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The information on this only of its kind site is the product of full time plus-plus work since early 2011 by us, David Allender and Peggy Star.

After writing our first book which prompted a subsequent frame job followed by the largest SWAT team attack in recent US History ($1.1m cost, 66 men, 4 snipers, 3 armored vehicles and 33 chem-bombs) we were even more determined to find the Most Important Truths about our then newfound enemies responsible for all the corruption and evil in the world. It turns out that the brunt of those enemies are simply the most deceived people of all. The question then became; “who deceived them”? Indeed, the plot thickened!

Much of what we’ve learned during those TEN LONG YEARS OF TRUTHING can be found in the hundreds of newsletters, articles, blogs and documentaries we’ve produced and presented on our other sites; (All of which are totally banned by corrupt government, corporate and church leaders around the world! Think that and the SWAT team attack tells you we speak the Truth about them?)

www.Betterness.com  Want some real/good news about COVID19?  Here you go

www.ItsASign.com All atheists, polytheists and monotheists must read this

www.GoyimGazette.com Results of a decade of research by 2 people guided by God

www.DavidAllender.com A glimpse into the early days of our awakening

www.HellOfA.com Over 300 25+ year old .com urls are now for sale

www.AffirmativeActionAlliance.com Why and how We the People will end corruption

www.JoeCreekRetreat.com Our beautiful base camp where we were sent from God

www.OneBigJob.com Who says revolutions cannot be monetized?

www.NumberU.com A depository of learning materials

www.UnifiedNumbering.com The greatest idea in the world

www.TheEverythingPages.org Our 1st book.  Researched, written and released in 2012, all true to this day

www.LibertyKennedy.com Artful dissemination of deep truths

www.PeakStudio.com Our in house design, print and publishing company

www.Outbank.com The original Bitcoin, invented 25 years ago

www.Unidigi.com Our $3m prototype to replace the internet, the FED and corrupt Govts

www.AKAme.com Goodbye farcebook, jootube and gaagle. NO MORE CENSORSHIP

www.BoxZero.com 100% spam free email forever is coming soon

www.QuranForChristians.com The shortest, most concise English version of the Quran in the world

As anyone will clearly see, we’re not your average joe and jane and this won’t be your average experience. (No ego, just reality, we don’t care what anyone thinks about us. We simply speak the Truth and nothing but the Truth. And we KNOW what we KNOW because we’ve done the work. Now it’s your turn!) If you’re able, consuming the information in the 5 parts of this site will be the most eye opening, hope instilling and soul saving work you’ll ever do for yourself. Nothing more will be required for the rest of your lifeIf you can handle the 100% veritable information in this tiny corner of the internet, you will succeed. If you can’t, you will fail. It’s up to you, it is your choice exactly as it always was.

The same as it was our choice to do the work, spend the money (about $2m to date) and suffer the backlashes for putting it all out there. As always, we ask for and expect, absolutely nothing in return. And to be perfectly clear; we are not your keepers, you are on your own just like we are. We are only doing what is clearly the right thing and hope it will help others who find themselves searching for the greater meanings of life like we were. All of that said, so far as we can tell . . .

This is it, the end of the big daddy of rabbit holes.

In a matter of hours, (not days, weeks, months or the decade it took us) you will learn;

  1. The Most Important and well kept secret about human psychology that without question has dramatic effects on you, your friends and loved ones, everyone. We’re talking about the real source of all fear, doubt, guilt, hate, envy and etc. negative emotions/thoughts that have turned our world into a virtual shit show. (And how to overcome them.)
  2. The Single-Most Important and concise body of evidence (hands down, no contest) for any human being living today which is being censored by corrupt and/or literally demon possessed leaders of governments, corporations and churches worldwide.
  3. The Most Important Truth about YOUR health and how to very easily avoid and/or cure Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease and nearly all related and non-related illnesses in under 2 weeks from today. (While also automatically losing weight, getting off ALL prescription meds, feeling far more vigorous with more endurance, sleeping sounder, experiencing greater senses of empathy, love and compassion and saving money for the rest of your life.)
  4. The Most Important Truth of our times that will give you real hope for massive change and a very bright future for yourself and whoever else is able to figure all this out. (No one ever said that success is easy but this is as close as you’ll ever get to free lunch, for life!)
  5. The Most Important Truth about how to gain ultimate confidence, faith and peace regardless of your circumstance. If you can get your head around this one and keep it there, you’re going to win this game called life, no matter what!

All that beginning right now with the 1st Truth!

NOTE; The comment section below is solely for responses to our challenge you’re about to read . . . No others will be allowed.

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