That said, there is another important use for this ballot that comes with a very serious note of caution; Those who don’t support this are LITERALLY YOUR MORTAL ENEMIES, BEWARE. They seek to enact martial law to safeguard themselves from retaliation by you and your fellow countrymen/women upon your awakening. As you should be able to clearly see, the people responsible for all the above don’t care one iota about you and yours. Use your head, see the obvious, if someone balks at this or refuses to participate, ask yourself why? Who wouldn’t want democracy in America and why would anyone be opposed to FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY & JUSTICE??? The reason of course is they’re treasonous, criminal bigots who like all crooks don’t want to be caught. Your freedom, security and likely even your life itself depend on this working, inform others & support REAL DEMOCRACY!


    Next the ballot itself, but first a quick note; Like everything else in the future, we’ll be able to change any of the 26 initiatives below if the majority decides to. (Basically, someone had to come up with the first set to empower folks to do all of this so, that was us. They’re excellent, common sense initiatives which we kept simple/short so they could fit on just 2 letter sized sheets of paper. So, some fine tuning will surely be required and of course many new ones will be adopted. But we have the launching pad and that’s all We the People needed!)

    Upon Determination of Majority Rule of Voters from My County by the Person I Hereby Appoint I Demand all Parts of this be Immediately Adopted as Law Without Delay/s of Any Kind for any Reason/s and any Individuals Responsible for Delay/s will be Considered Committers of the Crime of Treason Punishable by We the People (WTP) Without Legal Procedure. By exercising my constitutional, God given right to vote in this democratic process, I understand and agree; my vote will be of public record; I have lived in the USA for 1 or more years to date; I have lived in this county for one (1) or more months to date and I will only vote once on this UNIDIGI PUBLIC BILL #1:

    I Have Read and Agree with the "Do Not Consent Notice" and Want All Voices Heard In This REAL Democratic Process
    Aside from the Qualifiers in the Paragraph Above I Demand that All Votes Hereto be Accepted by My City, County, State and Federal Government/s Without Protest/s or Refusal/s of Any Kind and; I Hereby Appoint (name of volunteer for this county) Overseen By David Allender of Unidigi Authority for Collecting, Counting and Documenting All Votes to Determine Majority Will of WTP in My County and Informing My Sheriff and/or Other Controlling Officials of What They Must Do to Conform Herewith. Any Resistance From Anyone to Adhere to my Demand Shall be Considered Treason Punishable by WTP Without Legal Procedure.
    Henceforth WTP Will Select All City, County, State and Federal Servants and Must Pre-Approve All Major Govt Actions
    I Believe All Major Decisions (candidates, elections, firing of government employees, changes in policy, law, monetary or resource expenditures, military aggression and whatever else we choose ongoing) Must Require Majority Public Support Found By Way of Free, Secure and Transparent Online Polling and Voting with Unidigi.com or other online resource per the majority will of WTP.
    Support and Funding to Build a New Public Owned Internet Resource to be Solely Owned and Regulated By WTP
    I Demand Free Speech, Total Security/Privacy in All Transactions and a Transparent, Electronic System for Polls and Voting of All Kinds with FREE and Convenient Access For Everyone. Upon Passage of This Bill I Want my County to Provide Unidigi with 1% of its Annual Forecasted Revenue to be Paid Within 30 Days to Begin Accomplishing This and Continuing Each Year Henceforth.
    Full Government and Media Cooperation With We the People In Informing the Public About This Bill
    Any Censoring of this Project or Failure to See It Gets Full, Honest Coverage (especially by govt officials and media persons) is Traitorous to WTP. Silence is Aiding and Abetting the Enemy As Well As Dereliction of Duty When There’s an Obvious Requirement to Act for the Common Good, Both are Felonies to be Punishable Without Legal Procedure Henceforth by WTP.
    Youths Deserve Equal Say In All Matters Relevant to Their and Our Immediate Futures
    The Minimum Age Requirement of 18 to Vote is Nonsensical. If any Person 15 (fifteen) Years of Age or Older is of Sound Mind and Can Comprehend The Basis of These Issues Being Voted On, They Should Have a Say in Voting Now and Henceforth.
    Cease Foreclosures and Evictions of WTP from Primary Residences and Illegalize Credit Checks For Housing
    26 Million U.S. Homes Handed To Corrupt FED Banksters for Absolutely FREE by U.S. Sheriffs Since 2000 is Enough. Regardless of Ones' Credit Score or Financial Condition I Want Everyone to Have a Home and Wish To End Homelessness.
    Investigate, Arrest and Prosecute All Parties Suspected of Involvement in 9/11 and Other Terrorist False Flag Ops
    WTP Want a New Fully Transparent Investigation of the Events Leading Up to and Following 9/11 with Our Questions Answered by All Suspects. No Closed Doors, Hedging, Skirting or Avoidance of Pertinent Questions. Aside from Personal Issues Having to do with Family, Sex or Health, I Believe at Risk of Treason, All Public Officials Must Be Legally Required To Publicly Answer All Reasonable Questions Posed to Them, Especially on the Horrific 9/11 Attacks and All Acts of Aggression Stemmed Therefrom.
    Build a Team with Authority Over All Military and Law Enforcement Personnel Dedicated To Arresting Criminals
    Corrupt Judges, Politicians, Bankers and Others Guilty of Treason, Fraud or Subversion of Our Constitutional Rights Must be Brought to Justice. I Support Justice by Approving that David Allender (the organizer of this) Lead a Team of His Choosing with Full Authority Over All Law Enforcement and Military Personnel and Issuance of Warrants for Arrests and Detention of Suspects.
    I Want My and Others' Time and Monetary Investments Into This Effort of Ending Corruption To Be Repaid
    WTP are Dealing with these Issues Solely Due to Acts of Criminals, Those Taking Action to End Corruption Deserve to be Repaid at a rate of $15/hr for Time and 2x Reimbursement for Money Contributed to Unidigi and the Affirmative Action Alliance.
    Repeal All Laws Which in Any Way Restrict Manufacture, Sale, Possession or Use of Guns for Self Defense
    All Forms of Gun Control are Unconstitutional and I Want Everyone of Sound Mind Among WTP to Have the Full, Original Version of Rights Afforded to us by The Second Amendment Without Exception Nor Dilution of any Kind Regardless of Anything Past, Present or Future. This is to be Effective Henceforth and Any Attempt to Undermine it Will Be Considered an Act of Treason.
    Take Corruption Out of Elections, End The Electoral College, Lobbying and Non-Public Financing of Campaigns
    I Want All Elections To Be Simple, Balanced and Fair with ZERO Monetary Involvement From Private or Business Entities, Each Candidate Should Get Equal Funding and Equal Airtime In Broadcast/Print/Web Presence and Equal Time In Debates, All To Be Provided, Monitored and Enforced Respectively By Publicly Regulated Election Commissions to be created henceforth.
    Public Officials Against This Effort (as evidenced by their non or no votes hereto) Must Resign Immediately
    I Want My County and Country To Function as a Constitutional, Democratic Republic. I Will Not Tolerate the Advancement of Communism, Fascism or Socialism. Public Officials Who Swore Oaths To Uphold The Constitution But Don’t, Will Be Considered Guilty of Treason Which is Punishable By Death Under the Law to be Upheld Henceforth Without Legal Procedure by WTP.

    The Affirmative Action Alliances' Independence Declaration

    The Following Decree is Fully Supported by My Constitutional Rights Provided by the 10th Amendment as Follows;
    "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” This law gives WTP, “the electorate” right to change or create ANY LAW by majority will.

    I formerly protest to being lied to, propagandized, defrauded, oppressed, diseased or poisoned by corrupt, evil, murderous subversives in our government, corporations, churches and media. I agree that subversion is treason and genocide is murder which must be treated and prosecuted as such. While bringing said subversives to justice, I agree the only *actions WTP can be held legally responsible for are Murder, Rape, Fraud, Trespassing and Theft against WTP only and any act not of self defense causing physical harm to WTP or property thereof. (No penalties for acts of civil or self defense, citizens arrests, not wearing a helmet, seatbelt, glasses or possession/use of naturally occurring plants/microbes or doing anything else innocuous to WTP, animals or the earth.) I want this to be retroactive and demand the immediate release from prisons and jails nationwide of all WTP that would be non-offenders under this new law. All uses of WTP (We the People) herein are to be defined as those whose yes votes were accepted by a verified or higher level Unidigi user and have an active status at Unidigi.com at any time henceforth.

    Outside of the *actions listed above, no form of noncompliance by WTP of any law shall be grounds for any form of indictment, punishment or penalties whatsoever, this shall include but not be limited to WTP not paying sales, use, property, income or any other taxes, fines, penalties or payments outside those due to WTP or those determined by juries made up solely of WTP. There will be no suspension or denial of financial, nutritional, educational, or medical support to WTP nor requirements of insurance, degrees, authorizations, tests, registrations, ratings and/or licenses of any kind for WTP to vote, live, educate, work, drive, travel, communicate and function in society nor shall there be any limitations to WTP for transacting or communicating in any manner.

    I hereby assert my natural rights inherent to the condition of human existence including, but not limited to, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as well as the right to treat, heal and cure myself without limitation whatsoever by all natural and/or other means at my disposal, and to keep and bear arms with any and all types of weaponry that I alone deem necessary to aid in defense of the lives of myself, my family and friends as well as to protect our freedom, liberty and property from ALL aggressors.

    I agree that excepting the rest of Gods' Laws, the language of this part 13 will be the whole of the law for WTP which supersedes any and all other laws of man or polity and that such law along with those established by this "UNIDIGI PUBLIC BILL #1" shall only apply to WTP as defined herein and that WTP are immune from arrest and/or detainment for other crimes and that said immunity must be determined by authorities by identifying WTP within the database at www.Unidigi.com as active members.
    Nullify Statutes of Limitations, Immunities and Any Other Obstacles for Prosecuting Crimes Committed by Any Public Official, Govt Employee or Contractor (Past or Present) and Nullify Immunity From Lawsuits Against Them
    We The People Must Have the Ability to Hold All Persons Guilty of Crime Accountable Like Anyone Else; No One is Above the Law. And in Like Fashion Absolutely No One Can Be Immune From Being Sued to Pay for Harms or Wrongs Done to Others.
    Build Out Unidigi.com to Enable We the People To Have Direct, Open Communications With Our Public Officials
    We The People Must Have Simple and Free Ways to Contact Our Public Officials and Require a Timely Response From Them on Any Matter of Importance to Public Welfare. All Such Communications Must Be Available to the Public in Real Time Online.
    Build Out Unidigi.com as a Tool For WTP to Hold Public Officials Accountable Via Online Polling and Voting
    I Want a Simple, Free and Effective Check and Balance System for We The People to Oversee the Promoting, Demoting or Firing of Our Public Officials. No One Working for the Public Should Have a Virtually Guaranteed, Often Life Long and Well Paid Career Without Being Deserving of it. I Want to Return to the Fundamental Guidelines of The Articles Of Confederation Written By Our Forefathers Which Say Holding Public Office is an Act of Civic Duty Not a Golden Ticket For Money, Power or Fame.
    All Forms of Animal Cruelty and Abuse are Criminal Acts as Prescribed by Current Laws Which Must be Upheld
    As A Caring, Compassionate and Responsible Steward of This Earth I Want to Put an End to the Torturous, Inhumane Businesses of Factory Farming, Animal Laboratory Testing and Incarceration of Innocent Animals for Any For Profit Purpose. Animal Cruelty is a Felony, Dollar Signs Do Not Justify it and Those Guilty Must Be Stopped and Held Accountable by Law.
    Anyone Suspected of Criminal Activity by WTP Must Be Arrested & Cited Immediately Regardless of Other Opinions
    Those Suspected of Committing any Crime by Two or More of WTP with Unidigi.com ID Levels 8 or Higher Must Upon Reporting by Them Be Cited by Law Enforcement if a Misdemeanor or if a Felony Arrested by Law Enforcement or By WTP with Whatever Use of Force Required and if Survived to be Incarcerated in the Nearest Jail Without Bond Until Convicted or Deemed Innocent by a Jury Made up Exclusively of WTP.
    Criminalize Mass Sending of Unsolicited Mail, Text Messages, Robocalls, Polling, Advertising and Telemarketing
    I Want Stiff, Mandatory Penalties of a $5,000 Fine and 10 Days in Jail for Every Count of This Violation. Those Responsible for Filling Up Our Email Inboxes, Mail Boxes and Phones With Ads, Junk, Scams and Filth Must Be Stopped and Held Accountable.
    Require Audio and Video Recording of All On Duty Public Officials for Transparency
    I Insist On Recording the Actions and Speech of Public Officials While in Their Workspaces Throughout Their Term/s of Service.
    Prosecute All Those Who Falsified Covid19 Information or Supported Violation of Our Constitutional Rights Over It
    It is Now Established Fact that Due to the Govts' Total Lack of Early Response Millions of Americans Have Had CV19 as Far Back as Dec of 2019 and that it is Far Less Deadly than We Were Told. Death Certificates were Widely Falsified by Hospitals, Small Businesses were Forced to Close While the Big Ones Weren't, Healthy People were Unnecessarily Quarantined for the 1st Time in History and Safe, Proven Treatments/Cures were Intentionally Withheld. All this Ridiculousness is satanic in Origin and I Want Those Guilty of Such Things to Be Punished for Treason by the Courts or if Necessary by WTP Without Legal Procedure.
    I Demand All Unrecorded Meetings of Public Officials Be Considered Most Likely as Treasonous
    Any Public Official Participating in Secret Unrecorded Meetings Not Open to the General Public or Media Shall be Considered a Potential Traitor to WTP to be Solely Determined by WTP and Dealt with Accordingly Henceforth. I Demand Transparency.
    I Demand An Immediate Halt To The Implementation and Use of 4G+ and 5G Technology In My County
    I want all equipment capable of broadcasting above 4G (including 4G+) in my county shut down, rendered useless immediately.
    Prosecute Those Responsible for Poisoning WTP with Known Toxins in Foods, Meds and Vaccines for Manslaughter
    The basis being EVERYTHING harmful to ones health should have been clearly labeled as such at minimum or banned entirely.
    Remove Travel Restrictions and Cease All Forms of Government and Corporate Surveillance and Tracking of WTP
    Henceforth GPS is to be Used Solely by WTP Without Unwanted Oversight by Any Entity and Aside from Verifying our Identity as One of WTP There will be No ID Checks, Searches, Tracking, Restrictions on Gatherings or Movements of WTP Whatsoever.
    End the FED Starting With All Banks in My County by Utilizing Digital Currency from Unidigi DBA OutBank
    At Risk of Being Automatically Guilty of Treason for Failure to Comply I Want All Corporate Officers of my Bank, Its' Management and Staff to Accept Transfer of My Digital Outbank Currency and Exchange it Dollar for Dollar for Deposit Into My Account Within 72 Hours of Receipt of Proof of Transfer from Me Via Unidigi.com.
    How’s that “for a change”?!


    All Fields Are Required

    (FYI; Like most State voter registration databases, only names and addresses are public.)

      First Name

      Last Name


      Home Street Address


      State (2 letter abbreviation)

      Zip Code

      County of Residence (US counties only at present)




      THIS IS THE SINGLE MOST FEARED DEVELOPMENT TO EVERY CORRUPT LEADER AND ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD! AND THEY TRULY CAN’T STOP US, WE’VE ALREADY BUILT THE ONLINE DATABASE TO MANAGE THE VOTES AND ARE NOW USING IT!!! (It was no small task taking years and years of development and about $3 million dollars worth of programming, and now it is DONE.)

      WE ARE SERIOUS, THIS IS NO GAME TO US AND IT BETTER NOT BE FOR YOU EITHER. (Especially after getting to know us and what we know about YOUR enemies. And don’t worry, you’ll get to know ALL ABOUT them, us and exactly who we are in the 5 Truths! Hint, our best Friends aren’t human!!!)

      FIRSTLY, TAKE SERIOUS NOTE: If you didn’t vote it’s because you are like we were before we learned a couple key truths about what’s really going on in world politics and life. (Anyone who knows what we know would vote at the drop of a hat before reading the rest of this page, regardless of what is comparatively minutia in the Ballot itself!)

      For us, our state of ignorance prior was because we were caught up in life while overseeing several small businesses with about 30 employees. We simply had no time to learn about “conspiracies”, “occult politics” or the original God behind “one world religion”. It should be quite obvious just from reading our ballot that all changed for us. As you will see, we have found the BIG, IMPORTANT, LIFE SAVING Truths of our world! And one of the easiest ways for YOU to learn what we did begins with the following, self evident Truth;

      There are individuals who are deeply pitted against We the People and REAL democracy and those individuals are traitorous subversives who secretly live among us in every country in the world. They don’t want real change like we’re manifesting because it means the end of their occult (luciferian) activities and hence the end of them! Yea, their negativity, dislike or flat out hatred for us and this project (which is based solely upon Freedom, DEMOCRACY and Justice) is how you will come to identify them!

      THINK ABOUT THIS AND REMEMBER IT. No real American or good person rails AGAINST Freedom, DEMOCRACY and Justice in ANY MANNER. So, anyone who does is THE ENEMY to Freedom, DEMOCRACY and Justice, IT’S THAT SIMPLE!!! They are YOUR enemies, YOUR MORTAL ENEMIES. (Literally, they are currently deceiving, sickening and killing hundreds of millions of innocent people like YOU, YOUR friends and YOUR loved ones right now. Did you ever really believe that covid is just a fluke of nature?!) What if covid were of design by the same people who don’t want you to have a voice in the directing of your own country, life and future? 

      Here is a VERY interesting story that happened while we were out on the streets taking votes. We learned there’s a group of about 300 members called “We The People United” here in Chelan County, WA that supposedly are all good, red blooded constitutionalists. Over a dozen of their members who voted “yes” with our ballot in front of the post office invited us to one of their meetings.

      HOWEVER, those honest, good hearted Americans didn’t know their group is actually ran by paid CIA shills in what’s called “controlled opposition”.  Controlled opposition has been used by every government that was infected by communist subversives around the world across history.

      “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves” Vladmir Lenin, mass murdering psychopath of gentiles (aka “We the Adamite people”) 1870-1924

      Lenin brainstormed the jewish bolshevik genocide of 7 to 10 million christians in the Soviet Ukraine about a hundred years ago. They mercilessly slaughtered those millions of innocent men, women and children in the worst ways imaginable. (Just in more obvious manners than with covid, vaccines and intubations!) It was called the “holodomor” which was intentional starvation of the masses with rejection of outside aid, limitations/confiscations of foodstuffs and restriction of population movement. (Sound familiar?)

      Note how We the People there are called “peasants” by the owners of that American paper above. And don’t let the obvious way they’re gloating about this atrocity against christian gentiles go over your head! Could said owners be of the same group who don’t want you to vote on subjects of your choosing online? Duh . . . do ya think so???

      In this particular, modern/current case of controlled opposition here in our hometown of Chelan one of the main agents in the “We The People United” group is Mike Keller of 70 Wheatland Ln in Chelan, WA. We’re thinking he’ll be among the first ones around here to be executed for treason soon. More on that in a minute . . . 

      So, after those dozen or so unsuspecting members of said group had voted yes and invited us to their meeting guess what happened when we arrived at that meeting? That scumbag and it’s other leaders wouldn’t let Peggy or myself in nor even let us give the rest of the members copies of our ballot! That’s how afraid of us and our ballot they are!

      And the fact is, no matter where YOU live, it will be the same. Every single decent sized activist group in America has been infiltrated by the CIA to make sure they don’t get anything real done. We are literally THE ONLY ONES we’ve been able to find in 10 years that are real AND THEY HATE US which should tell you everything!!! Yea, you’ll agree that anyone who is against this effort is an evil, murderous democracy hating lowlife!

      REMEMBER THIS ABOVE ALL ELSE, YOU HAVE TONS OF THESE ENEMIES FRONT AND CENTER IN YOUR COMMUNITY, GUARANTEED. (And unfortunately, maybe even in your family as was the case with one poor woman Renee Peterson we met from that group who’s husband Rob turned out to be one of them.) This was really no surprise since the crypto lowlife works for the Department of Defense and it was obvious to us she was very afraid of him.We hope she lives to see him dangling at the end of a rope soon!


      We have exposed literally THOUSANDS of these traitorous degenerates since 2012 when we released a very damning book about them. They were mostly strangers online but many have also been long time acquaintances and unfortunately, even close friends and family members. (It will be the same for YOU, you have enemies in your midst, you can be absolutely certain of that, it’s a FACT.) And now that we’re out doing this in person, they’re popping up like weeds. It’s as if they really can’t help themselves, they go spouting off like broken sprinkers!

      All of this is Biblical and quite real folks, it’s what Yeshua meant about his return, which all of this definitely indicates is near! Mathew 10:34-37 “Think not that I am coming to send peace on earth: I coming not to send peace, but a sword. For I am coming to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.”

      A lot of prophecies like that one will begin making perfect sense for you soon, all of this is the key to a very big and ancient battle between real life good and evil people. Make sure to pick the right side, don’t let them drag you down with them by being deceived by them!!!

      Remember what Jesus said “See to it that no one deceives you.” Mark 13:5


      Below are just a few other examples of communist controlled opposition in America that we ourselves have exposed over the years;

      Yea, they’re deceiving the masses alright, exactly like Yeshua warned us of! Every single one of those were created or infiltrated by real life communist subversives (cryptos) which is why none of them have gotten anything done, that’s the entire point. (If you didn’t know this you’ve been sleeping like we were 10 years ago and haven’t done your homework!)

      And if you don’t believe us, what you have before you right now is all that’s required to prove this FACT to yourself. Just go to the websites of any of those bogus organizations and see what happens when you try to share a link to this page or promote voting online! Or call them. Or visit them in person. You’ll get all the in your face proof you need, guaranteed! They all hate real democracy and YOU if you talk about it!

      Also, if you simply recall their tell tale sign of hatred for democracy while casually talking about this project with others online, for the first time in your life they will stand out like sore thumbs! Try it right now! Go to farcebook, gaggle, jootube, linkedout or etc other online, CIA monitored forums and try promoting democracy via online polling and voting and watch what happens.  You’ll get banned, shut down and attacked in general by these lowlifes.

      And try it among your supposed friends in person, the ones (cryptos) who really are NOT your friends will rail against it, they’ll jump up and down and get red in the face like babbling infants! (We’ve been doing this for about 10 years, watching them squirm, get mad and go psycho over just the idea of voting online has become pure entertainment! You’ll see how much they don’t want this to happen AND THAT WILL SAY IT ALL FOR YOU EXACTLY AS IT HAS FOR US.)

      And the real bottom line is that anyone who opposes this is a bona fide danger to YOU, YOUR LIFE, FREEDOM & LIBERTIES. THEY ARE MURDERERS, THE VERY SAME MURDERS WHO HAVE MURDERED OVER 500 MILLION TOTALLY INNOCENT, NON-COMBATIVE MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN OVER JUST THE LAST 100 YEARS. Begin learning about all these lowlifes straight from the horses mouth in our short, 13 minute documentary below. It is now one of, if not THE most banned video on earth. While watching ask yourself, WHO are they? Do you know?


      Download “When Do We Leave?” HERE (93 MB .mpeg video)


      That jew-ish (not a real Judahite or Judean) witch who looks like one of us just told you she is actually of a group whose “work” as she puts it, is to KILL WE THE PEOPLE. If you meet or already know any of such treasonous ilk don’t bother arguing with them. (Especially if they’re close to you and could easily harm you in ANY way. i.e. by poisoning, faked accident or suicide.) Just WALK AWAY and use the form below to report them anonymously or you can use your own email account at any time. (If the latter, delete the sent mail from your sent folder if there’s any chance the individual has access to it.)

      Then wait for us, the law and God Almighty to take care of them! (If that’s hard to believe it’s only because you haven’t read Truths 2 and 4 yet. You will agree there is more than ample reason to believe we, God and all of this are VERY REAL and 100% UNSTOPPABLE!) To insure your complete anonymity and safety, nothing is included in our file on them other than their information. (i.e. no time or date of filing nor ip addresses.)



      This is for people you have witnessed railing against this project and others you know personally who have exhibited anti-democratic sentiments. This obviously includes refusal to vote with us. (If you suspect anyone of lying to you about having voted, you can check to see if they did inside the network HERE)  If they don’t come up in the search results, come back and report them anonymously with this same form or send us an email with their name and address to SWAT@unidigi.com. Please include their email address if you know it.


      * Required Fields
      (2 Letter Abbreviation)
      (Please provide if available)

      Thank you for doing your job! Come back and do it again as many times as necessary.



      100s of millions of FOOLS are going to go down with these filthy, lying murderers behind atrocities such as 9/11 and covid who are against We the People, God and DEMOCRACY! And guess what, that is exactly what the enemies want, company! So, we’re making it easy for them. The thing is, you’re either with us or with them and each persons’ vote or the lack thereof will be the only evidence we will soon use to determine who the TRAITORS are. It’s 100% fair, legal and of each persons’ choosing.



      Do yourself a favor and look up the definition and punishments for treason in America.

      See; 18 US Code § 2381

      FYI; You can be certain that the $10,000 fine and 5 years in prison will be the rarest of sentences!

      This is NOT a game.


      Failing to heed that warning WILL (not might) cost fools dearly. The punishment will soon come in the form of a prison sentence with a hefty fine or their public execution, the latter of which is infinitely more likely due to above referenced 18 US Code § 2381. Read the U.S. Army’s Internment & Resettlement Operations Manual for a glimpse into those coming realities! (FYI; That manual is for a “worst case scenerio” of someone like us succeeding at doing what we’re doing by exposing the jews today. This is exactly like what We the People of Germany did before their jewish leader Hitler performed an operation almost identical to the internment and resettlement operation outlined in that manual. Hitler was put in place and funded by the U.S. and Britain to round up jews before the German public could kill them all in the streets exactly as that witch in the video speaks of!)

      So that’s the Truth about what’s really going on right now but it gets worse, lots worse! As 6 billion readers of the Vedas, Bible and Quran have been warned, what comes next for those same murderous scumbags who are breaking Gods’ Laws is permanent incarceration in the worst prison imaginable, for eternity. Unfortunately, the same fates await both the murderers and those deceived by them, indeed, only fools will allow themselves to screw this up by remaining deceived by the deceivers!

      SO BE IT, end of warning.

      FYI; ANYONE age 15 or older who’s been living in the U.S. for one year can vote on this bill so, tell everyone you know to come here and do it!

      And by the way, the thing to remember when telling others about us (including youths) and how to fix our country with REAL democracy is that you WILL run into the opposition. (They’re the enemies from the cradle on and they know it!) Hence, they all hate real democracy and YOU if you talk about it!

      So, unless you’re the shy or cowardly type (the vast majority of whom are already beaten) do exactly that at every opportunity, be outspoken about all this and watch how your life begins to change for the better! For the first time ever some very big things will begin to make tons of sense and you’ll be able to tell who your friends really are and which ones aren’t!

      That is life 101, KNOW YOUR ENEMIES. Because if you don’t, you’re as good as dead, that is the one and only end goal for these enemies. They want to see you dead and they’re already working on it little by little, the only way to stop them is to know who they are. You have to know who you can and can’t trust, you have to know who to be leary of, KNOW YOUR ENEMIES.

      Yea, now it’s time to share this with others and we have an excellent way to do so anonymously with anyone if so desired. (So now there’s no excuse for anyone not to share this!) Just enter their email address in the box below and press “SHARE”. FYI; Their email will not be saved in our system, we won’t even know it happened. It will be sent via the “WPForms plugin” with a from address of “sharing@5Truths.com” so the individuals you share it with won’t know who sent it. (You can research the said Word Press plugin, it is unique in the aspect that it leaves no traces on the hosts’ server/s) So here’s that, use it widely as often as you like!;


      Subject: From an acquaintance of yours . . .

      Body: Someone you know thinks you’ll be interested in this website; https://5truths.com

      This is a one time mailing initiated by them from the homepage. You’re not on any list nor is your email address saved in our system.


      One very interesting aspect to all this is who you will choose to share this site with. Since each of the 5 Truths are extremely beneficial, most will do so with their friends and loved ones simply because they care about them. But some will also go on to share it out of spite when they realize how friggen scary it is for murderous, lying cheating lowlifes. To be sure, this is all about justice and no scumbag wants that! So, if you know one be sure to use the form above for them as well!

      For those who want to get involved with liberating others in their communities contact us directly. (Only for counties in the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii currently.)  It is obviously a very rewarding thing to do! If you’d like to learn more about the AAA, our Constitution and why We the People are forced to take serious action, brush up at the Affirmative Action Alliance.

      If you didn’t vote because you don’t believe you have mortal enemies who don’t want you to vote, our advice is to go to www.GoyimGazette.com and educate yourself. Do that until you’re able to see this blatant Truth. Those who can’t, don’t stand a chance of comprehending the 5 Truths. They may as well go watch the fake news, eat the poisoned food, get the toxic vaccines and die grizzly deaths while being intubated by the enemies they think don’t exist. If that’s still you when you’re finished at the Gazette, there’s nothing more that can be done for you. That’s it, you’ll remain defeated, lucifer and his minion will have fully succeeded at deceiving you and all that will be left is your sentencing to eternal Hell with them exactly as he promised;

      15:39 Said lucifer: “My Lord because Thou Has Sent me astray I will make life on Earth seem pleasing to them and I will deceive them one and all!


      “See to it that no one deceives you.” Mark 13:5


      Click HERE to begin your tour of the 5 most important Truths on Earth!


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