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FYI: If you haven’t already been to Hoaxters.com AND/OR haven’t read “The WORDs“, stop to read those first. (And download a .pdf copy of them for re-reads for the rest of your life. That will be your 18 page bible of sorts from here on out!) They,  “The WORDs” will serve as a clear reminder about who we are, who the enemies are and what this life is really all about! For us it began . . .


For the translator; In the beginning

. . . of 2010 we, David Allender and Peggy Star, two semi-retired entrepreneurs from Washington state began discovering that life is a virtual shit show of deceptions. From religion to politics, science, genealogy, astronomy, archeology and history, to name just a few important sectors of all our lives, everything was a LIE. So, being red blooded, God and Truth loving Americans we wrote some very Truthful books, made a couple very Truthful documentaries and thereby became prime targets for intense censorship, harassment and assassination by the government.

Fast forward to 2022 when we were inexplicably able to register the highly desirable (and therefore should be unavailable) 5Truths.com and 5Verdades.com urls which are now home to the brunt of what we’ve learned. (And more recently we were able to register our newest site Hoaxters.com which is equally if not more valuable and therefore ridiculously impossible for us to have found available!) That and this site are all about educating yourself, healing yourself and overcoming fear which begins with getting to know a bit about our story and us. (We warned you! 😉 ) So, this is us out being a bit haughty and highfalutin at a restaurant while on vacation in Hawaii back in 1994;

FYI; God punished us with hurricane Emilia for taking that liberty. He did the same with me (David) on my ONLY other major vacation in life just 11 months earlier with a storm which became hurricane Andrew. It chased me down the coast all the way from New York to the Florida Keys over the course of 5 days of driving! I didn’t know it back then but now it all makes sense, we’re not supposed to run around playing like children as grown ups.

This too is in the scriptural directions for the game called life, in one case with the Quran 6:70; “Do not accompany those who live their lives in play and diversion for the short life of this world has fully deceived them.” (We no longer take vacations because we now know that true peace, rest and relaxation can only be found with God in the next life, this one is just a test to see who’s worthy of that awesome reward or damned to burn in Hell for Eternity.)

Yea, so we got in a little trouble back then but God also protected us and let us have a bit of fun, He is not without a sense of lenience, to put it mildly. In our case we figure it’s likely due to the fact that He Already Knew what we would later come to agree to do for Him, it started with Truthing our little hearts out! And what we know now is beyond imagination, we ourselves would not ever have been able to imagine the way things really are in life. (And that’s only speaking of what we know currently, this education is not over for any of us, far from it!)

However, once you become fully aware of just the basics we covered in The WORDs it’s like all the others around you who are still sleeping are in a different world. So, it turns out that life is extremely interesting, there’s far more going on than the average person realizes. We say it all the time and might as well again now; WHAT A RIDE!

OK, so what makes our stuff different than all the news/propaganda from the controlled opposition you see quite literally everywhere else is a simple matter of percentages. For example, some of their fake news/propaganda outlets report as much as 99% Truth with 1% falsehoods/lies which may not sound too bad until you really think about it. That 1% could be a single but deadly LIE among 99 benevolent Truths that costs you dearly, maybe even your life if you believe it. (Which is actually a quite common outcome.) So, what you’re looking for is 100%, PURE TRUTH with ZERO lies/propaganda. The problem there is everyone knows that anyone speaking pure Truth gets censored/banned, arrested or far too often killed for it. (And FYI, as you’ll see we know all about each of those scenarios from personal experience!)

Yea, and that makes pure Truth a VERY rare commodity in this world today does it not? The only ones who could keep doling it out would have to have some serious protection from the enemies, as well as a great deal of guidance to find it in the first place. Repeatedly finding the proverbial needles in the haystacks day in and day out for over a decade was no small task, in fact it is an impossibility without all the “other worldly” help we’ve had! NO ONE COULD DO WHAT WE’VE DONE AND CONTINUE TO DO, WITHOUT SERIOUS INTERVENTION BY GREATER POWERS.

That’s something everyone reading along here needs to constantly remind themselves of. We’re just a regular joe and jane but our Best Friends aren’t! And to be on Their Team you have to show that you support Good instead of evil, the latter of which is clearly evidenced by doing nothing in the face of it. You will have to take some form of action that scares you. For some that might begin with something as minuscule as just taking a minute to use your constitutional and God Given right to vote against corruption with us. Then maybe something far greater that requires serious dedication, money and time, yea something risky.

Heck just sharing the Truth can be risky, it’s what the two of us did back in 2012 when we released our 1st book exposing the talmudic jews and hybrid species of humanoids which we now know are the result of the nephilim straight out of Gen 6:4; “Now giants were upon the earth in those days. For after the sons of God went into (raped) the daughters of men and they brought forth children, these are the nephilim, the mighty men of old, men of renown.”

Releasing that book was a VERY scary thing for us. We literally kissed each other goodbye thinking we’d be killed by the men in black the very next day. However . . . without knowing the other was doing so, we had each made a covenant with God. It happened 10 days prior on 12/21/12, the Mayan end date marking the end of Pisces and beginning of Aquarius. That was a big day for us after having researched and written about it over the entire course of 2012.

We later talked about the experience with each other, basically what happened was “someone” who sounded like ourselves in our minds, asked us what we would be willing to do if given the opportunity to change the world. We each replied “anything” and “whatever it takes”.  Now we know it is the same thing every prophet, messenger and other servants have undergone. Some lose their souls due to lucifer by way of deception and do nothingness, the rest dedicate their lives to God. There’s only those 2 camps and guess which always wins!?

If you want to share some Truth with the world openly (instead of anonymously with our WordPress form) below is a graphic we made just for the job. (Try it on farcebook, twatter, linkedout, jootobe, gaggleplus etc. to see for yourself how they are censoring us. Then use private messaging, texts and Telegram to do it for real. They can’t stop those systems because they themselves rely upon them for covert communications. It’s why farcebook exists, to watch We the People and monitor what we think, do and promote while they team up in the background against us with private messaging. That’s why folks used to get pummeled with opposition when posting Truths, now they just get banned instead because of the fact that NO TRUTH is even better than just opposing the Truth like they used to. This is akin to “any press is good press”.) But this site nullifies all of their efforts because after over a decade of trying, THEY CAN’T SHUT US DOWN!!! So . . .

In exchange for every servants’ agreement to do/give whatever it takes (including their works, dedication and contributions of all kinds) God offers total guidance, provision and protection. HENCE WHY NOW NOTHING NOR ANYONE CAN HARM OR STOP US! That will be YOUR reality as well, if you trust and choose wisely you will succeed in the greatest and most defining experience of this existence! God WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU exactly like He did with all His other servants and now does with us! It is absolutely mind boggling and amazing to watch and experience! WHO KNEW!?!?!? 

And FYI; Other than bogus stories from the New Testament which we have no original copies of to verify anything with, no servant of God in good standing has EVER been defeated according to the 50 plus other VERIFIABLE books of the Bible as well as all the books of the Vedas and the Quran which document win, after win, after win by Gods’ Servants! The NT stories are all just propaganda to make people distrust God and be fearful of the enemies. Hence why the jews  claim to have killed Yeshua, but they didn’t, it was another illusion exactly like when he disappeared when they REPEATEDLY tried to kill him prior. We’ll fully cover all this later.

The only exception to the above is when a believing warrior goes to battle for God, they do so not only fully prepared to die but also while longing for it because they know those who die fighting for God are guaranteed heaven regardless of their past. See Rev 14:13 “And I heard a voice from heaven, saying to me: Write: Blessed are the dead who die in the name of the Lord. From henceforth now, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; for their works do follow them.” and Quran 2:154 “And do not say of those killed for the Cause Of God: They are dead. The Truth is they are living but you do not know.” and 3:157 “And if you are injured or die for the Cause Of God know that ultimately Pardon From God and His Mercy are Far Better than what any can amass.” and 3:169-71 “And do not think those killed for the Cause Of God are dead. The Truth is they are living With their Lord receiving His Provision right now. They are joyful over What God Has Bestowed Upon them of His Bounty and rejoicing for those behind yet to join them. Yea that they need not fear nor will they regret. They rejoice in Grace and Bounty From God and know God will not forget to Compensate the ones who believe.” (This is in great part why true believers are the fiercest, most courageous and successful warriors across history. No fear!)

Yea, aside from those warriors who go looking for martyrdom, anyone who chooses the right team now will have SERIOUS PROTECTION from some Friends that we cannot see! And it turns out those Friends absolutely cherish Truthers but they shun the ignorant and hate liars exactly as all the scriptures tell us. Yea, Truth is more important than anything in this life for any self respecting person. Food, water nor even air compare! It’s because Truth = REALITY so, without Truth no life is worth living BECAUSE IT’S LITERALLY NOT REAL! Hence those who choose to remain deceived will inevitably find themselves in constant states of fear, turmoil and ignorance in what can only be described as living hell which is exactly what oppressive leaders desire. And as is overly apparent, they’re succeeding;

The Adamites among that group are not acting or living like thinking human beings of Gods’ Creation. (And the rest are just lying, degenerate scumbags whose job is to persuade Adamites to wear masks, accept swabbings, get injected with poisons and remain deceived by them.) Yea, all Adamites like those are actually just fools who are allowing themselves to be fear mongered, enslaved and continually deceived by what are literally evil, inhuman psychopaths. (Again recall “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength“.) They want We the People in those constant states of fear, turmoil and most importantly, IGNORANCE because that’s the only way they can keep the masses afraid of and enslaved to them.

See the importance of Truth and why they’re willing to go to such extreme lengths of keeping We the People like YOU deceived? Now recall all the controlled opposition we ourselves have exposed. Have you done that for yourself yet?



Exposing the enemies and their controlled opposition is a priceless experience. If you haven’t done it yet, stop now and do it FOR yourself. Try sharing a link to 5Truths.com at any of their sites or any of your favorite social networks and discussion forums. (You likely won’t get the full experience of being confronted by them like we did in the early days, they usually just don’t allow the comment/s or delete them nowadays.) Yea, regardless of the pushback that is an excellent example of TRUTHING and it comes with a great reward, KNOWING! All this brings us to an important revelation we were given back in 2016 which prompted the creation of the following graphic. That being there are really only 4 states of consciousness and they each relate to how much Truth we’ve armed ourselves with.

Erroneously thought by some to be a “state of bliss” but is actually just a false sense of security. In a good world it is an option, but in our current corrupt world, these are weak links who hold we the people back. We cannot be as if children now.NAIVEFLIGHTY
Intentionally kept in the dark, misled or outright lied to by others (including our jinn) who have something to gain by doing so. No one likes being lied to, yet billions watch fake news and frequent corrupt 501(c) churches.DUPEDBEGUILED
Unintentionally misled by others who themselves are wrong or; assuming that one is correct about any number of things while in reality they are not. #2 and #3 can be far worse than just being ignorant as #1.CONFUSEDDEPRESSED
Knowing of as much truth about any particular subject as is available, bearable and/or comprehendible to ones’ mind. Some truths are hard but no one has ever died from the truth, it is the opposite. FYI in order to play on a team, win at any game, succeed in business, stay out of trouble, avoid fines, not be penalized, or even make it to heaven, the greatest success of all, we must first be informed of all the rules/laws.SINCEREPEACEFUL


Yep, life is all about Truthing which is what every famous thinker (and doer) across history has embraced with vigor! We’ve learned that TRUTH IS POWERFUL unlike anything else you’ll ever find! Hence why those who have found the most of it are not only wiser, they consistently attain far greater successes than those who allow themselves to remain ignorant and/or deceived about the most important things in life.

This is especially True with all of Gods’ messengers, their messages have to withstand all attempts to refute them which they ALL do to this day. (Now after reading that, recall our $1,000 challenge to refute anything on this site! As you’re likely beginning to realize, it ain’t happening because we built it while working for God and you don’t allow screw ups in that circumstance!)

Yea, and if some of the great prophets such as Abraham, Krishna, Noah, Moses, David, Jesus and Mohamet were to wake up living in our world of current, they would give each other high fives for having prophesied correctly and then turn to this site to make ultimate sense of what they see. Things have gotten complicated! (exactly as many of their prophecies foretold) Yea, it’s a new world. But in reality it’s not that unlike the old. All the same rules still apply and all the same players are still at play. 

The only things that are different are the mediums used to convey Gods’ messages along with some mind boggling sources of proof encoded in those messages that we are now finding due to use of modern technology. (If you’re able to make it thru Truths #2, #4 & #5 you will wholeheartedly agree with that because for the first time in history we have absolutely bulletproof, irrefutable mathematical and scientific evidence of Gods’ Existence and His Super Intelligence which is mostly unfathomable to us. Indeed, there is no longer any need to blindly “believe”, for the first time in all of history you will soon be among the very gifted few who come to KNOW for absolute certain that God Is Real and Truly Omnipotent!!!)

And while grasping that reality obtained from our new and expanded understandings, we’ll use a healthy amount of rancor towards the enemies along with some modern lingo in phrases like; “Do you choose the blue pill or the red pill?” Well, you can have zero doubt, 5Truths.com is the red pill! And it is fully weaponized for the battle of YOUR life which began at birth and has a brilliant grand finale that is just around the corner! (For those worthy.) Indeed, change is on the horizon and some are more than ready for it but not all, hence everyones’ choice;



. . . GULP!


Congratulations, since you’re reading on you chose the red pill. And indeed it is a new world built around the old world mostly for todays’ younger generations who are going to help change the future so they and their progeny can rule the earth with true honor, integrity and justice for the next millennia. If that includes YOU, the text below will be your mantra while doing so;


If you read that, you’ve just recited the oldest, most powerful and useful prayer to your Maker YHWH! (Pronounced “Yahway”) It’s been used by every major messenger of God since its origination with Abraham, the patriarch of all “Abrahamic faiths”. (Which the most sincere believers among the 6 billion fans of the Vedas, Bible and Quran will soon unite behind without any corrupt, organized religions.) So, we figure that’s kinda important and like to use it often.

FYI: 5 Truths is an “only of its kind ever” site by us, David and Peggy. (Another major part of our work was our first stab at taking votes with our AAA Van full of our newsletters and ballots in the background below. We were planning on having one for each county in America. But as you know from the homepage it turned out we simply don’t need all of that, we’ve got the net and now our $3 million dollar net-work at Unidigi.com. That’s what good people everywhere are going to use to change our world!)


Yea, we’re old farts now, but if you’re a good, truth loving person young or old, you’re going to love us and what we’re doing for YOUR future! If not, you are going to hate us because by the will of God Almighty we’re going to see to it YOU HAVE NO FUTURE!!! And FYI; We are totally fine with either outcome. We are 100% used to being hated by losers exactly like all the other servants of God ever were, it’s a badge any true believer wears with honor. Yea, when your Best Friend is the Creator and Owner of everything in the universe and the commander of the mightiest army of invincible beings imaginable, you simply don’t care if fools dislike you. Indeed, that in and of itself is a confirmation you’re doing something right!

For instance, our first book about the corrupt losers who think THEY own the world, prompted a subsequent frame job followed by the largest SWAT team attack in recent US History. (66 men, 4 snipers, 3 armored vehicles and 33 chem-bombs thru our windows at a cost of $1.1 million dollars for someone who’s never harmed anyone or anything even in the slightest!) So, we were even more determined to find the Most Important Truths about our then newfound enemies responsible for all the corruption and evil in the world. It turns out that the brunt of those enemies are simply the most deceived people of all. The question then became; “who deceived them”? Indeed, as you’re about to learn the plot thickened and thickened then thickened some more!

Much of what we’ve learned during those TEN LONG YEARS OF TRUTHING can be found in the hundreds of newsletters, articles, blogs and documentaries we’ve produced and presented on our other sites; (All of which are totally banned by corrupt government, corporate and church leaders around the world! Think that and the SWAT team attack tells you they don’t like our plans and that we speak the Truth about them?) This is all real and as anyone can see below, our trail of works is well marked!


www.Hoaxters.com  Think life is a joke? Well, this site is just for you!

www.5Truths.com Start here and end here if you’d like, it’s all you’ll ever need.

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www.Unidigi.com Our $3m prototype to replace the FED and corrupt Democracies.

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www.HellOfA.com Our portfolio of over 300, 30+ year old urls. .com is king!

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www.Deitarian.com A compass for the heart and original basis of Truth #3.

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www.OneBigJob.com Who says our revolutions cannot be monetized?

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www.UnifiedNumbering.com The greatest idea in the world!

www.NumberU.com Our depository of learning materials.


As anyone will clearly see, we’re no longer the average joe or jane we thought we were and consuming the 5 Truths won’t be your average experience. In fact, for reasons that will become very clear to anyone who completes this tour, there has never been, nor will there ever be, anything that comes close to it. (No ego, just reality, the content will stand for itself. We simply speak the Truth and nothing but the Truth. And we KNOW what we KNOW because we’ve done the work. Now it’s your turn!) 

If you’re able, consuming the information in the main 5 parts of this site will be the most eye opening, hope instilling and soul saving work you’ll ever do for yourself. Nothing more will be required for the rest of your lifeIf you can handle the 100% veritable information in this tiny corner of the internet, you will succeed. If you can’t, you will fail. It’s up to you, it is your choice exactly as it always was.

The same as it was our choice to do the work, spend the money (about $2m to date) and suffer the backlashes for putting it all out there. And as always, we ask for and expect, absolutely nothing in return. Also, to be perfectly clear; we are not your keepers, you are on your own just like we are. We are only doing what is clearly the right thing and hope it will help others who find themselves searching for the greater meanings of life like we were. All of that said, so far as we can tell . . .

This is it, the end of the big daddy of rabbit holes.

In a matter of hours, (not days, weeks, months or the decade it took us) you will learn;

  1. The Most Important and well kept secret about human psychology that without question has massively dramatic effects on you, your friends and loved ones, everyone. We’re talking about the real source of nearly all fear, doubt, depression, guilt, hate, envy, immorality, perversion, selfishness and etc. negative emotions/thoughts that have turned our world into a virtual shit show. (And how to overcome them.)
  2. The Single-Most Important bevy of scientific and mathematical discoveries (hands down, no contest) for any human being living today which is being censored by corrupt and/or literally demon possessed leaders of governments, corporations and churches worldwide.
  3. The Most Important Truths about YOUR health and how to very easily avoid and/or cure Supposvid19, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease and nearly all related and non-related illnesses in under 2 weeks from today. (While also automatically losing weight, getting off ALL prescription meds, feeling far more vigorous with more endurance, virility/fertility, sleeping sounder, experiencing greater senses of empathy, love and compassion, saving money for the rest of your life and defeating your enemies by overcoming their greatest deception that will cost billions of people their souls!)
  4. The Most Important and inspiring Truth of our times that will give you real hope for massive change and a very bright future for yourself and whoever else is able to figure all this out. (No one ever said that success is easy but this is as close as you’ll ever get to free lunch, for life!)
  5. The Most Important Truth that warns exactly which scripture everyone MUST READ to survive judgement and gain ultimate confidence, faith and peace regardless of your circumstance. If you can get your head around this one and keep it there, you’re going to win this game called life, no matter what!

All that beginning right now with the 1st Truth!