The following posts outline a few miracles and signs we’ve gotten from God since late 2016 when He really started showing us His Hand. The initial undated series were taken in piecemeal from comments made at issue #119 of the Goyim Gazette (where a thousand plus other miracles and prophetic proofs of our authenticity were originally reported upon) prior to creation of this blog page.


We will surely be posting additional “divine experiences” as time allows, things are definitely getting more and more interesting!  Enjoy Gods’ Handiwork, mankind hasn’t seen anything like it since the days of prior messengers such as Moses, Yeshua and Mohamet!


Taking In The Splendor

This post was a response to Bob the Pastor who said; “Firstly, I hope you guys are stopping frequently to take in the splendor of the experience you’re having. It must really be something to be in your shoes!”

David replies; As to that phrase during this “experience”, some days are better than others.

In all honesty, we’re a little freaked out a lot of the time. It’s the same old truth thing, makes one feel as if you’re in a blender. The wildest ones we’ve experienced yet were both recent. The first one was with the bumbling cops who illegally searched our home and illegally took our computers, phones etc.

I had just recently overstocked on Rick Simpsons’ oil for our dog Bear which I never do. The guy I got it from needed money and offered me 25 grams which is worth about $1,500 for $250 and since that’s obviously a really killer deal, I took it. The problem is, it’s a felony to have more than 7 grams here in WA and I had left it all sitting out on the counter because I was going to give a bunch of it away to some friends.

So, this was obviously troubling for me while on the way to jail and I prayed that somehow, I didn’t know how, they would miss it. (I hoped maybe Peggy would have grabbed it before they came in the house is what I was thinking but she didn’t realize it was there or have a chance.) Well, check this out . . . not only did the 6 man team of brainless cops who did the search not even see it during their illegal 8 hour raid, they left their confiscated items list sitting right next to the 5 syringes full of oil on the kitchen counter! (FYI; You use a needle-less syringe to dispense it by the drop) I’m talking RIGHT NEXT TO THE SYRINGES!!!


This was absolutely impossible to miss yet, just as in the case of Yeshua disappearing from the sight of his pursuers, they did! God has 111% control over all our minds!!!

YHWH is now revealing his ultimate control over the unseen world to us and it is mind boggling to say the least! To add to the experience, we’ve of course been reading the Quran For Christians which has a lot of verses about how He sends down “ranks” and “thousands of his invisible angels” to aid his servants and followers. IT’S ALL REAL!!!

And watching God at work is the most stunning experience you’ll ever have.  Yea, you know you’re dealing with God when even the smallest of His Signs totally astound you!



Below is Davids’ response to Thomas who said; “So everything you’ve ever said around here is true isn’t David? I feel like an idiot because all I can ever say is “WOW”. Well, now let me add this . . . THANK YOU!!! Peace brother.”


For the record, Not EVERYTHING I’ve ever said is true. There have been mistakes made in restating what I thought were facts given to us by our sick and insane leaders and subversives who falsely claim to be Judahites like THEY ALWAYS HAVE. A good example is measurements in sizes, distance and speeds of the moon, sun, earth and etc. numbers which have all been manipulated by satanic kikes to mock us with more 666 falsehoods. Here’s a brief example about that from “Daves’ Big Test” at It is the correct answer from the first question regarding the size of earth;

“Yep, the Tiny 3,958 Mile Radius of Earth I’ve Been Taught and the Idea of Dropping 3,362 Feet For Every Mile Traveled Is Totally Ridiculous Now That I Think About It! And the 864,000 Mile Diameter of the Sun Mirroring 86,400 Seconds/Day Is a Bit Hard to Swallow!!! Also “they” Said Earth is 24,864 Miles in Mean Circumference and 24 Hrs has 86,400 Seconds! 24,864!!! And the Moon is 216,000 Miles Away with a Diameter of 2,160 Miles? (216 is 6 x 6 x 6 and 216 x 4 is . . . 864!!!) Hey, “they” Designed the “Nautical Mile” System to Measure Earth’s Equatorial Circumference of 21,600 Units! And a “Zodiacal Year”, the Time We Spend in Each of the 12 Signs, is 2,160 Years? And Let’s Not Forget the Earth is SUPPOSEDLY Tilted on its Axis at Exactly 23.4 Degrees (Vertical is 90 – 23.4 = 66.6) While Careening Through Space at 18.5 Miles Per Second x 60 Seconds Per Minute x 60 Minutes Per Hour = 66,600 MPH! WTF??? OK, What is it About 666 That’s So Important to the Corrupt Masonic Leaders Who Made All of This 666 Stuff Up?”

If that’s not self evident I don’t know what is. Man, it’s been a long road trying to get this across to people. One more time . . . the satanic jews who think they own the world but do run the govts, schools and ALL the media HATE WE THE PEOPLE AND MOCK US WITH 666 BECAUSE THEY KNOW IT IS EXTREMELY DIVINE. (meaning “magical” to them, they don’t believe in the one God idea, even though they say they do.)

They use 666 in majick, sorcery, witchcraft and etc evil crap which were “arts” delivered to mankind in Babylon by the Angels Harut and Marut as a test from God. 666 is so incredibly important and unique of a number in our world it boggles the mind. Just learning about the “majick 666 sun square” is an example of how deep this mathematical adventure goes. I don’t like messing around with a lot of this evil, magical stuff but do want everyone to know the truth about 666.

Ephesians 5:11 “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them”

Below is a pic of a magic amulet of the 6 x 6 sun square which is rife with really amazing facts about all kinds of astronomical and mathematical stuff.


See the names of some angels they worship and use in their magic which include Emanuel (recall Yeshua was called Immanuel by Gabriel) and Jehova which is definitely NOT God! (that’s just another example of them getting We the People to worship their g-ds like Amun as in amen and zeus as in je-zeus instead of our Creator YHWH!) On the front of the amulet/talisman is King Sol-omon with his magic wand standing atop (magically/mind controlling) a lion as in the tribe of Judah who Solomon was king over. The word “SOL” above the sun which is what sol means, is for him. There’s much going on there such as the 2 pillars Joachim and Boez (what the 2 trade center towers and others like them around the world represent) with the 6 pointed stars which the fake jews have also usurped along with 666. (FYI; because hebrew/aramaic/arabic/etc. are read right to left, everything is reversed including the #s on the amulet)

You get 111 no matter which row or column, also diagonally. 111 x 6 = 666.


Also note the “God Key” number of 37 again is closely associated with 666 below like it was in Gen 1:1.


And by the way, along with 666 being 37 x (6 + 6 + 6) I just realized that the sun squares’ numbers of 666 and 111 are also special here;


Just for fun, let us again see just how deep God takes all of this. Recall my b-day of 12/1 is exactly 9 months 11 days before 9/11. Well, 9/11 is exactly 111 days from the end of each year and several years ago I discovered the following association with the roman numerals I and X. (recall the last 6 roman numerals CDLXVI = 666 and that IC XC are the first and last letters in Iesous Christos or Jesus Christ which means the first initials only are I and X);

OK, I and X . . .


11:06 is the 666th Minute of the Day . . .


And 11:06 flipped without the zero that ancients didn’t use is . . .


So, 111, 9/11 and 666 are inextricably bound to one and other just like me, the 666/111 man who was born exactly 9 months 11 days before 9/11! (Also note the fact that 12 o’clock precedes 1 o’clock, 12/1 which is my b-day!)

Uh oh, I just got blown away from a post on Facebook about the actual date of Christs’ birth which we all relate to the 3 wisemen and the “Christmas star” . . .


Revelation 12:1 (my b-day)

“A great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth”.

This is clearly the constellation Virgo during the day in the sun with the moon at her feet. No question about it…

And from this sign we get a concrete date for the birth of Christ. With the sun “clothing” the woman (in the middle of Virgo) with the moon under her feet. The only time of the year this happened in 3 BC was between 6:15 pm to 7:45 pm on Sept 11th. We know Jesus was born in the early evening, and Revelation 12 clearly reveals it was a new moon day!

Now get ready . . . my time of birth in Casper WY was at 8:31 am which is 6:31 pm in Bethlehem and that is of course between 6:15 and 7:45pm during the full height of this astronomical event of the “Christmas Star” on a new moon day which occurred when the earth was aligned in the precise middle of Virgo exactly 9 months and 11 days down to the hour before my birth!

What we’ve just ascertained here is that Yeshua was born on 9/11 during a new moon day between the hours of 6:15 and 7:45pm Bethlehem time and . . . I was born exactly 9 months and eleven days before 9/11 during those very same hours of 6:15 and 7:45pm Bethlehem time!

Hey all, this alone makes me queasy in awe! Please try to imagine this happening to YOU!

And here is another important fact. This new moon on Sept 11 was Tishri One on the Hebrew calendar. And what is the significance of Tishri One? It just so happens to be the Hebraic New Year also known as “Rosh ha-Shanah.” This was an important holy day in the Hebrew Calendar when all Judahites were required to be in Jerusalem. How cool is that?

Now back to the subject . . .

Magic squares of differing sizes and complexities have interested human beings throughout the ages because we’ve stumbled across the simplest 3 x 3 version by accident and thought it was neat. There are many ways we’ve done this but the popular story is that of a turtle having 9 sections dividing it’s back which someone with too much time on their hands (recall; idle hands are the devils’ workshop!) imagined numbering like so;


As you can see, when the numbers are positioned as above you get the same sum by adding them in any column or row and in that case even diagonally. This is what fascinated many and led to further “research” (unwitting performance of “kabbalah magic”) into more complex squares of 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 and upward often also including letters/words which become magic “sigils”. In today’s world they have become extremely advanced due to computers. It seems innocent enough but as they say, the devil is in the details!

Since they seem to be of some kind of alternate, natural intelligence many thought these things to be divine and began using them as lucky charms/amulets/talismans/seals/etc. And in all honesty there is much truth to this association with divinity since God created everything in our world from atoms to DNA founded upon mathematics. If you were an advanced being looking to create a new species or element you’d begin with atoms and DNA which would have to be mathematically counted in many manners starting with the number of protons, neutrons and electrons for each element in the DNA and then the numbers and placements of them in the double helix. Interestingly, we now have the technology to store data in all the empty space in DNA;


This brings to mind the famous verse of John 1:1 “In the beginning there was the word, the word was with God and the word was God”. Well, the word is commonly thought to be “truth” but I think one of, if not THE greatest form of truth is math! It like God, simply doesn’t lie, hence the title chosen for Goyim Gazette #119, the article this bit was taken from; GOD AND NUMBERS DO NOT LIE, BEAR WITNESS TO THE MIRACLES OF OUR TIMES!

Anyway, it is due to human fascination with magic squares and other objects thought to be talismans/charms that they’re commonly found in the foundations and other areas of both ancient and modern buildings and ceremonial locations where they were believed to be useful in warding off spirits and bringing good fortune or protection. Of course we’re not supposed to do that because God has everything taken care of for each of us just the way he wants it. But the point is; you can see how this simple little mathematical toy could lead many of little faith, weaker constitutions and/or insufficient knowledge to superstition, magic and idolatry which of course is against Gods’ commandment #2!

2. No idolatry – No object or image can represent YHWH. Such are only used for evil. (witchcraft, sorcery, magic, necromancy, divination etc.)

Hows that for a slippery, satanic slope!?

Hence magic squares and other objects including the planets/stars/moon/sun have been satanic gateways to mysticism/witchcraft/sorcery/etc. throughout the ages, commonly under the guises of science, astronomy and mathematics. In fact, I believe they are so sublime in their initial effects they are how many otherwise completely innocent would be believers have been sucked into numerology, astrology and alchemy which are each forms of witchcraft and thus nontheism and polytheism. (The goal is MONOTHEISM!) This takes the mystery out of why so many scientists, astronomers and mathematicians have always been in far greater percentages as non-believers.

Yea, lucifers’ web is quite alluring, especially for anyone of above average intelligence which is why everyone needs to grasp the subtleties of it all and BEWARE.

This is why God told us to continually talk about the 10 commandments, write them on our doors and use the contact prayer morning, noon, evening and night! I recommend copying/pasting both from this article above into a reminder on your device like Peggy, myself and millions of other diligent folks have done. It’s all about helping us by keeping our eyes on the proverbial ball. It’s really quite simple.

What’s It All About?

Below is Davids’ response to Carol Kennedy who said; “This is definitely astonishing. No one in their right mind could think otherwise. So, if I may I would like to ask David the age old, golden question. What’s it all about?”

Answering the question of “what’s it all about” is no small task but I do intend to take it up, just not in full here. I feel this subject will fill another edition of the Goyim Gazette, coming soon!

For now, let it suffice to say this life is but a test followed by a death which isn’t good or bad but rather “nothing”. God retakes His soul/spirit (Ecc 12:7 & Quran 2:281) and it’s lights out, kaput, until you’re sent back to live again and then eventually “stood up” for judgment day. On that day (which might be a 1000 of our years long if it’s like other days of God. II Peter 3:8 & Quran 22:47) your life/file will be searched for your transgressions to be weighed against your submissions and then thereby you’ll be judged in balance for equity or inequity.

If judged equitable your life/file will be uploaded into a new, more efficient body (think ETs) for an eternal life of bliss in a wonderful, pristine, heavenly place full of peace, abundance and contentment near God. (I speak of Gods’ expansive kingdom which is located around this place called “the earth circle” in the Bible. This is fully and irrefutably detailed in my article “Daves’ BIG Truth” repeatedly linked herein)

Conversely, if judged inequitable your life/file will be uploaded into a grotesque, inefficient slave body which is constantly in need of nourishment and rest but never fully attaining either while in a fiery, miserable and painful place called hell (located beneath the surface of the earth) for an eternity of horror, shame and loneliness without Gods love/soul/spirit forever more. Sound like fun? If you ask me, simply abiding by Gods’ laws and ways of life is a much easier and more rewarding path!

Here’s one example of what God tells us in the Bible about those new ET bodies for the winners of this test called life;

2 Corinthians 5:1-10

For we know that when this earthly tent we live in is taken down (that is, when we die and leave this earthly body), we will have a house in heaven, an eternal body made for us by God himself and not by human hands. We grow weary in our present bodies, and we long to put on our heavenly bodies like new clothing. For we will put on heavenly bodies; we will not be spirits without bodies. While we live in these earthly bodies, we groan and sigh, but it’s not that we want to die and get rid of these bodies that clothe us. Rather, we want to put on our new bodies so that these dying bodies will be swallowed up by life. God himself has prepared us for this, and as a guarantee he has given us his Holy Spirit. So we are always confident, even though we know that as long as we live in these bodies we are not at home with the Lord. For we live by believing and not by seeing. Yes, we are fully confident, and we would rather be away from these earthly bodies, for then we will be at home with the Lord. So whether we are here in this body or away from this body, our goal is to please him. For we must all stand before Christ to be judged. We will each receive whatever we deserve for the good or evil we have done in this earthly body.

FYI; Again, those new bodies are of made by God so are of Gods’ DNA which means they’re highly intelligent, telepathic and immortal. As for what one thinks of as “you” which is your life/file, it might help to think along the lines of Gods’ uber advanced technology and “transhumanism” which is mans’ current attempt at playing god with our modern, yet far inferior technology. Google it and also take note that several years ago Google patented a way to extract the knowledge and memories from ones’ mind and transfer “you” to the digital brain of a robot which conceivably lives forever.

For those who think all this talk of ETs is silly, well what can I say other than you’re a fool! lucifer and his fellow jinn are ETs, that’s who’s actually running this show on earth right now and those at the top are fully aware of it. Here’s a little in your face proof from one of the graphics I did about the US $1 bill. (I could spend many, many pages on this subject alone, it truly is the “image of the beast” that people worship and will be sent to hell for!)

satan US Dollar

lucifer has the body of an ET and had the opportunity for eternal life in Gods’ kingdom but failed in rebellion over Gods’ creation of humans and having given us dominion over the earth. Here’s an example of what the Quran has to say about our next life as ETs in Gods’ kingdom;

Quran 56: 10-56 Ones who take the lead are the ones who take the lead. Those are the ones who are brought near in the Gardens of Bliss. A throng of the ancient ones and a few of the later ones are on lined couches, ones who are reclining on them, ones who are facing one another. Immortal children (small grey ETs) go around them with cups and ewers and goblets from a spring of water. Neither will they suffer headaches nor will they be intoxicated, and sweet fruit of what they specify and the flesh of fruit for which they lust and most beautiful eyed ones, (ETs) like the parable of the well-guarded pearls, a recompense for what they had been doing. They will not hear any idle talk in it nor accusation of sinfulness, but the saying of: Peace! Peace! They will be among thornless lote-trees and acacias, (Our new PO address in Garibaldi is 511 ACACIA!) one on another, and spread out shade and outpoured WATER and many sweet fruit. There will be neither that which is severed nor that which is inaccessible. (complete freedom to wander and explore the vastness of the real earth without borders) And it is an exalted place of restfulness. Truly, We caused females to grow, a good forming, and made them virgins, full of love, of the same age, for the Companions of the Right. A throng of the ancient ones and a throng from the later ones, and the Companions of the Left—who are the Companions of the Left? Those who are in burning wind and scalding water and shade of black smoke neither that which is cool nor generous. Truly, they had been before ones who are given ease and they had been persisting in tremendous wickedness. (being rich, famous, powerful and Godless in this life is a sure sign you’re going to hell) And they had been saying: When we died and had been earth dust and bones, will we, then, be ones who are raised up. And our ancient fathers? Say: Truly, the ancient ones and the later ones will be ones who will be gathered to a time appointed on a known Day. Again, you, O ones who go astray, are the ones who deny. Certainly, you will be ones who eat from the Zaqqum tree. (a tree which produces no fruit but can itself be eaten, albeit course and foul) Then, you will be ones who fill your bellies from it, then, ones who drink scalding water after it. So you will be ones who drink like the drinking of thirsty camels. (forever thirsting, never quenched) This will be their hospitality on the Day of Judgment!

Anyway, the technological nuts and bolts of how God transfers or “transmigrates” us to heaven or hell isn’t the point, it’s the promise and threat that ought to be carefully considered! People simply don’t understand what’s at stake here, eternity is a long time, it means immortality which if spent in a good place with utter grace will be beautiful but if in a bad place with utter disgrace, well, not so much. And for those who still think all this talk about ETs is silly, consider the many, many depictions of Gods’ angels in ancient art. They’re super common surrounding art of Yeshuas’ birth, life and supposed crucifixion because angels (likely also ETs but different than jinn) such as Gabriel actually did intervene and were present;


The Quran and common sense tells us that Yeshua didn’t die on the cross by the way, it was just an illusion Yeshua was allowed to put in the minds of witnesses by God and His angels. Read Barnabas and/or the gospel of Judas to see that it was Judas who actually got crucified while screaming “I’m not Jesus”! If you stop to think about it, this is a very obvious reality. God doesn’t let anyone harm his servants, we’re protected like no one can imagine which includes me while I set here being despised by millions of rich, powerful and evil pukes who can’t do anything to harm us!


Here’s one of what I and others surmise must be Gabriel in a craft above communicating with Mary telling her about her soon to be immaculate conception and pregnancy with Immanuel;


The baptism of Yeshua;


The madonna;


Again, Gods’ Angels likely assume the form of ETs, they’re commonly depicted as humanoid children with wings but I’m pretty sure that’s just part of the game to fool We the People;


It is also common to see ETs associated with famous battles which we see depicted around the world all across history. This one is King ASHURNASIRPAL doing battle circa 900BC; (there’s 2 crafts above center and right, and a double headed serpent above left)







Quran 8:9 “Mention when you cry for help from your Lord and He responded to you: Truly, I am One Who Reinforces you with a thousand angels, ones who come one after another”.

Quran 3:125 “Yea! If you endure patiently and are in Wise Fear and enemies come upon you suddenly your Lord will reinforce you with five thousand angels—ones who are sweeping on”!

Quran 89:22-23 “And thy Lord will draw near, and the angels, ranged in rows, on the Day hell is brought about. On that Day the human being will recollect. And how will the reminder be for him?” (Horrifying, that’s how the rest of his life will be! Can you imagine seeing 1000s of ETs saving/taking up the believers to heaven while destroying all the non and then transmigrating their souls to eternal hell?)


And for people who would argue those are just lenticular clouds . . .

Psalm 97:2 Clouds and thick darkness surround Him; Righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne.

Job 22:14 Clouds are a hiding place for Him, so that He cannot see; And He walks on the vault of heaven.

Job 36:29
Can anyone understand the spreading of the clouds, The thundering of His pavilion?

Nahum 1:3 And clouds are the dust beneath His feet.

Job 37:11 Also with moisture He loads the thick cloud; He disperses the cloud of His lightning.

Exodus 13:21 The LORD was going before them in a pillar of cloud.

Revelation 14:14 Then I looked, and behold, a white cloud, and sitting on the cloud was one like a son of man, having a golden crown on His head and a sharp sickle in His hand.

1 Thessalonians 4:17 Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord.

Leviticus 16:2 For I will appear in the cloud over the mercy seat.

Numbers 16:42 It came about, however, when the congregation had assembled against Moses and Aaron, that they turned toward the tent of meeting, and behold, the cloud covered it and the glory of the LORD appeared.

Exodus 16:10 And behold, the glory of the LORD appeared in the cloud.

Quran 25:25-26 On a Day when heaven will be split open with the cloud shadows and the angels were sent down, a sending down successively on that Day the true dominion will belong to The Merciful. And it will be a Day difficult for the ones who are ungrateful.

Quran 2:210 So do they look on but that God approach them in the overshadowing of cloud shadows?

Quran 44:10-16 Then, thou be on the watch for a Day when the heavens will bring a clear smoke overcoming humanity. This is a painful punishment . . . On the Day when We will seize by force with the greatest attack, truly, We will be ones who requite.

Quran 46:24-25 Then, when they saw it as a dense cloud proceeding towards their valleys, they said: This is a dense cloud, that which gives rain to us. Nay! It is what you seek to hasten, a wind in which there is a painful punishment. It will destroy everything at the command of its Lord. So it came to be in the morning nothing was seen but their dwellings. Thus, We give recompense to the folk, ones who sin.

Quran 52:44-47 And if they consider pieces of the heaven descending, they would say: Heaped up clouds! So forsake them until they encounter their day in which they will be swooning. A Day when their cunning will avail them not at all nor will they be helped. And, truly, for those who did wrong there is a punishment besides that, but most of them know not.

So, ETs are real, they’re jinn. And likely Angels are ETs too but can take on any form and exist in unthinkable numbers (hundreds of billions or likely even trillions!) living outside the “earth circle” where we’re at on a massive globe that’s about 5000 times larger than we’ve all been told by lying, psychopathic, elitist twits for millennia, that’s “heaven” or “Gods’ kingdom” in reality and YHWH is the Highest of High over the entire expanse and population. (I know, it sounds nuts but just read my article “Daves’ BIG Truth” and you’ll begin chipping away at the tiny earth lie! It will take your mind a while to grasp all of this so time is of the essence and trust me when I say, there’s not much time left so, use it wisely!)

And there you have it, “what it’s all about” is simply following His very easy, sensible and moral laws/rules/teachings during this very short test and receiving equitable compensation from YHWH for our efforts or failures to do so. He will give us new bodies and let us live in His kingdom in peace and plenitude for a virtual eternity while doing what ETs do which is taking care of His creation or “tending the garden”.

And for the record, if everyone had simply done as we’ve all been repeatedly taught/warned, this world and life would already be heaven like. There would be no wars, pollution, inequality, racism, hunger, hate, LIES or etc. immoralities nor any other troubling and disappointing hardships. We’d ALL be at total peace with ourselves, each other and in harmony with the world. That’s a glimpse of how it’s going to be for the winners of this test, they will enjoy an awesome existence in a pristine paradise while aided by uber advanced, “creation friendly” technology.

So, that’s what it’s all about, succeeding at passing this test called life while constantly surrounded by “others” in the unseen and telepathic worlds! Fortunately, some will, but unfortunately, most won’t.

Que sera sera.

From the Quran, Surah #44 “Smoke, The Evident Smoke” or “Al-Dukhan” (My comments in parenthesis)

In the Name of YHWH, The Merciful, The Compassionate.
44:1 Ha Mim.
44:2 By the clear Book
44:3 truly, We (Gods’ angels) caused it to descend on a blessed night. Truly, We had been ones who warn.
44:4 Every wise command is made clear in it,
44:5 a command from Us. Truly, We had been ones who send it
44:6 as a mercy from thy Lord. Truly, He is The Hearing, The Knowing,
44:7 Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them. If you had been ones who are certain.
44:8 There is no god but He. It is He Who gives life and causes to die. He is your Lord and the Lord of your ancient fathers.
44:9 Nay! They play in uncertainty.
44:10 Then, thou be on the watch for a Day when the heavens will bring a clear smoke
44:11 overcoming humanity. This is a painful punishment.
44:12 Our Lord! Remove thou the punishment from us! Truly, we are ones who believe.
44:13 What will there be as a reminder for them? A clear Messenger drew near them. (That would be me, Yours truly!)
44:14 Again, they turned away from him and they said: He is one who is taught by others, one who is possessed.
44:15 Truly, We are ones who remove the punishment for a little. Truly, you are ones who revert to ingratitude.
44:16 On the Day when We will seize by force with the greatest attack, truly, We will be ones who requite.
44:17 And, certainly, We tried a folk of Pharaoh before them when there drew near them a generous Messenger: (Moses)
44:18 Give back to me the servants of God, the Children of Israel. Truly, I am a trustworthy Messenger to you.
44:19 And rise not up against God. Truly, I am one who arrives with a clear authority. (Proven by the power of God who changed his staff into a serpent that swallowed up the staffs of Pharaohs’ sorcerers/priests.)
44:20 Truly, I took refuge in my Lord and your Lord so that you not stone me.
44:21 But if you believe not in me, then, withdraw.
44:22 So he called on his Lord: Truly, these are a folk, ones who sin.
44:23 He said: Set thou forth with my servants by night. Truly, you will be ones who are followed.
44:24 And leave the sea calmly as it is. Truly, they will be an army, one that is drowned.
44:25 How many they left behind of gardens and springs
44:26 and crops and generous stations
44:27 and prosperity in which they had been, ones who are joyful!
44:28 And, thus, We gave it as inheritance to another folk.
44:29 And neither the heavens wept for them nor the earth nor had they been ones who are given respite.
44:30 And, certainly, We delivered the Children of Israel from the despised punishment
44:31 of Pharaoh. Truly, He had been one who exalts himself and was of the ones who are excessive.
44:32 And, certainly, We chose them with knowledge above the worlds
44:33 and gave them the signs in which there was a clear trial.
44:34 Truly, these say:
44:35 There is nothing but our first singled out death and we will not be ones who are revived.
44:36 Then, bring our fathers back if you had been ones who are sincere.
44:37 Are they better or a folk of Tubba and those who were before them? We caused them to perish. They, truly, had been ones who sin. (The Quran has many stories of God destroying entire civilizations of evil people while saving the good.)
44:38 And We created not the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them as ones who play!
44:39 We created them not but with The Truth (Atomic and DNA Mathematics) but most of them know not.
44:40 Truly, the Day of Decision is the time appointed for them one and all,
44:41 a Day when a defender will not avail another defender at all nor will they be helped
44:42 but him on whom God had mercy. Truly, He is The Almighty, The Compassionate.
44:43 Truly, the tree of Zaqqum (a course, foul and non-nourishing food source)
44:44 will be the food of the sinful.
44:45 Like molten copper it will bubble in the bellies,
44:46 like boiling, scalding water.
44:47 It will be said: Take him and drag him violently into the depths of hellfire.
44:48 Again, then, unloose over his head the punishment of scalding water!
44:49 Experience this! Truly, thou, thou art seemingly the mighty, the generous.
44:50 Truly, this is what you had been contesting.
44:51 Truly, the ones who are Godfearing will be in the station of trustworthiness
44:52 among Gardens and springs
44:53 wearing fine silk and brocade, ones who face one another.
44:54 Thus, it is so. We will give in marriage lovely, most beautiful eyed ones. (ETs who will be eternal mates that love, cherish and serve each other)
44:55 They will call therein for every kind of sweet fruit, ones that are safe.
44:56 They will not experience death with them but the first singled out death. And He will protect them from the punishment of hellfire,
44:57 a grace from thy Lord. That, it is the winning the sublime triumph!
44:58 Truly, We made this easy in thy language so that perhaps they will recollect. (The Quran is now available in nearly every language on earth)
44:59 So be on the watch! Truly, they are ones who watch.

The Portents (Proofs, Signs and Miracles)

We know these are some good ones because they have taken some time for us to get our heads around. It’s because while each on it’s own could be considered happenstance or coincidence, when you stand back and connect them it becomes quite revealing, to put it very mildly. It goes from sublime to blatant yet still, accepting the obvious reality of divine intervention is a mental challenge like no other!

That’s how all this stuff is, the world that everyone is used to, is NOT the world we’re actually in! In fact, with these new portents (meaning signs or miracles) we are now pretty well convinced this is the matrix with a dash of avatar. This is quite thought provoking when one considers all the promises of judgement, heaven and hell and the ease/means by which God can carry out His promises thereto!

However, those who are headed for eternal torture in the flames can’t even comprehend most of this stuff because God has blinded their eyes, deafened their ears and sealed their hearts. 2 + 2 barely equals 4 for them and they can’t tell truth from lies, good from evil or pretty much anything that folks such as yourself can easily discern.

Isaiah 6:10 “Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and convert, and be healed.”

Matthew 13:14 “. . . hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive.”

Quran 2:7
“God seals their minds and their hearing, and their eyes are veiled. They have incurred severe retribution.”

If all these dumbsh*ts were allowed to realize what’s going on here and what’s going to happen to them they’d soil their pants and run around whimpering like babies all the way to the end. But they can’t see past the ends of their noses, at best. So, sit back and enjoy the show Robert, me thinks it’s going to have quite an ending that’s all starting right here at JCR!

As you’ll see, these recent signs I’m going to cover give us a little more insight into Gods’ limitless capabilities in this world which can only be likened to the matrix.

OK, first we have a story from this last November 2019 about the behemoth Montana 5th wheel given to us by Country insurance (via God).


It sucked for winter which was looming again and was way bigger than anything we’d feel good about traveling with so, it was time to cash out and downsize. Since we got it for free and hate screwing around with selling stuff, we priced it low for a quick, no BS sale.

This of course resulted in tons of interest immediately even though it was the worst time of year to sell an RV here in Eastern WA. People were calling from all over the country and a guy from ND sent me an offer of a thousand bucks over our asking price while also guaranteeing a fast, no BS deal just like we wanted. Here’s the actual text he sent;

“Please give me a call, Im sure you are getting a lot of attention on this one at the price so to cut though that and get your attention Ill offer you $23,000 for it. No hassle, no crap Ill pay you cash or whatever you need to make it work. Give me a call or text ###-###-####.”

Great right? So we took the deal, he put a grand down via paypal for a security deposit and agreed to pay the rest when he picked it up the coming weekend. We took the ads down and started shopping for a travel trailer in the Wenatchee area. However . . . 6 days later he began doubting and renigging (like all liars and/or spiritually weak people do) and wanted me to drive all the way back home to take more pics for him. That was one thing but he also cancelled the pick up date and said it’d be a week or two later. Well, that obviously wasn’t the deal so, we licked our wounds from losing a week of time on him and relisted it for the same amount he offered. So, we thanked God for the nonrefundable security deposit and moved on!

Same thing again, tons of interest. This time a local guy came up, said he’d take it for cash in 4 days if we’d take a thousand less and if we pulled all the ads down for him so that no one else would outbid him. Even though we didn’t like being “jewed” down on what was already a really killer deal, we figured we were already up a grand and liked the speedy arrangement. He too put down the same security deposit of $1,000, we did our part, pulled all the ads for him and headed out to look at another trailer in Spokane.

One of the things he said in passing while visiting was that his name was very unique. This was interesting to us due to the fact that Peggy was the ONLY Peggy Dyk (her maiden name) in America. The day before he was going to pick it up I was led to check out his story about his name on the net. Lo and behold, he was none other than the owner of a large RV store on the westside! He lied through his teeth about this! So, I told him the price went back up a grand for him being a lying dirtbag who was just going to sell it to someone else for at least $10,000 to $15,000 more. (This is true, in fact the ins co paid $40k for it.) Fortunately he lost his senses (got possessed) and declined so, voila, God gave us another $1,000!

Back up the ads went, 4 more days lost but now we were $2,000 ahead. Again, tons of interest, this time the first serious one was a guy from the westside whose dad lived here in Chelan. Said they’d be over the next day to see/buy it. They came, they liked, agreed to have it picked up in 2 days and put a $1,000 down.

However . . . his dad then decided it best that he take care of the deal from there on out which we were fine with excepting the fact that he demanded to take possession of the RV BEFORE PAYING THE BALANCE! Said we could meet him at the bank for it after his driver was down the road with our RV! That of course wasn’t happening and he wouldn’t budge on it, so now we’re up $3,000 from fools who can’t keep a simple agreement for a really, really killer deal on a very nice Montana!

Next, we called a woman back from the Tri-Cities who’d left a message the week before. She said she and her friends would be over the following day with cash to pick it up. We trusted her, didn’t put the ads back up and they were there with bells on the next day. She was a believer, she paid us, they left and that’s the end of this part of story. God had just punished 3 unbelieving fools and put an extra $3,000 in our pockets from them plus the extra $1,000 we added due to them with absolutely zero room for a guilty conscience on our parts!

You’ll want to note that the total we ended up getting was $26,000 and “YHWH” equals 26! Experiencing this stuff firsthand isn’t really explainable in words. Watching people who don’t believe in the supernatural get totally possessed and then turn into stupid, bumbling liars is quite revealing!

OK, so now we’re homeless. We’re seriously needing to buy another RV and we hate motels so, we headed for the Tri-Cities on account of the lady who bought ours said there were tons of dealers and RVs down there. She was right! There is much more to our experience in the tri-cities including a christian salesman getting totally possessed and losing our easy, cash in hand business but we’ll move on to the really wild part;

After all the shopping we’d come to like a certain model in the Hideout line of Keystones’ trailers but used ones were few and far between while also being a bit pricier than most. (We wanted a used one because we learned years ago that new RVs outgas TONS of toxins for the first few years.) That said, we saw a dealers’ ad for the model we liked with a similar floorplan that had just been reduced from $15,000 to $11,000.

This is notable because we already knew what we liked and as you’ll see were about to be given the perfect unit for us! So, we went to take a look. It was taken on trade but in poor condition for showing with a flat tire, broken cabinet and yet to be cleaned up. Also whoever owned it had left some extra wiring underneath for what was a solar system complete with a nice aluminum toolbox installed on the tongue up front for a large battery bank. I figured I could use that tool box for its original purpose, as a toolbox, which is the only real thing lacking on all travel trailers.

Now this unit was an 09 which was older than our 13 but the previous owners had recently repainted the exterior and done quite a few new custom upgrades so it looked really good, especially since the price was just lowered and it was the rare model we liked. And it was obviously not used much so, we liked it, a lot!

However, we could tell from the salesmans’ attitude that custom painted RVs with lots of mods aren’t great for dealers. So, we offered them $5,000 in cash thinking maybe they’d drop it down to $10,000 or maybe even $9,000. Now get this; out of nowhere the manager jumped in, countered with the extremely low price of just $5,900! This is a pro negotiator who just gave away the farm!

And even better yet he offered the bonus that everything would be in working condition and clean for the extra $900 above my offer. So, we of course took the deal, gave them the cash and agreed to pick it up the next day! However . . . upon pre-delivery inspection we found out the AC wasn’t working which is common at the 10 year age of trailers, especially over here where AC is used a lot. So, they put in a nicer, brand new $800 AC unit and fixed a few other minor things for our trouble.

We’re obviously pretty happy at this point but here come the kickers;

The previous owner/s had applied a very interesting vinyl decal to the front of the unit which says “ALL GIVE SOME, SOME GIVE ALL” which we figured was pretty apropos for us! (We each made our agreement with God to basically do whatever it takes way back in 2012. It was right before we released the Everything Pages. Peggy and I kissed each other goodbye thinking we’d be dead by morning from an attack by the govt. It turned out that they had to get a plan on how to frame me to warrant the illegal 66 man SWAT team attack on us 3 months later. What a bunch of f*cking worthless cowards! Payback time nears, can’t wait for the first occurrence!!!)


It also had a cool little Ford “Punisher” sticker on the rear, a perfect match for me and our Ford pickup that would be pulling it!



OK, now what’s really wild about that is the fact that I myself decoded the skull and bones logo as depicting 2 different humanoids way back in 2012. (see the differences between left and right sides of the skull and the different femurs)


Now look at that Ford Punisher sticker again, it too has 2 types of humanoids portrayed. And this time there’s more being told which I wouldn’t have noticed until recently. God has been revealing the deep truths given only to a handful of messengers before me. (i.e. Jesus who used terms such as “brood of vipers” to describe the enemies I’m here to destroy, along with all the fools deceived by or following them.)


The left side is reptilian with an open hinged jawbone and teeth that don’t erode at the gum line because vipers shed and regrow them every few months. This is all about God showing me the genetic identity of the real enemies to We the People, they are offspring of the nephilim who were born from the fallen ones (who themselves are reptilian) that raped human women. (see Gen 6:4 for starters) It is the bloodline of these sick, inhuman pieces of sh*te that have deceived the masses beginning with all the idiots who think they’re jew-ISH and the others who’ve joined up with them via masonry and/or all the other secret kike clubs. The ones who really are of this different race have deceived all those fools into doing their bidding and getting sent to hell with them. What dumbasses, they’re all going to be thrown under the bus soon! Now reconsider how God gave me our white Ford/horse and had that “Punisher” sticker put on my camper! Godspeed, I’m ready!!!

Another non-coincidental thing about the trailer is the paint job. We hate all the vinyl logos that RV manufactures apply to get free advertising for the life of the rig. In fact, we took the time to remove them from our Northern Lite pickup camper and another one before that. But the thing is you have to do this when the RV is new or you can see where the stickers were due to the sun damage/oxidation which would be uglier than the vinyl. In the case of a used unit the only way around it would be to completely repaint the thing which is exactly what had been done to this one! Perfect, made to order for us by God!!!

And get ready for this . . . the total price out the door with sales tax and licensing was $6,657.40 which when correctly rounded with $2.60 is $6,660.00!!! (Recall the total amount we got for the Montana? That’s right, $26,000 the value of “YHWH” and now we have $2.60, see how He’s showing his hand!? 6,660 is also the exact distance from JCR to Nazareth where Jesus, Joseph and Mary lived!)


So, that was that experience from God. THANK YOU YHWH!

Next we return for some more divine updates to our main story here at JCR. It’s notable how these signs continue to affect us mentally. The best comparison I have is the feelings I experienced during the big Nisqually earthquake back in Feb 2001.


People don’t understand what actually happens during quakes. The ground and whatever is on it literally rolls and stuff breaks, it doesn’t just pull it apart. I watched our road and some train tracks roll in waves about 18 inches high! It’s a strange thing to experience and it leaves you queasy like you’re car sick, that’s how these miracles feel. You would think that these experiences would always be nothing but positive for us since they always end up being beneficial to us and crappy for our enemies. However . . .

When you’re at the epicenter of Gods’ portents (signs/miracles) it’s no mellow thing. Indeed, even though Gods’ hand is extremely gentile, each experience is heavy duty for us and they’re increasing in intensity as time goes on. It’s easy to see this is how God is training us, a little at a time, turning up the “miracle meter” as time goes on. He does it this way because no human being could handle these experiences full tilt or back to back. You’d implode and go nuts. Simple as that. Anyway, this is the same feeling one has when witnessing God at work. While of course it is extremely cool, it’s also quite foreign and magnificent to the point of being completely surreal. Tough to grasp and comprehend.

There is much we could say about all that but let’s get back to the miracles themselves which are becoming even more numerous. It’s because of the shear number of them that we’re now beginning to see some repetition which adds surety that they are indeed divine. God does this so we can be totally confident these things are His portents and not just happenstance. For instance . . .

One of the first glaring issues for our enemies was the fact that the mortgage company kept paying the premiums for our full homeowners insurance policy with Country insurance company after we stopped making payments to them. This is not how they normally operate. They cancel the policy and take out a new one that’s much less expensive and only covers their interests which is the property, the collateral. Instead they just kept paying for the whole thing which included expensive premiums for over a half million dollars of coverage for our personal property and over a hundred grand for additional living expenses which we were paid in 2018. This utterly flabbergasted our adjuster and everyone else who was involved, no one had any explanation!

OK, now we get back to this subject of repetition so we can be absolutely certain that God is doing this stuff and it’s not just happenstance. Well, what if the mortgage company kept on paying the premium (about $5,200/yr which is $2,600 or YHWH x 2!) for the full policy EVEN AFTER THE HOUSE WAS GONE!? What? Uh huh. And furthermore, what if the insurance company was involved too because they kept erroneously billing the mortgage company while full well knowing the property no longer existed?! What if these ridiculously unlikely and otherwise unheard of things actually happened? Well, they did and not just once!

Firstly, the fire occurred in Feb of 2018 and the whole year of ins for 2018 was paid in Dec of 2017 which meant there was an overage that needed to be prorated and refunded. (About $4,000) So, there was that which would be normal however the insurance company kept billing the mortgage company for the next year of 2019 and, they paid it. We weren’t aware of any of this going on until around Dec 20th of 2019 when we got a bill for $5,200 from the insurance company for the upcoming year of 2020. This is when I realized the policy had been paid for 2019 even though the house was long gone a full year and 10 months prior.

So, I thought “what a bunch of morons”! And I called Country to tell them to cancel the damn policy so that the bank wouldn’t bill me for it again. Remember, this was about a week before it was due on the 27th of Dec 2019. So, they had plenty of warning to stop the payment and cancel the policy. But, they didn’t! The bank paid ANOTHER $5,200 and Country applied it to my account even after I notified them of their idiocy!

OK, then it dawned on me. God was making them screw up so that we would get the refund. They couldn’t stop it to save their souls, literally!!! So, I called them about it and we did! I got a check for $14,000 a couple weeks later! FOURTEEN GRAND! Off to the bank for a nice little deposit to comfort us for winter, keep our wine cellar stocked and chill out some more in our 666 paradise!


• FREE expensive, brand new Mac and HP laptops (bought with credit cards online which were never charged!)
• a free collectors willies jeep
• a free pickup (which we returned because the guy who gave it to us turned out to be a pissant)
• $30-$40k worth of free tools from cashiers who don’t charge us for them while checking out at various stores repeatedly (I stopped notifying them after seeing a cashier get fired for her mistake at Lowes)
• The same with TONS of expensive building materials, appliances, windows, doors, etc. for the house, likely in the $40,000 neighborhood total! (And don’t forget the full set of cabinets we bought for pennies on the dollar which ended up fitting our kitchen layout and all the appliances to a perfect T. This one alone is all it would take for any sane individuals, you can read about it 3/4ths down the page at
• Top of the line Electrolux appliances and Lane furniture at cost which was HALF PRICE and saved us over $15,000! (There’s a larger story behind this one too.)
• $10,000 worth of beams and lumber for $150 from lake chelan building supply because their spanish speaking yard guy couldn’t do math and their manager didn’t care to listen to me when I told him of the mistake
• $314,000 in cash profit from our first mortgages (i.e we built the house for $200k cash and got $514 back in mortgages even though we didn’t have any income and it was at the height of the the housing crisis. Hence, $514 – $200 = $314,000 profit from the banks!)
• a FREE $666,000 house for 8 full years after not paying said mortgages
• 22 acres of land worth $150k for 8 full years under which that house sits also for FREE
• Around $75,000 in property taxes and homeowners insurance premiums taken care of for FREE
• all 15 other parcels of our land at JCR for free after making $666,000 from it, watch and see! (Although we do intend on giving some of the parcels back to a few of the decent/deserving folk along with countless millions of acres from the rest of the earth.)
• Thousands of dollars in free cash which has just materialized without explanation repeatedly in our bank accounts and elsewhere
• Thousands of dollars in free money from “bitcoins” which we didn’t even know we had (the full story behind this portent could be a book all by itself!)
• Hundreds of thousands of dollars in free gold and silver
• Two FREE pieces of prime commercial real estate in Tacoma I flipped without even having to buy them
• Nearly ZERO income taxes over the course of my lifetime after making millions and millions of dollars with my various businesses (because the IRS didn’t cash my checks sent with the returns and kept sending me refunds year after year)
• A sweet, brand new $40,000 pickup camper for FREE because the dealer screwed up and sent the title to me instead of the bank (this was about a year before we went to war with the jew-ish banks and stopped making payments on our loans and mortgages with them)
• Over $15,000 in earnest monies for land and various other items due to buyers getting possessed and abandoning their $ (yes, “possessed”, we see it all the time, it’s commonplace for us nowadays, in fact, do you really think that little voice in your head telling you to disbelieve all of this and us is really yours?)
• A 2nd even sweeter camper which is the $40,000 Montana 5th wheel we’re fully enjoying today COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE (That’s two FREE RVs!)



And by the way, I wondered what was special about that number of 13,905.43 as well as others which I was just saying to Peggy a couple days ago. So, pulled it up on my calculator in the iphone. There’s only a half dozen or so obvious possibilities to check with it such as its square root and cosine which were the first two I checked. Then #3, the tangent . . . = 2.71828 which when rounded is 2.7183, THAT’S EULERS NUMBER TO 5 DIGITS IN ACCURACY JUST LIKE THE 2ND CALC WE DID IN #119 ON JOHN 1:1!!! Yah, sure that’s ANOTHER coincidence against base odds of 9,999,999 TO 1. (the number of possibilities from the 7 digits of 13,905.43) Add to that everything else and you’ve just stumbled across the most prophetic miracles to happen in all of history. Nothing unusual going on here right?

OK, now tell me who could question or doubt these incredibly blatant signs? What kind of fool could? And it gets better, with God it ALWAYS gets better, and it never ends! Another for instance . . .

It’s taken the bungling attorneys, crippled courts and keystone cops over 8 years to get a foreclosure after we stopped paying the satanic bankers back in 2012. And don’t forget, all that time we lived on our property for FREE. No $70,000 worth of insurance payments or taxes and no $350,000 worth of mortgage payments, notta. The only home related expense we had was cheap power from all the hydro electric damns here in eastern WA. The bank paid for everything else while we were sitting in the house doing research, writing and building the systems that God willing, will one day result in their utter demise! ALL ON THEIR DIME!!! They’ve been trying to foreclose for 8 long years and only recently have finally gotten it through the court. 8 YEARS!

But wait, even though they finally made it through the court process they still can’t get us off the land! Watch this . . . Recall how I’ve never had any probation or oversight even with the first bogus felony charges nor the 2nd? Who wouldn’t think that’s strange? Why wouldn’t they have probation for those felonies when they have it for practically everything else including TONS of misdemeanors? Well, I sort of knew the answer even back then but honestly didn’t believe it. The answer is God went back and changed the law just for me! Too much to believe you say? OK, then answer this; Why is there now some strange law that provides a one year “redemption period” for judicial foreclosures which are very, very rare in WA? And why would the law state that the person/s get to remain on their property “rent free” during this full one year of additional time?


Indeed, we are witnessing a little divine payback, this is how YHWH rolls! All of those who have opposed us in any way, inevitably lose and then get their noses rubbed in it. We’ve seen it time after time after time, although until recently is was much more sublime. Now things are getting to be quite obvious. This is true to the extent I cannot even imagine how all these fools wouldn’t be scared sh*tless about their futures, especially their eternal ones after they suffer what we’re told will be horrifying deaths! Do people really think that getting killed and sent to hell by God is just a silly joke? Really? Does a horrific death followed by burning in hell for eternity sound like fun? Well, if so, just go ahead and oppose Peggy, myself or anyone else God has chosen to serve Him!

So that’s some of the more recent miracles worth sharing here. Even though all the mentally/spiritually weak, condemned dumbshits will be FORCED to think it’s all just a coincidence, believers won’t and it will further strengthen their faith. Aside from helping the messenger/s gain confidence in performing their missions, helping good people awaken and stay on track is mainly what miracles are usually for. The difference here is this is the end so, the losers won’t be able to wake up because they’re already condemned by God.

Rev 22:11 “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still”

That verse and the other 3 at the beginning of this comment tell us a very important thing about end times and me, the last messenger. Unlike most of the other messengers across history, I am not just a warner, I’m a doer and what’s going to get done is absolutely unavoidable. No one will even be able to repent without being given the opportunity from God Himself. And for the readers who can see all of this isn’t BS or coincidence be very careful not to lose that ability because if you do, you’re going down with the rest! That’s coming straight from the proverbial horses’ mouth, King David. Now let us end with a bit more irony this time surrounding what’s known as the “Star of David” or “Key of David” which I have definitely been given ownership of along with 666.


Note it can be drawn by joining SIX triangles or 2 triangles made of SIX lines or just SIX lines by themselves. SIX SIX SIX! That’s the only ways to draw the SOD. Pretty fitting for “Gods’ 666 End Times Punisher” eh?

So pick your side boys and girls, you’re either with us and God or you’re with snakes who are going to be destroyed and punished in hell, forever. Indeed, peace to all good men and to hell with the rest. Makes one wonder what it’s like to burn in hell?

Quran 4:56 “Truly, those who were ungrateful for Our signs, We will scorch them in a fire. As often as their skins were wholly burned, We will substitute with other skins so that they will experience the punishment”.

By the way, that proves the author of the Quran knew about how our nerve endings stop feeling pain after a certain amount of time being burnt. Hence the reason the damned are given new skins to experience this hellish anguish repeatedly, forever.


Another Major Miracle

Time for another, it’s short but good! (We don’t bother with conveying the smaller ones)

OK, this one is related to my recent completion of translating/interpreting the Quran For Christians. (This story/miracle is actually contained therein in the introduction but this is for those who foolishly don’t read it)

Here’s that verbatim;

Next; One of the thousands of miracles we (David & Peggy) have been experiencing since early 2016 when God really began showing us His Hand and guiding us on this, our mission. Since it’s directly related to this translation of the Quran, it is very apropos.

Said translation took about 10 months (followed by another 8 months of minor edits/fixes) which in the beginning was hampered by my being distracted with incoming emails, reminders and the many other projects I use my laptop for and generally have open in various programs. Especially distracting at that time was the building of Betterness. At any rate, the process was definitely being hindered by said distractions inherent to use of my laptop.

Well, we’d just bought a 2004 Lincoln and needed a PC to learn the entry code from the cars’ computer. Buying one seemed like a good idea because I didn’t want to risk damaging my 8 year old laptop which had went through 7 keyboards and needed an 8th! So, I jumped on ebay to look for a used one that might be well suited. I didn’t need or want much, just a basic PC to leave in the car for diagnostics. Among the first few that came up was a little Dell with a 10″ screen for a $100 bucks. I looked at the details and saw it had Windows 7 which was excellent because like most, this old dog doesn’t like learning new tricks. (if not necessary) It looked brand new, the seller had good ratings and the price was right so, I figured what the heck and bought it and a new $13 battery for it.

It arrived in mint condition and I fired it up. To my delight the first thing I noticed was that it was 7 Pro and had a full copy of MS Office 2016 installed. (I use MS Word to write most of our stuff including the Quran) It also had a touchscreen and was just a really nice little laptop overall. So, I began thinking this could be too nice for the car! And it would definitely be handy for using to translate the Quran while on the go instead of putting more hours on my old 17” HP which with its case is huge/heavy. Then I realized I could also run lean without the distractions due to a max of 2GB of ram coupled with an older processor in this one. I couldn’t even be tempted to install a bunch of my other software so, it is perfect!

Now hold on, it gets better, way better! Most have heard the saying “the devil is in the details” but what we are repeatedly finding is that it’s actually God in the details. Yea, when He does something, anything, it’s perfect down to a T in details. This applies to ALL His Creations, Plans and Proofs of His Almighty Existence. Let us take a quick accounting of how we see His Fingerprints all over this little tool I’d purchased in hope of bringing into existence the very best English translation of the Quran that will ever come to be.

In addition it had to be one of the most convincing bodies of evidence to simultaneously prove Gods’ existence for the reader/s. It also had to “unloose the seals” (secrets) of prior scriptures as prophesied in Rev 5:1-5 “the lion of the tribe of Judah” would do in end times. For an average guy who’s relatively new to the bible, having only picked it up in 2013, and even more so with only a few years into the Quran, it sounds like a pretty big challenge eh? It is, but in all honesty wasn’t for me. And as you will see, that can only be due to Gods’ Guidance throughout the process exactly like the rest of the roller coaster ride we’ve been on since 12/21/12! (Mayan end date)

A recap of the 1st set of God confirming details surrounding the PC;

  • Perfect, Like New, Mint Condition for $100!
  • Safe, Cushy, No Stress Deal With A Well Rated Seller.
  • Familiar Windows 7 (days of creation) and Pro “to boot”!
  • Full, Free $100 Copy of MS Office w/Word Not Advertised!
  • Familiar Touch Screen Like My Ipad, Also Not Advertised!
  • Max 2 Gg of Ram = No Temptation to Install Distractions!
  • Really Compact, Perfect For Camper Life Then of Current.
  • Just Enough Processor for Word & Firefox to do Research!
  • A Wireless Card Installed For Our Wireless Only Condition!
  • An Upgraded SDHD For Fast Saves Between 1000s of Edits!

Note that last one was not advertised either and turned out to be a “Godsend” over the course of 900+ hours of editing! OK, but those aren’t that incredible right? Right. UNTIL . . . you add the following; it’s a picture of how the unit arrived (and now remains) with the strange username of “YasuMasih” which I thought must have been the name of some Asian fellow or gal who owned it before. I being curious googled it one day while having lunch thinking I should get around to personalizing it with my own username. Lo and behold it is how Arabic Christians say “Yeshua the Messiah” and I was using it to write what I had already titled the “Quran for Christians”!


Note the model #2120, the year I spent doing this! (this is the 21st century) while being lled/dell by other “users”! Also Websters’ 4th def for “latitude”; “Freedom of action or choice” is quite fitting if one looks into what latitude God is prophesied to give me, the al-Mahdi.


That’s something and it also applies to the weighty feelings I experienced while making big decisions in the proper translation of this Holy Quran! (Interpreting Gods’ Word is no small matter!)

Now, we’ve learned there are no coincidences when you’re working for God! So, the username prompted me to email the seller for the story behind this. The first curious thing I noticed was his ebay handle of “Abra-Sale” as in Abracadabra, Abraham and Abrasive? (There are no other root words in my Websters version) As we’ll see, it is all part of this miracle, recall God details to a T!

Those only 3 words have very profound meanings to me; Abracadabra is obviously a magical word as has been our journey since awakening. All miracles are magical, think about ones from all the prophets and recall Yeshua himself was called “the magi”. Abraham is the only messenger out of 25 mentioned in the Quran who is referred to as a “monotheist inclined towards Truth ”. Anyone who reads my stuff will agree I have become the proverbial epitome of that. And of course I do try to cooperate in the transformation, but I did not orchestrate it! Also, I have always figured I am here to unite all those of strong “Abrahamic” faith.

Now for the last one; Abrasive. There can be no doubt that I am becoming the #1, most hated individual by millions, no Billions of people on earth. It is because I speak the Truth about them, the enemies to God and We the Adamite People of His Creation. Indeed I am extremely abrasive to these filthy degenerates and that is a badge I wear with honor! Now while keeping that in mind recall the 4th definition of latitude; “Freedom of action or choice”. Consider that while connecting it with some of the prophecies of Mohamet about me, the Al-Mahdi. (That link is to a summary of some major prophecies from Mohamet, if you’re an enemy of mine and believers like me, get ready to sh*te yourself!)

OK, so that was just about the sellers’ ebay handle of Abra-Sale, remember God is in the details! Here’s the google result I got;


I of course went there and while doing so shared what I was learning with Peggy. Well, she had been on that very same wiki page the day before researching why Muslims call Yeshua the Messiah!

That little additional coincidence was to let us know all this is definitely NOT coincidence! Beginning to see how God rolls? And after asking the seller three times about the username, all he could tell me was he was compelled to “get the name right”. So, what does this all mean?

It’s a good question and another is one Peggy and I have had since 2012 when we made our covenant with God and then in 2016 when He really began showing us some of His Handiwork. That question is; who are we? We know our mission isn’t for the average joe and jane, that much is certain from the book we wrote back in 2012 and the subsequent 66 man SWAT team attack on us afterwards. That book like this Quran obviously exposes the actual enemies of “We the Adamite People of God”. They didn’t like that nor this Quran and like Yeshua, they hate me! But as we can now say with surety due to this miracle, God has blessed this work we’ve been doing on the Quran for Christians!


Take It.  It’s Free!


You’re going to be surprised about what you learn in just the introduction alone, GUARANTEED!


You’re exactly SIX Miles Overdue!

Here’s one of the minor miracles of recent, these little ones happen daily so we don’t usually bother with them. (It’s Gods’ Way of Telling us He’s Always There!) I’m only posting it for a couple of awakening fellas I met at the Valvoline oil change station in Wenatchee. (Stephen and Vlad)

OK, so while on the way to Wenatchee to go to Costco God (or Gabriel) told me to get the transmission on our Town Car flushed. Right after that the transmission started slipping a bit! So, I went there first thing as it’s on the way into the big city. Upon getting there the manager (Stephen) assisted me, the first thing they do is document your mileage which was 99,626 as shown in the following email I got later;


I told him I wanted a trans flush and then he asked how I was doing on mileage for an oil change. So I looked at the little window sticker and saw it was due at 99,620 which meant I was exactly SIX miles overdue! (sixes everywhere)


Stephen said “wow, what a coincidence”! So I handed him a print copy of #119 and said smiling, “that was NO COINCIDENCE!”

And here’s the clincher with YHWHs’ fingerprint on it, 26 (as in the mileage of 99,626) is the gematria of YHWH!!! Also note the palindrome number of 626 on the date of 6/2. Ha, ha, ha, Good ones YHWH!



The Water Trail 1/22/22 – 3/17/22

We’ll call this the “Water Trail” post because it outlines Gods’ manifestation of events surrounding WATER in all its forms along with several other “hints” that it was finally time to leave our home in the mountains at JCR and hit the road for a spell.

It was a great place to spend 16 years of our lives, especially the last 12 which were 100% rent/mortgage free with zero property insurance payments or property tax payments! All in all, that’s about $420,000 in savings we pocketed. Yep, God made the bank pay for all of it for TWELVE LONG YEARS and as seen above, the insurance company even gave us a $14,000 bonus last year!

We have a feeling the enemies aren’t going to like the results of us being away from those quiet, unpopulated valleys. It means we’re going to start stirring things up with others while out and about in America!

Let the water trail begin;

Biggest SNOWFALL ever at JCR in our 16 years there – 3 FEET in 4 hours! This is a story unto itself which led to breaking our plow, having our truck stuck in snow while hanging off the side of a 200′ canyon for an entire week and our having to hand shovel a path through 2 miles of that funny white stuff made of frozen WATER.

Our Lincoln Town Car was not impressed.


Our truck didn’t like it either!


And if our 56/57 year old backs could speak . . .


We didn’t figure it out immediately but it became apparent that God was making sure to get us good and fed up with life at JCR. On the upside, while all that was going on we were having some good conversations with others including another new friend, Anton Tennet in New Zealand. Learned he is a skipper on the “Happy Ferry”, coincidentally. (not) David commented about our love for the SEA and kayaking while living in the Puget Sound in years past.

Anton sends message of positivity with a couple songs, one from the “Water Boys” and another titled “Blue Nile”. Without thinking, David responds in knee jerk manner with a link to one of our favorites “The Tide is Turning” by “Roger WATERS”. (We’d been discussing how things were turning around in terms of legal stuff and justice. David had recently been falsely accused and had to defend himself in a jury trial which he won. Then another idiot came forth with more BS accusations so he did it again. This and a few other things had just occurred in the month or so prior. Hence “the tide is turning”.) Here’s the song/vid;

 After a week of waiting we finally got a skid steer delivered to the intersection 2 miles below so David could clear the snow and yank the truck off the side of the canyon. (This machine was one of the craziest things to operate in the snow! But it was the only thing available that would do both jobs of clearing the snow and hefting the truck out of it’s “off-roadedness”.)


That job took a long time, 14 hours to get everything done. (Would have taken all of an hour with a dozer or bladed excavator) The oft repeated lesson around here being; Nothing is easy in this life. This is the test, not the reward!!! Yea, if life is easy and without challenges, you’re doing something wrong! (This is especially true for the famous, rich and/or powerful who misuse their resources to serve their own ends!)

Mat 19:24 “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” If you’ve got extra dough, watch out, because you’re being watched and judged over what you do with it right now!

Next hint/challenge . . . no WATER due to the well pump going out – exactly 1 year to the day after last pump replacement. (On top of that, it is very unusual, our first one lasted 12 years!) Thankfully the well guy was available the next day but we had to pull it by hand because he couldn’t get his pump truck up the icy road. Nice guy and his helper was his 16 year old son who really took to the Truths we’re speaking.

Since this is the “water trail” one other thing worthy of noting is that the pump came out of the well steaming hot, literally. It turns out that we’ve been drawing water from some sort of a hot spring for the last 17 years without knowing it. This was verified upon firing up the new pump, it blew super hot, steaming WATER for about 10 minutes without cooling.

This had been going on without our knowledge because the water was cooled by the ground around the 200’ or so of buried pipe that led to our house and hydrants. The whole thing was very unusual leaving both us, and especially our well guy quite perplexed. He’d been doing wells for his entire life without ever seeing or hearing of any hot springs in the area. Yep, it’s another very notable section of the WATER trail!

Immediately afterwards Peggy went to take a shower and there was no hot WATER. The water heater had chosen to die at the exact time we were replacing the well pump so, now it had to be replaced too. This was kind of a big deal. Due to the steep and icy road we couldn’t tow the trailer in to get it fixed so it was going to be an expensive mobile RV tech job or a DIY project, we eventually chose the latter and ordered a new one a few days later.

Meanwhile, after about 9 days without a shower we checked into the Holiday Inn to take showers. Thankfully we were compelled to do so immediately upon arriving. Then, due to a remodel of the 2nd floor rooms all WATER was shut off by the plumbers without notice. The hotel refunded rent for the mishap so, the stay was free. Thank You YHWH!

After Peggy had been reading about the popularity of podcasts, the idea of David doing one was born and the following WordPress plugin was needed and then installed for The logo was all we needed to know we were on the right track!


The next day Anton messages David on Telegram commenting about seeing a POD of Orca taking up temporary residence in the bay where he lives.

The PODcast thing is a really big deal. We were wanting to do some videos of David but could never figure out a good place to do them from our little 19′ Hideout camper. So, voice only makes tons of sense and is the most common format for podcasts.

Next, extreme cold weather freezes our WATER lines. We’re basically fed up with winters at JCR. Coincidentally (not) our snow plow, the tow strap we use to pull it and our snow shovel had all just broken on the same day. Yep, it’s all a sign . . .

We begin mapping out a trip/adventure which takes us from Joe CREEK to LAKE Chelan to the Columbia RIVER which we’d follow all the way to the Pacific OCEAN off the coast of Oregon where we’ve always loved visiting. Perhaps for a longer span this time. Anyway, it’s water, water, water everywhere.

The Quran For Christians 21:30 Have those who disbelieve not considered that the Heavens and the Earth were once one thing then We ripped it apart (speaking of the Big Bang) and made every living thing of WATER?

While organizing his clothes bag for the next days trip David is excited to find a cool new shirt he’d never worn and leaves it out to wear on the trip. Peggy notices it has what looks like a bunch of whales swimming in the OCEAN.

“Messages” by Flock of SEAgulls is first song to play when we fired up iTunes for the evening. (We could spend many days typing itunes stories after having received the many thousands of MESSAGES from God that we have and continue to document for everyone!)


After a day of prep Peggy jumps in to take a quick shower for the road, suds up and the WATER stops. David frantically runs to troubleshoot things to discover the well pump has a loose wire on the newly installed controller. Fixed and rinsed, we’re outa there!

Drove to Leavenworth WA and stayed at the KOA – price $66

6pm. Upon hooking up we discover our brand new WATER hose leaks like crazy on both ends so, David left to buy a new one. Pulled up to a poor guy staying in an old RV in the Safeway parking lot and asked if he knew where to get one in the small town of Leavenworth. Said we would have to backtrack 20 miles to Wenatchee. Then he realized he had an extra one for us laying in the back of his pickup 10′ away!

Beacon Rock State Park, WA, right on the mighty Columbia RIVER.

Could not locate the wasteWATER hookup. Asked neighbors who said the ranger told them that there wasn’t one, but after searching a bit more there really were, they were all just buried under debri from the fall/winter. (Why did the ranger tell them otherwise?)

While getting the RV hooked up we found that the park WATER spigot wouldn’t shut all the way off. It was still running when we left.

Early morning at Beacon Rock State Park . . .

Due to being on the road without our heat taped hose setup used at home, we had to let the WATER run at a trickle to avoid freezing. David woke up to WATER in the bathtub being 1/8” from overflowing due to the grey tank valve being closed for travel. Another minute or two and we would have had a mess!

Oregon weather forecast is 7 days of RAIN (battery is at 66% when screenshot was taken, the temp of 39 is 3 – 9s flipped to 666, we see that one a lot.)


2/27/22 Dense FOG with 100’ to 200’ visibility and sheeting RAIN for the entire trip to and through Oregon.

6pm, arrival at Old Mill RV Park, Garibaldi, OR (pic taken a few days later)


Hundreds of SEAgulls around our campsite and it continued RAINING letting up only briefly during the 10 minutes while we were getting set up. (These little saving graces are Gods’ way of letting us know He is present!)

Continued RAINING now at a full 90 degrees horizontal due to high winds with tons of SEAgulls doing the funny sidestep. Rainy wind gusts up to 40 mph for 2 solid days.

2/28/22 David drives car for the first time during the ongoing downpour and realized the high speed setting of the RAIN wipers was mysteriously not working. The switch clicked into the 2nd speed setting but the speed stayed the same. (Don’t even know how this could happen)

A moisture problem common in campers has always required we keep a window open but we couldn’t because the RAIN blew in. Realized the flap in the covered stove vent blew away during travel so we are getting nice airflow without rain coming in even though we had to have all the windows shut.

Discovered a cool restaurant in what looked like an abandoned barn across a field from our campsite. It was right on the WATER with only one table for 2 facing the beach which was empty just for us. Nothing vegan on the menu so we snacked on some french fries and had a glass of WATER because the only other beverages they had was soda pop which we gave up a decade ago.

David wakes up to discover a pseudo sleep walking Peggy had left the fan/vent open which allowed the RAIN to come through it. Luckily most of it blew into the bathtub below.

While getting something out of the Town Car David finds about an inch of WATER mysteriously standing in the floor of the back passenger seat. No explanation where it came from. Can’t find a leak.

We discover that the new hot WATER heater is now running super hot, way above thermostat settings. (Which is great because it allows for longer showers from the little 6 gallon heater. No complaints!)

It should be noted that said H20 heater is a slightly different model than the original and has fewer wires to hook up. Hence, David not knowing what to do with the extras remaining so we experience the ensuing problem of the propane side of the heater not firing. Somehow the WATER pump is also effected thereby making the many already notable WATER related problems continue. (But once again this is all to our benefit because since we’re connected to park water we don’t need a pump and the electricity is included in our site rental! That’s about $30 per month we’ll save on propane plus zero hassle of filling/changing out the tanks.)

Due to poor design by previous owners, we damaged a big 6’ toolbox on the tongue of the camper. No great loss it had a bunch of holes that allowed WATER to leak in and soak everything in it. Removed and loaded it into the pickup while wondering where we would get rid of it. About an hour later, met an old man (the first person we spoke to this day) who tells us he owns a junk hauling biz. Out of nowhere, he warns David to wash the undersides of our vehicles frequently due to all the corrosive salt WATER on the local roads. He also made a random comment about how he just lost $60 worth of CBD oil due to the little eye dropper bottle spilling two nights prior. Well, two nights prior we too had lost one of the same little eye dropper bottles of CBD oil which we discovered had spilled in the cabinet while on the road! (What do these kind of things mean? Your guess is as good as ours! It’s like we’re in a vortex of never ending coincidences)

He wasn’t kidding about the salt WATER on the roads, went for a drive around the Tillamook Bay on Hwy 101 which was severely flooded. Had to slow down to drive through huge puddles and even wait for chances to use oncoming lanes to go around many of the deeper ones.

Due to being in Oregon where the station attendants fill up your car we let them, the amount it took to get thus far was exactly $111.00. (David Allender = 111 in simple gematria)

Investigated about a dozen other RV parks to stay in hoping to find one with monthly rates to save some dough. Turned out that not only was the one we were in the cheapest, it was the only decent one with vacancy. (Actually it was arguably also the nicest, by far.) And the reason it was the cheapest was due to the outdated self check in envelope we used. (They’re having new ones printed) So, we got it for $39/day instead of the $61 current rate. The manager said she’d honor the rate as long as we stayed during what is the slower RAINY season.

That’s something because the area is extremely over populated currently. Tons of people are living in their cars/trucks/vans/RVs. The upside is that it’s an employees market with TONS of job openings. Practically everywhere is hiring and this is the slow season! Peggy was offered a $16/hr job to help part time with check ins at the resort. The bonus . . . our camp site with full hookups for only $200/mth even through the far more expensive $2,400/mth spring/summer rates that kick in soon! Oh, and by the way, the manager was super cool and applied our daily back payments to the monthly rate! We’re not delving deeply here but rest assured all of this is YHWHs’ work. Relocating like we are is high stress for anyone. All we had to do was drive in to the first place we found before sunset, park and watch everything unfold and be taken care of!

Later a strange woman happens to call when Davids’ phone was on for a couple minutes while checking for VMs and texts. (We leave them off due to supposvid) Starts telling us about a bunch of prophecies she’s successfully foretold in recent years and visions she’s now been having including a vast tsunami and the falling off of the U.S. West Coast into the Pacific. She was worried about us so we told her not to worry because God always saves all His Messengers. Also tells us she’s died 3 times, once by drowning. (David drowned/died 3 times as a kid and lost a half sister who drowned at the age of 12 in the Pacific Ocean just a couple hundred miles south of where we’re at now.) Also tells us about her book which David finds to be 66 pages long.

We went to the front desk to get the address for the place so we can have an item shipped to us. The manager informs us that our new, long term RV site will be #111. Turns out it is also one of the few that have space for an extra vehicle so we won’t have to pay the extra fee.

3/3/22 6am
After spending an hour or so editing the original notes for this Water Trail list Peggy shared via a shared note on the ipads, David receives message from Anton about the covid protests and state of things in NZ. David replies with this list fresh in mind quoting Yeshuas’ famous “Like a thief in the night” passage. Goes on to relate his recent and unusual feelings of anticipation in regard to the last days.

After replying to Anton David feels it would be wise to read the Quran for a bit and opens it only to find the following verses waiting to be read next on the page where he left off prior;

QFC 26:118-20 So Be Thou The Judge between me (Noah) and them then Deliver me and the believers with me. And We delivered him and those with him in the laden ship. Then We drowned all others on Earth. (NOTE; But not in or above! i.e. Gen 6:4 “The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, AND ALSO AFTERWARD” . . .)

FYI; The water trail continues with yet another backseat floor full of WATER. The WATER heater and WATER pump problems are scheduled for repair in a week. We’ll see if that’s the end of the trail for now, or the end of days.

The question; Is there time for doing podcasts with our new, nifty little mobile recording kit?


We assume the answer is yes because God had us buy that kit for doing them and He doesn’t have us do anything without good reason. (We’re also becoming pretty familiar with how everything God related happens quite slowly with one of His days equaling 1,000 of our years. This is another remembrance that cannot be repeated too much!)

So, a podcasting we will go! What will episode 1 be about? Stay tuned to to find out! (But batten down the hatches and keep your armor on in the meantime!)

The series of events outlined in this post were compiled on 3/4/22. Worked on it off and on throughout the day in between chores and a trip to town. Felt it was pretty well complete and conversed with each other about the possibilities of what God is telling us. Then the PC was shut down and itunes was fired up for cooking dinner. Here’s the first song to play from our personal library from Johnny Cash titled “He Will Be a Friend” about Noah and God;

The End of The Trail? 3/7/22
OK, thanks to youtube we diagnosed and fixed the WATER leak in the car. It turns out that EVERY Town Car in existence will eventually have the same problem due to a poorly designed gasket below the windshield. So, we fixed that along with both the problems with the propane side of the WATER heater and the WATER pump over the last few days. We figured maybe we were seeing the end of the water trail and things were turning about. It’s been a week since we arrived here at the Old Mill RV Park and Events Center in Garibaldi OR.

We met a few folks this morning while out walking around the park, two of whom mentioned a fella named Loten who owns a blue building across the way from our campsite.


Now what do you suppose this gentleman might be doing in that little blue building? OK, wait for it . . .

He’s building an ark! (What he and the others we met earlier all called it!) And for all intent purposes for a single man doing the job, at nearly SIXty feet long and eighteen feet tall, it’s really big! (The photo doesn’t relate the size well, look at 6′ tall David and Loten to get a better idea)


Yea, you can’t make this stuff up. (In case anyone had that thought while reading along so far.)


A Sign For Peggy 3/14/22 (It’s PI day!)

So, it turns out Peggy had been a little unsure about her decision to take a job instead of just working with me for ourselves as it’s been for the last 28 years and for God like we’ve been doing for the last 12 years. She needed a sign that it was the right thing to be doing. Well, look at the name and logo of the company the RV park used to do its hiring with Peggy, they sent her a link to fill out their forms at their site via email;



Yep, that’s another water sign alright! “MAGICALLY” well done we might add!


A Sign For David 3/18/22 (A 666 Day!) 

So, after Peggys’ sign I began wondering if God was going to give me a sign showing that the RV park here in Garibaldi, OR is indeed the spot for us to stop and stay for awhile. This one gets pretty wild even for me! You have to remember we’re dealing with God, the Creator of the universe Who Has Absolute Omnipotence and total control over every last thing down to the iotas.

OK, so yesterday on the 17th of March we moved to our new site. Unlike the old one the grassy areas next to the crushed rock driving surfaces were very muddy with pools of WATER which the tires on the heavy front end of our Ford and the tires of the trailer sunk into and made a bit of a mess, well, a lot of a mess. (Had to WASH off the sidewalls of the camper tires so they wouldn’t dry covered with mud and look like crap for everyone driving by.)

Then upon hooking up Peggy noticed a WATER leak on the handle of the faucet. Nothing major, just a drip every 10 seconds or so but nonetheless obviously worthy noting in this particular instance! OK, so we already were advised by the park manager our new site would be #111, the gematria of my name;


So, we’re sitting in the camper taking in the views of our new surroundings through the windows. It’s a nice corner spot with a lawn right up front where we can see the local dinner train go by and watch traffic going up and down the famous highway 101 through downtown Garibaldi. 101 stretches from Shelton, WA just north of Gig Harbor where we lived up and around the Olympic peninsula then all the way down the coast to Mexico originally.

We’ve explored the entire thing and frequented the portions in WA and OR regularly over the years so, it feels familiar. We now have come to learn that 101 is known as “El Camino Real” or in English “The Royal Road”! (My first and favorite car was a very fast 71 SS “El Camino”!) Now where we’re sitting 101 is just about a hundred yards to the North of us going through downtown Garibaldi. It’s a really cool little town with unusually nice people which is sort of new to us compared to Chelan which we found to be infested with demon possessed psychos from the get-go.

Then we have the beautiful beaches of Tillamook Bay immediately to the West, South and East all of which will make for a lot of cool stuff to see on our daily walks just out our front door. How can beaches be to the West, South and East of us you ask? It’s a fair question, we’re on a bit of a peninsula . . . (We’re the little yellow circle, our first site was more out on the point.)


Yea, right on what was originally old highway 009, this is the spot. A quick side note; we’ve noticed a very large number of dog owners around here. Way more than anywhere we’ve ever been. Highway 101/009 on that map looks like an outline of a dog which of course reminds us of our dog Bear as many things do. Like lots of breeds he had the floppy lower lips and what really stood out is that it even portrays what was an unusual little tuff of hair on his back that made him look as if he was mad all the time.

This is funny because one of the first things we noticed upon meeting him at the humane society was some hair clippings on his back. They had given him a quick trim to hide this attribute of his so that he wouldn’t scare us more than he already did in the case of Peggy! Little did she know he would give us tons of joy, save our lives from a grizzly and be the best friend we’ve ever had. Yea, we miss you Bear! And thankfully there is no more pain, suffering nor want for that guy, RIP Bear dog.

Yea, so now that map just makes us feel even more at home, thank you YHWH! The only downside is a Dairy Queen right across the street. We’ve recently discovered that their yummy but greasy onion rings are vegan and that they now have a dairy free, vegan version of their Dilly Bars which Peggy has a serious soft spot for. Que sera sera. OK, so while looking out the window Peggy notices that the 3 trees at our site each have double trunks;


That’s 11 11 11, the first “divine number” God had acquainted me with early on near the beginning of this “adventure” 11 years ago. It’s when God allowed me to decode the SOD and swastika to be made up of 6 lines or 11 11 11 which are each like the pillars of Joachim and Boaz in front of Solomons’ temple which are viewed as portals to the unseen world. (I did that for issue #111 of the Goyim Gazette which is where the SOD/swastika graphics I created can be seen to this day)





Thus far, we were already seeing that this is likely the sweet spot! So, when I went out to take that 1st picture of the trees above I then walked out front to get a different angle only to find that the 1st tree was actually a triple trunker which makes it a 3 instead of an 11, double or 2. So, now the 3 trees were giving us 322. (Which reduces to 7 in each of the only 3 manners possible [3+2+2=7, 3+22=25 and 2+5=7, 32+2=34 and 3+4=7 and 3×22=66 and 32×2=64 my birth year) OK, so 322 is the 2nd divine number God had me get acquainted with early on due to it being the date of the spring equinox which is also widely known from Yales’ use of it with their skull and bones logo as we’ve already covered. But now it is being depicted with trees!


Note the 5MPH sign on that triple trunked tree. Skull and bones and 322 tie in with the earlier post above about our little $6,660.00 camper buying adventure. The skull on it and the “Ford Punisher” logo exhibit non-human attributes from interbreeding with jinn straight out of Gen 6:4, that’s the decal on the rear wall near the roof where it still resides;


Getting back to the wooden “5MPH” sign on the 3 trunked tree . . .  As mentioned, we moved on 3/17 and today when I took these pics is 3/18. (all 18ths are 6+6+6 days to us, this particular one occurring just after PI day on 3/14 as in PI 3.141592 which God guided me to discover was used by Him to set the sun and moon in motion as covered in Truth #2.) So anyway, the 17th and 18th are both exactly 5 days/MPH before 3/22/2022 depending on how you calculate it with or without the 22nd itself!

Hey, here’s another good one to help us know for absolutely certain this is where we’re supposed to be. Guess what the Old Mills’ phone number is? Yea, get ready for it . . . It’s 503- 322-0322!!!

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, these unusual 3 “multi-trunk” trees at our site are the only ones in the area, all the rest up the way are normal single trunk trees!;


Another facet of this experience and our new view is that we now face the boundary of the 350,000 acre Tillamook Forest and “Captain Gray Mountain” which some locals have long maintained a huge “G” upon. (For “Garibaldi”) Well, that “G” now looks upon us, kinda like God does . . .

And the letter G has another very dear and notable memory in particular for me. I can really say this because I spent a lot of money and time on designing a custom “G” with steam coming out of it for what would come to be the federally registered trademark of our coffee shops. Note the 3 columns of steam as if 111 which I never realized until just now;

Grandfields was the greatest entrepreneurial test of my life. It was 10 years of hard work that required TONS of patience, an attribute I had little of but needed for this job which little did I know then, was yet to come. (The last 12 years of our lives have been lived as if in slow motion which is the opposite reported by others as they age. It’s often as if minutes last hours on end!)

It wouldn’t be right to not mention the obvious association of G as in God Who’s been looking out for me since my birth which was my Moms’ 4th attempt after 3 miscarriages. I didn’t know it then but He was keeping himself in the frontal lobe of my existence in many ways. For instance our first Grandfields was located at 1 St Helens right across the street from a huge and most beautiful church in the historic stadium district of Tacoma. For reasons which I never knew, I commissioned a high school art student to paint a caffeinated version of Michelangelos’ famous painting of God reaching for a cup of coffee on the retaining wall below the coffee shop;


The average person would never guess that Grandfields logo above would have taken over 25 hours of very expensive billable time for a graphic artist to create digitally. The guy we originally hired was a pro who’d done the Star Wars logo and other biggies at $500/hr. (I liked Star Wars so much I went to the theater to see the first one 13 times and then got a job there so I could watch if for free during the remaining couple months they had it! I also had a very wild and vidid dream about the next ones “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi” which came true about a year later LONG BEFORE THEIR RELEASES!)

Anyway, the artwork was going to be so expensive that I opted to buy a $500 art program called “Canvas” and learn how to do the vector art myself. That logo ended up taking me, a graphics newbie, about a hundred hours to create! Little did I know then that I would end up using that program and computers for literally thousands of logos and other graphics to date which would easily tally up to a million dollars worth of art even at a cut-rate of $50/hr.

So, here I now sit with the 7th letter “G(for “God” who created the universe in 7 days and orchestrated all this) perfectly centered in my view from the picture window of our camper where I sit contemplating all this and more. “Thankfully”, they even keep it lit up at night nowadays so, I can see it while doing my 2nd shifts;

Yea so, that’ll do it! It looks like this is where we’re supposed to be alright!!!

Continuing Hot On The Trail 3/18/22 (Still)

After posting the above, while out for a stroll to the office we ran into a new friend named Dwayne who was PRESSURE WASHING an RV as a service for the park. Upon asking him “how’s it going” he says “great” and randomly comments on how much he loves working with WATER. (While dawning some bright blue latex overalls.) Peggy’s eyebrows rose, but only slightly, as we continued on.

Just Another “Odd” Day 3/21/22

Yea, 21 is an odd number and I just realized 3/21/22 is kinda fun because our phone numbers end with o321 and 3022, zeros are just place holders to the ancients.

After a couple failed attempts on both my and Antons’ parts due to some vexing activities of the jinn in days prior, we finally connected with him via Telegram. (if you don’t have that on your device/s download it now. Millions of believers will be using it to securely communicate for free from all around the world soon!) Yea, so we used that to chat in voice for the first time. However, we immediately experienced a bad connection (the first time I’ve ever had one on Telegram) that made him sound as if he was under WATER coming and going in WAVES.

Then out of nowhere it begins to HAIL and continues but only for the remainder of our conversation! The question obviously begging to be asked is; “Who is this watery new friend of ours?” 😉

The Anticipation 3/22/22

And what pray tell might happen today on the spring equinox of 3/22 celebrated by jew-ish satanists, witches and warlocks around the world. . . Surprise, surprise, nothing! But we were here for it, sitting under our 322 trees with our 322 skull decal, my phone number ending in 3022 and Peggys’ new work phone number of 322-0322! That folks is 100% NUTS!!!

It’s a good thing we’re getting used to all this or that’s what we’d probably be.

Retracing the Trail 3/27/22 – 3/29/22

So, a couple months back when the well pump went out we had to put a few things in storage to get them out of the way to replace it. Pulling pumps is never a small matter and when the well is in a well house things get a little more complicated. Since it’s good heated storage space we like most people have junk in them so you have to get all your crap out of the way.   Fast forward a month or so, due to simple procrastination we never got around to moving stuff back to the well house and opted to just pay another months’ rent thinking it would be easier when the snow melted in the coming weeks.

Little did we know then we’d soon be down here in Garibaldi. So, this required that I make a run back to Chelan with the pickup to grab the stuff out of storage. I opted to take the longer but beautiful scenic route on Highway 101. Those 4 hours spent on this coastal highway ended up being pretty cool because I was traveling it exactly when the tide was at its lowest thereby revealing the many beaches, troughs and sloughs along the way.

I made it to Wenatchee and decided I didn’t feel like working in what would soon be darkness. So, I got a room at the Holiday Inn where we had some free nights coming from points earned. Note that it’s the same motel where the WATER got shut off during our last visit when we went there to take showers. So, I wake up and went to take a shower only to find that there wasn’t any hot WATER! It wasn’t totally cold so I did get a shower and then checked out, but not without a bit of a “hmmmm”.

Upon arrival at the storage place I realized the significance of our having rented unit #101.

That was a couple months prior to ever imagining we’d be moving to our new home on highway 101 . . . Hmmmmm again, alrighty then, as our old friend Bob reminded me, it’s always good to know God Is Present and wants us to know it! I loaded up which took the better part of the day and hit the road but only made it as far as Chehalis, WA where another Holiday Inn was located for another free night and a real shower this time!

Woke up, went to take one but again there was no hot WATER. And I noted it was just about exactly the same as the last one, swimming pool temp. Not being one to complain but rather to exclaim the incredible oddity of it all, I mentioned the experience to the lady at the front desk. It turned out the massive 3 phase breakers on the hot WATER boilers had inexplicably tripped a couple hours earlier and needed to be reset! Said she was going to refill our account with some points for the trouble. Down the road I go!


Creedence ClearWATER Revival “Ramble Tamble”

God Says He’s Still Here 3/31/22

This is actually a “catch up” post about events from a month or so ago. Went for a walk around the area and decided to stop into a few shops downtown and found the Post Office. We figured we should go ahead and get a PO Box. So, the last shop we checked out was a little everything mart called “Hals”. Then walked around the block to the Post Office to be greeted by a very kind woman named “Hal” behind the counter. I joked about Hals’ store and the Hal 2000 in Space Odyssey 2000 which we’d recently watched for the first time in decades. But we figured the real kicker would be in our new PO Box # that Hal was about to choose for us. So we were both pretty anticipatory while waiting for it. And here it is; 1054

So what right? Ok, as previously documented in #119, our first and longest held business phone number ended in 5410 which just so happens to be the number of times “YHWH” is mentioned in the Hebrew of the Old Testament! (The full # was 253-566-5410, it was so heavily spammed from our having used it with hundreds of companies the phone company couldn’t give it to anyone else so they killed it! Doesn’t work to this day nearly 30 years later!) So anyway, 1054 is an obvious anagram with 2 digit parceling like we’ve seen so often in other numerical evidence. It’s important to note the relevance of all this is also highlighted due to our previous PO Box addresses of 108 (18 or 666 without the place holder) and B or b (which looks like a 6) along with our safety deposit box #18.


Note that ring which I made in 7th grade shop class long before having ever seen or known about the “Lord of the Rings”. Due to being handmade by a 12 year old, it’s not perfect but if I had it shined up it would look like a near exact replica of the one in the movie WHICH WAS CREATED TWENTY FIVE YEARS AFTER I MADE MINE. (See how God works!?)

Note the significance of this when paired with Truth #1 and the “all seeing eyes” of the jinn that we have and will surely continue to peer into. It is becoming extremely apparent that like every other messenger of God, exposing the jinn and increasing awareness of God and His Angels in the unseen are likely among my most important tasks! 

Yea, and if I wore jewelry I (which I never have thereby making my choice/chance of creating that ring even more remote) it would be hanging on a necklace around my neck exactly like Frodo because I hate wearing rings but for some reason always liked just having this one. Hence why it’s been on every key ring I’ve had for the last 45 years! Anyway, let’s have a look to see if “God is in the details” with our new address;

511 Acacia #1054 Garibaldi, Oregon 97118

5+1+1=7 (Days of Creation)

Acacia = 18 = 6+6+6

1+5+4=10 (Omega)

(The sums for our previous # of 5410 are of course identical.)

And as previously documented in #119, “YHWH” = 26 (The gematria values of the four Hebrew letters in “YHWH” known as the Tetragrammaton [Yud – Hey – Vov – Hey] are 10, 5, 6 and 5.  Y=10, H=5, W=6 & H=5 which totals 26.) the sum of the zip code.

9 + 7 +1 + 1 + 8 = 26

And Garibaldi Oregon = 365, the LAST DAY of the year.

7s, 10s, 666, 26 and 365, it doesn’t get much more obvious than that!


It Must Be Something In The WATER 4/1/22

This one’s going to get a bit heady for everyone including me but especially right out of the gate for anyone who still believes Yeshua died on the cross. Strangely, I’ve had several people asking me about this lately. (Chapter 4 verse 153 of the Quran For Christians clearly tells us this is a lie and confirms it with a verse from Barnabus as is included in that link. If you haven’t gotten over that deception read it until you have!) Of course we’ll also delve into more numerical oddities and portents which should be becoming a familiar feature to anyone who’s been following along.

We begin with my having set out to read Revelation after watching a couple of vids about the Waco massacre and their leader David Koresh who claimed that God had given him full understanding of what the seven seals of end times were talking about. (Like many false, disillusioned Christ claimants he thought he was king David but had zero proof to back it up. God let the govt kill him and all of his most ardent followers in some very grizzly manners. It is however worth mentioning that our corrupt leaders were clearly scared sh*tless and used every underhanded, illegal and cowardly trick to bring him down. The entire operation was a total set up from start to finish just like ours was. The difference of course being we came out of the attack 100% unscathed because God Protected us!)

Anyway, I only made it to chapter 1 verse 5 in Rev before quitting in disgust and anger over the forgeries about Yeshua who, as we just covered in that link above, has not died nor lost any blood. Here’s that, still pisses me off;

Rev 1:5 And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth, who hath loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood . . . With such obvious deceptions in mind one can only look at Rev as well as the rest of the New Testament with extreme caution. (Because unlike other scriptures We the People don’t have ANY of the original scrolls that it was supposedly translated from to verify anything with.)

OK, this being another post in the water trail sequence, it might as well involve Anton who sort of kicked things off at the beginning. He’d recently messaged me after watching “The Miracle of 19” with his wife Cele who was pondering the reason for the number being 19. She observed that 1+9=10, and 1+0=1, possibly representing the authorship of the One True God. She also noticed that 19 is the lowest prime number by which to attain the sum of 1! That’s a “good one”.

This goes well with what we’ve covered about His Alpha/Omega numbers of .0001, .001, .01, 1, 10, 100, 1000, etc. which of course are all just 1s with zeros surrounding them that mark the beginnings and ends of all the sets. (Zeros are just place holders for real numbers.) And as we’ve covered elsewhere, the other way of seeing Alpha/Omega numerically is as 1 (the beginning) and 9 (the end).  So, that really brings things full circle with 19!

It’s notable that this being 2022 (22 without the millennia and century) folks in countries that use the day/month/year format are seeing an abundance of palindromes which of course 101111 and 666 are as well as the first kind of Alpha/Omegas mentioned above. Well, it just hit me that Antons’ last name of “Ten-neT” sounds like the word “tenet” which has an interesting definition given the general subject of God that we’re obviously on;


Furthermore, Tennet is a palindrome made up of Ten forward and Ten backward or 10-01! Yep, another Alpha and Omega for our post here.

With “10” in mind we continue . . . So, check out the legal for Garibaldi, another 1 and a 10 which we’re finding all over the place in this water trail;

(FYI; That’s Township 1 North, Range 10 West of the Willamette Meridian) Yea, 1 then 10, that’s an Alpha/Omega in sequence. Remember, it’s often everything down to the smallest details with God! I was just goofing around and updated the population from Peggy and I relocating here making it 792 then realized that’s 7+9+2 = 18 which is another 6+6+6! Yea, it’s apparently not a bad spot for a layover! 

So, I later went back to try to read the book of Revelation again, this time ready to look past its deceptions and hopefully make some sense out of a few of the more mysterious parts. A couple things stood out; firstly the 6th angel of end times who appears to be straddling earth and sea along a coast somewhere, kinda like how Peggy and I are now on the Oregon coast. Coincidentally (not) it begins in chapter 10 verse 1. (as in Highway 101, the Royal Road maybe?)

Rev 10:1 And I saw another mighty angel (the 6th) come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud, and a rainbow was on his head, and his face was as the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire.

A couple things about this are that I recently came to realize that the scriptures sort of hint that God and His Angels are likely very much larger than us. Gigantic actually. (I’m talking really big, maybe a mile or many multiple miles tall! Hence why the New Jerusalem coming down from heaven is about 1,500 miles square per Rev 21:15-17.)

That explains how the angel could be “clothed with a cloud” which are abundant here in western Oregon. The “rainbow on his head” part stands out in this extremely rainy coastal climate where rainbows are also very common due to all the moisture in the atmosphere. The “face as the sun” part is clearly an actual description of an angel which are beings God created with/as light. That leaves us with the “feet as pillars of fire”. This one gets interesting when coupled with the next verse I mentioned about straddling earth and sea;

Rev 10:2 And he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot upon the earth.

That combined with “the feet as pillars of fire” caught my attention due to the remembrance of the call a few weeks ago we got from the woman talking about the subduction zone that runs up and down the coast of North America. It’s called the “Pacific Ring of Fire” which Mt Saint Helens that blew back in 1980 is an active part of. When I googled it a wikipedia page came up on top right as is often the case. What struck me was the fact that there’s a mountain to the north of us I’ve never heard of that’s called “Mt Garibaldi“, one of the only 2 shown on the pic they used for all of North America! (And note how the other one is Mt St. Helens which I just drove past twice a few days ago and the address of 1 St. Helens for our first Grandfields!)


And don’t let that “ring of fire” nomenclature slip by after having just covered my 45 year old “ring of fire”! Which by the way, in case you’re like me and have that Johnny Cash song playing in your head every time we mention it, unlike Johnnys’, the Biblical ring of fire is of a positive nature. It’s symbolic of an area protected by God; Zecharias 2:3-5 And behold, the angel who talked with me came forward, and another angel came forward to meet him, and said to him, “Run, say to that young man, ‘Jerusalem shall be inhabited as villages without walls, because of the multitude of men and cattle in it.’  “For I will be to her a wall of fire round about, says the LORD, and I will be the glory within her.”

Ok, so anyway there’s obviously something going on with “these times” here, way too many signs to dismiss it all. And it’s easy to imagine how both the angels’ feet could be referred to as “pillars of fire” while straddling land and sea in what is indeed called the ring of fire.

Yea, this little episode of “connect the dots” is obvious but as usual, it gets better . . . Because then I learned that Mt Garibaldi is considered sacred to natives as it plays an important part of their legends including a flood covering the land. It was here that the survivors of the flood latched their canoes to the peak and waited for the waters to subside. This area is called the “Landing Place of the Thunderbird” which is a legendary being (i.e. God) in North American indigenous peoples’ history and culture. The rocks are said to have been burnt black by the Thunderbirds’ lightning!

OK, with that it’s time for a compilation of verses from the Quran For Christians I’ve just made after being prompted to do so by Barry. He commented on the fact that people aren’t thinking about the end enough. So, this compilation might be the best one yet, but I like them all because they drive things home through their repetition of whichever subject we’re focusing on. (There’s an entire section of the QFC devoted to several other excellent compilations, it’s listed in the index.) This one is serious, slow down and think while reading these!

18:47 And the Day We set in motion the mountains and thou sees the earthly emerge (including the cave/sea dwelling jinn) and We gather them We will not leave out a single one of them.

20:105-6 And when they ask thee about the mountains say: My Lord Will Scatter them utterly leaving them a level plain.

22:1-2 O mankind (humans and jinn) be in Wise Fear of your Lord for the convulsion of the Hour is an astounding thing. The Day you see it every nursing mother will neglect her sucklings and all bearing will deliver her burden unexpected and thou will see mankind intoxicated yet not intoxicated for the Punishment Of God Is Severe.

27:88 And when thou sees the mountains which ye thought were solid they will pass like the passing of the clouds.

52:9-12 On a Day the sky will spin a spinning and the mountains will journey a journey woe that Day to those who deny and those who play in jest.

56:4 When the Earth will rock with a rocking and the mountains will crumble with a crumbling scattered like dust.

69:13-14 The trumpet will be blown with a single blow before the Earth and the mountains are leveled with a single leveling and everything therein is taken up.

70:8-18 The Day the sky becomes like molten brass and the mountains like clusters of wool when no loyal friend asks of another loyal friend even though they see each other there. And the evildoer will wish they could be ransomed from the Punishment of that Day by selling their children and their spouses and their siblings and their kin who sheltered them and whomever and whatever is in the Earth altogether if it could save them. But no indeed! It is the Fire of Hell for them and it sears away the skin raging upon those who drew back and turned away from the Truth or gathered wealth and hoarded it.

73:14 The Day the Earth and the mountains will shake then level out as if sand being vibrated.

77:8-11 Truly when the stars no longer shine and the sky is rent asunder and the mountains are laid flat and the messengers are gathered on a Day Appointed.

78:18-36 The Day the trumpet is blown and you come in units and the sky is opened as gates and mountains are set in motion looking as if a mirage. Yea it is then that Hell is lying in wait! That is the Journeys’ End for the defiant and the fools. They will forever long for a final death never experiencing shade nor satisfying drink only scalding Punishment and liquids of filth will be their recompense. For they yearned for no accounting and they denied Our Proofs defiantly but We have their ledgers fully detailed so taste it! And We will increase you in nothing except Punishment. But for those of Wise Fear is a place of long sought security with fertile gardens and grapevines and splendid companions well matched your cups overflowing. Hearing therein neither vain speech nor lies. Yea it is the Reward From thy Lord a Gift and a Reckoning. Lord of the Heavens and the Earth and Everything in them. The Almighty against Whom none can argue. The Day the spirit and the angels stand in ranks speaking not until The Almighty Grants Permission to whom He Wills to say what is True. That is the Day of Unending Truth and whoever wills will be pleased to see their Lord at their Journeys’ End. Hence We warn you of this Punishment drawing near the Day mankind will look upon what their hands have sent before them and the fools will say: If only I were dust!

81:1-14 When the sun goes out and the stars fall and the mountains are set in motion when the full term she camels are neglected and the wild beasts are gathered together. This is when the seas will overflow and souls are taken by the angels and when the aborted or sacrificed babies are asked for what transgression were they murdered? Yea when the scrolls are opened and the sky is removed and Hell is seen ablaze that is also when the Garden is brought near. When each soul will know what it has bought.

Note the chapter/verse #s of the LAST Quranic mention of the LAST DAY;

101:1-11 (Another as in highway 101 plus David Allender = 111!) The calamity! What is the calamity? How will you know what the calamity is? The Day mankind (jinn and humans) will be like dispersed moths and the mountains like plucked wool clusters. Then as for one whose balance is heavy they will be in the Pleasant Life well pleased. And as for one whose balance is light they will be firmly bound in the Abyss of Hell. And how will it be known what that is? Humiliation with dread and regret while burning in Fire for Eternity!

How’s that for some serious shite!?

OK, getting back to Rev, the “little book open” in Rev 10:2 above speaks of the whole of scripture delivered unto man. The Quran tells us God has another much greater book which all of said scriptures came from. (13:39 And God Blots Out what He Wills and He Confirms what He Wills and With Him remains the Mother of Books.) We’re told the mysteries of the scriptures and the meaning of the 7 seals can only be discerned by the lion from the tribe of Judah, the root of David.

Rev 5:2-5 And I saw a strong angel, proclaiming with a loud voice: Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof? And no man (jinn or human) was able, neither in heaven, nor on earth, nor under the earth, to open the book, nor to look on it. And I wept much, because no man was found worthy to open the book, nor to see it. And one of the ancients said to me: Weep not; behold the lion of the tribe of Juda, the root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.

So, let’s see if I can do a little better at understanding the scriptures than other Christ/Anointed claimants such as David Koresh or a newer one calling himself “David Joel” who Anton recently advised me of . . . (If you check that link out don’t be deceived into joining with him because if you do, you’ll die a grizzly death exactly like David Koreshs’ followers! Then God will send you to Hell for Eternity for allowing yourself to be so easily deceived!) Yea, with all these portents we’re being given it should be extremely easy for anyone of God to see who’s who now!

Rev 6:1-2 And I saw that the Lamb had opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures (Archangels) as it were the voice of thunder, saying: Come, and see. And I saw: and behold a white horse, and he that sat on him had a bow, and there was a crown given him, and he went forth conquering that he might conquer. It’s commonly said this is speaking of the white starlight making up the constellation of Sagitarius with its horse, archer and bow. I have to agree. My sign is Sagittarius and this is signifying my coming and opening of the first seal. It is my having gained awareness of my widely prophesied identity which began in 2016.


3-4 And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature, saying: Come, and see. And there went out another horse that was red: and to him that sat thereon (me) it was given that he should take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another, and a great sword was given to him.  This and the next 2 horses are symbolic of phases of my journey similar to how pony express riders and other long distance riders across history would get fresh horses along the way.  This red one speaks of what peace is left for the rich and powerful shall come to none as We the Adamite people awaken. Said awakening will be done with the Truths God has guided me to disseminate while we all become aware of our enemies which are the nephilim hybrids, all the jews they’ve deceived and the fallen jinn (i.e. lucifer) they all have come to serve. Said Truths are “the great sword”, it’s my tongue, figuratively.

5-6 And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature saying: Come, and see. And behold a black horse, and he that sat on him had a pair of scales in his hand. And I heard as it were a voice in the midst of the four living creatures, saying: Two pounds of wheat for a denarius, and thrice two pounds of barley for a denarius, and see thou hurt not the wine and the oil. This is about the bad news I bring regarding the immediate future for disbelievers which as we’re beginning to see includes inflation, food shortages and other negative monetary fluxes going on. That’s what the scales represent. “hurt not the wine and the oil” means the rich will have their luxuries but rest assured it will only be for a short time!

7-8 And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature, saying: Come, and see. And behold a pale horse, and he that sat upon him, his name was Death, and Hell followed him. And power was given to him over the four parts of the earth, to kill with javelin (Greek “rhomphaia“) and with famine, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. Now we’re ramping up after my having become known to the masses and given the power to make war against the armies of the earth while aided by the angels, saints and good jinn. The javelin being mentioned here is likely various projectile like weapons including bullets, mortars and rockets, maybe even lasers which we can safely assume the jinn definitely have! And we see that even animals will be recruited as has happened other times. i.e. QFC 105:1-5 Has thou not considered how thy Lord Dealt With the companions of the elephant? (Peoples of Yemen who sought to destroy the Kaaba at Mecca.) Did He not make their cunning lead to nothing? He Sent flocks of birds against them in successive waves hurling rocks upon them. Yea He Made them like stubble.

The first four seals parallel Yeshuas’ prophecy in Matthew which ends with the words “All these are the beginning of sorrows.” Mat 24:4-8 And Yeshua answering, said to them: Take heed that no man deceive you: For many will come in my name saying; “I am Christ” and they will deceive many. And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars. (i.e. The Ukraine, there is no war, it’s all just a sham like 9/11, the London bombings and every false flag attack across history. Nowadays the jews are warned via private messaging to leave whatever building/area is targeted while We the People who remain are killed.) See that ye be not troubled. For these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation (humans) and kingdom against kingdom (humans vs. fallen jinn); and there shall be pestilences, and famines, and earthquakes in places: Now all these are the beginnings of sorrows.

9-11 And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the Word Of God, and for the testimony which they held. And they cried with a loud voice, saying: How long, O Lord Holy and True, doest Thou not judge and revenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? And white robes were given to every one of them one; and it was said to them, that they should rest for a little time, till their fellow servants, and their brethren, who are to be slain, even as they, should be filled up. This speaks of the first resurrection which is that of all the believing peoples from the past. The white robes signify their sainthood. They will be looking on and anxious to assist all the believers today in the battles that come. The great tribulation has now begun in earnest. Many believers will look for death and find it in battle thereby attaining ultimate success. That while scores of disbelievers will look for death and not find it because they’re destiny is to be wracked with pain, suffering and horror till the very end.

12 And I saw, when he had opened the sixth seal, and behold there was a great earthquake (which will lay waste to Rome and the vatican with its last pope Francis) and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair: and the whole moon became as blood: (solar and lunar eclipses)

13-16 And the stars (leagues of angels) from heaven fell upon the earth, as the fig tree casteth its green figs when it is shaken by a great wind: And the heaven departed as a book folded up: and every mountain, and the islands were moved out of their places. (This is it, God has removed the firmament and begun laying waste to the earth!) And the kings of the earth, and the princes, and tribunes, and the rich, and the strong, and every bondman, and every freeman, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of mountains: (Speaking of the many underground labyrinths of the jinn around the world as well as the many deep underground military bases [DUMBS] built by corrupt leaders for this exact purpose.) And they say to the mountains and the rocks: Fall upon us, and hide us from the face of Him that sitteth upon the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb. (Yeshua and/or me) For the great day of their wrath is come, and who shall be able to stand? (Only those who love God and follow me!)

Oh, and by the way, I just realized even more significance with the fact that “Garibaldi Oregon” = 365 the LAST day of the year. This one fits a little too perfectly with what we covered in #119 (and in Truth #2 here) about the LAST hour of a week being #168 and the LAST minute of a day being #1,440, both of which are tied at the hip to Rev 13:18s’ famous end times number of 666, PI and me the one who God guided to make that discovery!

Yea, but for the multitude of condemned, possessed fools who’ve been blinded by God and can’t see all of this, it’s just silliness. So, we’ll let them go back to sleep while entertaining themselves to death with propaganda (aka news), sports, false religions and porn. Maybe another Roger WATERS tune will help drive things home;

Quran 6:31-32 Those who doubt the Meeting With God have lost and when the Hour comes upon them unexpectedly they will say: O our regret that we neglected this Day! And they will bear their burdens upon their backs. Yea misery is what they will bear. For the life of this world is only play and diversion while the Abode of the Hereafter is immensely better for those of Wise Fear. So will you not use reason?

OK, so God Is The Only One Who Knows the hour (of the end) and we’re told by Yeshua it will come like a thief in the night. No one in their right mind could argue that this water trail isn’t an eyebrow raiser! We’re being warned that the time of woes does indeed near. (And maybe that’s what this water trail is all about, simply to remind us all to be ready as if it were going to happen TODAY. That is, after all, one of the main teachings of all Gods’ Messengers from across the ages. So, why would I be any different? YEA, ALWAYS BE GOD CONSCIOUS!)

Feels like a good time for the contact prayer!!!

1:1 In The Name Of YHWH; The Almighty, The Merciful.

1:2 All praise to You Lord of the Worlds;

1:3 The Merciful, The Compassionate.

1:4 The Only Master of Judgement Day.

1:5 You Alone we serve and to You Alone we Pray for help.

1:6 Guide us on the Straight Path.

1:7 The Path of those who have Your Blessing not the ones with whom You’re Angry nor those who go astray.

~ Thank You YHWH ~

Peace all


We’re Changing Your Number! 4/5/22

So, it turns out that the park is changing the numbering order of the camping spots.  We’re not sure what it’s all about but rest assured, it will involve Gods’ plans for us. The first clue of His Involvement was when this guy named Jeff who works for the park came to our site to renumber it with the little stickers on the power pedestals. David being curious went out and asked what our new number was going to be. Without knowing anything about us he jokingly replied; “How about 666“?!

David replied “Oh man if you only knew the significance of what you just said because my name equals 666 and both Peggy and my names also equal 893 which is 8 x 9 x 3 = 216 = 6 x 6 x 6!”

Yea, as for our new number, it’s 106 which reduced = 7, one of Gods’ obvious favs which is THE LAST DAY of Creation. Another interesting sidenote about this Jeff guy is he had quite an interesting experience some years ago. Turns out he was a meth-head for about a decade. That ended with him sitting on his motorcycle while looking over the edge of a 100′ cliff.

Get ready for this . . . He heard a voice that said “Gun it!”. And he did! Thereby nearly killing himself, breaking dozens of bones and  laying himself up for over a year! To add to the point here, he is still so possessed by his jinn that he can’t handle ANY Truths! Total denier. For sure this sh*te is REAL and once you know it, you’ll see it going on in others for yourself. Yea, Truth #1 is definitely a game changer is it not?!


Connecting The “Drops”! 4/14/22 thru 4/21/22

As is becoming the norm, this one goes deep again! Now we’re getting a little better idea of what our move and this Water trail has been about, at least to some extent. (There’s always more to come.) So, above we mentioned David represented himself Pro Se and won a couple of court cases a few months ago. But we didn’t go into things because what we thought was happening had only occurred once. So, we were kind of waiting to see if we’d learn more and be able to prove our theory a little better.

A little about what had happened; The first case that went to jury trial was an amazing thing to witness. The charge was violation of a contact order. The accuser was a stupid, 74 year old piece of sh*te named Virgil Kocher who David had exposed and thoroughly berated on our Joe Creek Retreat site years ago. That was when the bogus no contact orders were created by the corrupt court.

In brief, it began with digging a trench across a road on our property to put in some utilities to a spot for an RV. Well, that trench and spring runoff that washed out a couple spots further up the road ended being the basis for David getting charged with 6 counts of felony harassment. They also tried to charge him with 8 counts of cyberstalking for exposing all the other greasy little scumbags on our website.

In the end everything but one count of harassment was dropped, David took a deal on it using an “Alford Plea” which means you maintain your innocence but admit that you don’t think you could win in court. (Because we and virtually everyone there knew all the public defenders were corrupt.)

The problem was that the slimy jew-ish shitstain of a judge Kristin Ferrara snuck no contact orders into the sentence so, any of the scumbags could simply accuse David of breaking them to have him put in jail for a year. That of course is exactly what would have happened had David not fired the public defender appointed by the court and defended himself which he did.

Yea, he put ole Virg on the stand and grilled him like a fish for about a half an hour. Totally humiliated the guy by proving he was a spineless, lying, scumbag thief in front of a court room full of people! OK, so that was just a brief synopsis of what everyone saw happen. What they didn’t see is how God had been framing this worthless little turd over the course of the last decade. Davids’ legal abilities had little to do with things in this case. God made this loser do so much stupid, underhanded sh*te that practically anyone would have had a good shot at winning the case!

We had him on video trespassing on our property, committing theft of services by not paying us for about $$25,000 worth of road maintenance, assaulting us by firing a shot towards our house, illegally taking over our HOA, yelling at Peggy, harassing us and the list goes on.

Yea, and that case is now far from over. David is going to sue the sh*te out of him and have him charged with false reporting of a crime, theft of services and eventually treason which in the end will be the reason for his execution! That’s what every scumbag who’s ever opposed God or believers like us has to look forward to. A grizzly death followed by ultimate shame while burning in Hell for Eternity!

This is one way we can see how God is helping us. In this case we figured it might have been done by God allowing the jinn to possess this guy into being a total dumbass. But He might have used the angels or even done it himself, we don’t know, but now it’s obvious to us that it’s God at work in the unseen because we’re seeing it all happen AGAIN! (Yea, the first time we were just guessing, but as you’ll see, not anymore!) God is setting people who oppose us up for some serious falls!

Yep, this trail is getting good now, a little action involving more crazy crap with crypto kikes and keystone cops! So, it begins with a little jew-ish bitch named Abby Stanworth in Salt Lake who, like most jews doesn’t admit to being a worthless kike. This one chose Mormonism as her front to worship sus/zeus, she’s the human resource manager that works for Preserve Partners, the investment company that owns the real estate company, Roam Tillamook that owns the park where the manager Shasta McDaniel works who hired Peggy to help out in the park office. (That almost turned into a little house that Jack built rhyme!?)

It turns out that fugly little elongated/cone headed witch with the queerly positioned eyes (attributes of non-human genetics) discovered some of our work here, went totally bizirk and began premeditating on how to fire Peggy in the meanest (and hence stupidist) way possible. She scheduled a special phone meeting with Shasta the park manager and Peggy on 4/14/22. It was supposedly going to be for some kind of training which of course was a LIE from a LIAR. So, when Peggy arrived and they began the conversation, the psycho little bitch told Peggy they ran a 2nd background check on her after the first one came back spotless. The 2nd was of course the same.

However, she went on to say that from doing so they somehow discovered that Peggy wrote an online blog containing hate speech (Which is FREE speech and 100% legal which is why scumbag jew-ish shitstiens hate it!) and that David had a criminal record. (From promoting the Truth in our first book via FREE SPEECH!) The first glaring problem with this is that Peggy has had nothing to do with the blog. She doesn’t write much but has produced a couple of really good articles from the Christian point of view which is where she came from.

These were the bogus and illegal reasons she cited to fire Peggy and try to end our monthly tenancy in the park saying that David had to be out by the end of the day and Peggy had to be out in 2 weeks. Of course anyone who knows us would realize that neither of those things were happening! Oh, and to make things even clearer that they were in the wrong, for no reason whatsoever (aside from our exposing these evil f*cks) they called the cops to harass us and tell us we couldn’t go to the office or the restaurant anymore. That is illegal too. And it’s all recorded, even the part where David says Abby can go f herself. But oops, she had already done that!

Rather than packing up, David went online and began doing a little investigation on wrongful termination and illegal eviction. The funniest part is the first site that came up for the latter was from an attorney in Beaverton, OR named Mark Busch who wrote a blog there advising RV park owners to just pay the people who they want to leave! (Because it’s faster and cheaper than trying to evict them.) Well, the next day we got a notice to vacate in two weeks. And here’s the most telling sign for this part, their attorney who sent the notice was Mark Busch! Yea, so guess what happens next?  A few days later on the 19th we got an offer for $1,000 if we’d leave by noon the next day! (Written while on a horse and spitting from chewing some plug tobacco on the middle of mainstreet in Tombstone.) Here’s both the letters;

After having received the second letter with said $1,000 offer, David was going to negotiate things “a little differently” and sent the attorney a couple emails early that next morning to allow for plenty of time. However, since God is at the helm, He made sure the attorney turned into a bumbling idiot and couldn’t receive Davids’ emails!

So, time flew, the noon check out time expired and nothing happened. No deal! Since David hadn’t received any replies to his email he sent the attorney and all the companys’ actors involved another email saying “Cat God Your Tongue?” along with this pic;


So we just stayed and played as usual but given the free time, the next day David decided to look into the specific state and federal laws surrounding things. What he discovered was that God had made that stupid bitch and therefore her company, break every kind of law imaginable. And here again it’s because huffy lil Abigail got possessed and went bizirk just like ole Virgil and a long list of others have so many times.

Yep, God is setting them all up for major falls to be followed by grizzly ends to their worthless existences! Check out the draft of threat for legal suit that David sat down and wrote in just under 3 hours. He also finally wrote his official, public proclamation of being Gods’ final messenger during that sitting. He’d been thinking about that for while and it is now posted at all our other sites. So, this is where it all begins! Yea, with that proclamation the beginning of the end is now officially upon us all.



April 21st, 2022

Sent 1st Class Certified Mail to;


Mark Busch

Cornell West Suite 200

1500 N.W. Bethany Blvd.

Beaverton, OR 97006


Also posted on the office door at Old Mill RV Park and sent via email to;



For all seeking to remain free, unencumbered and unharmed let it be known;

As long anticipated by billions, The Almighty God YHWH Has Sent His Last Messenger most commonly known as “Kalki”, “Al-Mahdi” and “King David”. Anyone who opposes him IN ANY MANNER WHATSOEVER will be subject to condemnation by God. Thereby permanently rendered blind, deaf and dumb, unable to see, hear, speak, comprehend or retain Truths paramount to their survival of what we’ve all been warned is coming during end times. Such fools will soon begin being arrested, prosecuted and surely in many cases executed for Treason, then sentenced to Hell for Eternity. The only question that remains; who will be among the first and the last!?

Save your life and soul by educating yourself now at And know that if you do well, God will forgive you for nearly anything else, He Is The Most Merciful, The Forgiving.



Mr. Busch, as you could, should or do know, I am sent by Almighty God, YHWH. This letter is in response to the events leading up to, during and after 4/14/22 between Shasta McDaniel, Abby Stanworth, and myself David Allender, deputy Chris Rondeau and all other actors, participants and witnesses unknown or unannounced at this time. Be advised that David and Peggy are still monthly tenants at the Old Mill RV park and fully intend on continuing as such.

Firstly, per ORS 90.375, Roam Tillamook LLC willfully and recklessly attempted to ouster and exclude David Allender and Peggy  from the Old Mill RV park for illegal cause and without notice required by law. Peggy was told by Abby Stanworth to tell David he had to leave by the end of the day. And Peggy was told by Stanworth that she had to leave within 2 weeks then on 4/15/22 received a letter demanding she leave by 4/30/2022. The reason provided to Peggy was that she purportedly wrote a blog containing hate speech which is entirely false on every level. David writes articles about illegal discrimination, hatred, assault, murder, oppression and racism against human Americans like himself and Peggy. Those who take part in such crimes, as well as those who quietly let them, are guilty of treason. Anyone who knowingly allows anything illegal to go on without mention is guilty of being an accomplice to the crimes as well becoming guilty of aiding and abetting the criminals committing them. To be clear, anyone not taking such a stand as both David and Peggy do publicly, is guilty of treason as well as whatever crimes are being committed by the criminals. It is morally and legally not an option to remain silent.

The reason provided by park management for illegally demanding that David leave “by the end of the day” was that he had a criminal record which is irrelevant to being a tenant at the park because there is no mention nor posting of any such requirement. It also proves discrimination because many of the residents and workers have criminal records and management knows it.

The officers and management of Roam Tillamook then harassed David and Peggy by calling the police and requesting that they be warned to stay out of the office and Kellys’ place at threat of being charged for trespassing. This while neither David nor Peggy had done or said anything wrong to anyone, only the opposite, David and Peggy were extremely helpful, kind and giving to everyone they’d met since arriving on 2/27/22. They repeatedly fed the needy and provided money for the homeless including for a man to stay at the park. Peggy then bought and gave him some tent stakes he needed from the park office.

Being a tenant at the park is clearly not a condition for employment as some of Peggys’ coworkers doing the same job are not tenants. Furthermore, David and Peggy arrived at the park on 2/27/22 seeking a long term stay as a new home without having any thoughts of working there. As evidenced by the receipt provided and in hand for payment of rent, they formally confirmed the agreement for monthly tenancy for the period of 2/27/22 thru 3/27/22 at the rate of $550/mth on March 19th, 2022 thereby making them monthly tenants well before Peggys’ employment. Peggy did not become an employee until 4/1/22. There was never any discussion or agreement to alter her or Davids’ status as monthly tenants in any manner. Nor was any agreement provided, mentioned or made to become a temporary occupant per ORS 90.275.

As clearly evidenced above, Peggys’ right to occupancy was not conditional on her employment, no such arrangement was ever mentioned nor agreed upon. Along with the obvious lack of a rental or any other agreement stating otherwise, this a case of unconscionability for the court. ORS 90.135

David has never been an employee and therefore is very clearly not subject to termination of occupancy via ORS 91.120 nor ORS 90.110 (7) and must be given a minimum of 30 days notice per ORS 90.230 (a) and/or ORS 90.427 (3) (b) which the officers and management of Roam Tillamook LLC have not done as of the date of this response.

Since tenancy was not conditional on Peggys’ employment and was monthly, Roam Tillamook LLC must also provide her with a minimum of 30 days notice to vacate per ORS 90.230 (a) and ORS 90.427 (3) (b) which it has not done as of the date of this response.

The officers and management of Roam Tillamook LLC have clearly acted in bad faith against ORS 90.130.

The officers and management of Roam Tillamook LLC failed to provide David and Peggy as well as all other occupants of the park notice of being in a flood plain per ORS 90.228.

The officers and management of Roam Tillamook LLC failed to provide David and Peggy as well as all other occupants of the park with a written rental agreement per ORS 90.230.

The officers and management of Roam Tillamook LLC illegally attempted to oust and exclude David on 4/14/22 by demanding that he leave the premises by the end of the day. ORS 90.375

The officers and management of Roam Tillamook LLC illegally attempted to oust and exclude Peggy on 4/14/22 by demanding that she leave the premises in 2 weeks. ORS 90.375

The officers and management of Roam Tillamook LLC are guilty of criminal harassment for wrongfully excluding David and Peggy from the office and Kellys’ place under threat of being charged with trespassing which warrants a Public Accommodations Discrimination Complaint.

The officers and management of Roam Tillamook LLC are operating fraudulently against federal IRS income tax reporting rules by not including the value of rentals for free rent given to its employees in their gross pay.

Per the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) the officers and management of Roam Tillamook LLC ran an illegal background check on David. They then used the information to illegally discriminate against him. These are both very serious and egregious matters.

The officers and management of Roam Tillamook LLC gave no verbal or written notice of any requirements pertaining to ones’ background for tenancy at the park thereby making this a clear case of discrimination according to federal and state laws.

The officers and management of Roam Tillamook LLC wrongfully terminated Peggy from her job citing the content of the blog that David maintains as their reason. This means she was fired for her being a well meaning whistleblower and patriot who stands against committers of treason, assault, racism, discrimination, fraud and murder to mention just a few of their crimes. This of course is illegal per ORS 659A199 – 659A262. It is important to note that taking such a stand is required by law by anyone like Peggy who is aware of the existence of people committing such crimes. 18 U.S. Code § 2381

The officers and management of Roam Tillamook LLC wrongfully terminated Peggy from her job citing the content of web sites that David created and maintains as cause. One of the main themes which are repeated to what most would call ad nauseum throughout all Davids’ sites is that he and Peggy are Adamic human beings who are hated by jews and their accomplices thereby making this a clear and egregious case of racism and racial discrimination.

The officers and management of Roam Tillamook LLC wrongfully terminated Peggy from her job citing the content of web sites that David created and maintains. Another one of the main themes throughout all Davids’ sites is that he and Peggy are very outspoken, monotheistic believers in YHWH otherwise known as Muslims thereby making this a clear case of religious discrimination.

Each of the forms of discrimination cited above are prosecutable at the federal level via Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII) as well as Section 1981 of the Civil Rights Act of 1866 (Section 1981) in the above mentioned case of racial discrimination. Of course there are many more laws applicable at both federal and state levels which will be used in the prosecution of this case should Roam Tillamook choose not to immediately begin reversing its positions and remedying its actions after having received this. If not, rest assured there will also be other penalties from Almighty God that will surely be much worse than anything imaginable by most!


King David, The Al-Mahdi







What’s Rain Made Of? 4/30/22

While out walking to the post office (and yes, Dairy Queen) a guy named Brian I met early on here while out with his dog Bertha shared an interesting fact about this area. It turns out we’ve landed in the wettest spot in the entire continental U.S.! In 1997, the Laurel Mountain weather station just 50 miles to the southeast of us was labeled as the wettest place in Oregon.  And a year prior in 1996 it set the all time U.S. record of 204.04 inches!

Now guess what? . . . He said we’ve just broken those and set another all time record here as of today, the 30th of April! And much drier Portland just on the other side of the Cascades to the East of us just broke its all time record as well. 

We’ll leave off with a prophecy from Mohamet out of the Hadiths; “There will be wealth and unprecedented abundance in the golden age of David. Goods will be given without being counted. And it will rain in abundance.

When considering the legals suits we have pending, we’ve gotta like that and it’s raining cats and dogs here as this is being posted, THERE IS WATER EVERYWHERE AND WE NAMED THIS “THE WATER TRAIL” LONG BEFORE MEANDERING DOWN IT!




It’s ANOTHER Setup! (By God) 5/1/22

OK, so Peggys’ been very upset over everything, she’s not used to being threatened, harassed or attacked by these lowlife, disbelieving dirtbags like I am. She didn’t do a single thing to deserve their crap, the only thing she’s done is believe the Truth! And she’s simply not confrontational therefore, isn’t very used to getting flack from them personally. 

Also, she’s never been fired or treated the least bit poorly by an employer in her entire life. The fact is, everyone likes Peggy because she’s a gem. She’s smart, friendly, honest, positive, hardworking, reliable, dedicated and super easy to get along with, everything anyone would ever want in a coworker or friend.

So, this has really stressed her out. All the usual symptoms, poor appetite, lack of sleep, grumpiness, etc. which are each quite unusual for her. Of course I’m sick of all the crap I’ve experienced from mean, Godless, demon possessed scumbags too, but my skin is thicker. Yea, so it was about 2 am on Friday morning when we both found ourselves awake and decided to go organize some stuff in our little storage shed at the park.

We did that but Peggy still wasn’t tired or relaxed enough to sleep when we got back so, she decided to go for a little stroll around our little loop in the park to walk off some steam. Well, we have to back up a bit before moving on.

On March 23rd of 2022 one of the park employees named Jeff was doing some excavation with a WATER jet system around the utilities at the site across from ours. (They sent Peggy a text that day saying the WATER was going to be turned off temporarily.) David being curious, having never seen such a system watched him work and then went over to talk to him when he was done.

Sure enough, he’d used water and a large suction system with a tank to excavate several holes around the drain pipe, electrical pedestal and water riser. Pretty slick, no digging required only use of WATER! After a brief conversation about the system he said he was done for the day and began walking away. David was totally shocked by this because there were now gaping holes in the ground with hard/sharp objects sticking out of them right in the middle of a bustling RV park. These were now just waiting for someone to fall into them and hurt themselves, likely severely! So, David said so.

Jeff agreed, headed over to the parks’ workshop, came back with some caution tape and then proceeded to put one little tiny piece on the water riser, that was it. (You can barely see it in the pic and in real life!)



David then very kindly told Jeff to just go ahead and take off for the day, give him the tape and he would take care of it so that nobody would get hurt. But he refused, said it was good enough and that it was time to go home! Well, the crew showed up the next morning with an excavator and worked over there for the entire day so, David figured it was taken care of and forgot about it. Now we can get on with the story here picking up with Peggy going for a walk in the middle of the night a month later.

Can you guess where this is going? . . . Uh huh, not good. She stumbled on something with one foot and her next fast step to catch herself landed right in one of the holes! We’re pretty sure it was this one because it’s about two and a half feet deep and she doesn’t think her foot touched the bottom when she fell into it.


She slammed onto the ground with her arm/shoulder, twisted the hell out of her hip/back and seriously wracked her neck. That’s not good because it makes for her 3rd case of whiplash and each time gets worse. Yea, this really, really sucks because she had back and neck problems her whole life up until the last 15 years or so. We finally figured out how to heal her by using a back stretcher and doing some exercises which worked, it just took a long time, about 5 years. In this case she can’t even do that because using the little stretcher we have now requires use of your arms and shoulders to apply the pressure for the stretcher to work. We use the “Teeter Hang Ups” brand ones like these;


That first one above is a bit of a funky contraption but works well for folks who also have certain knee, ankle and/or hip problems. We had one of those in storage, in fact we just gave it away to one of the park employees (Brian) because we bought the 2nd one a few years ago. Yea, so that last one is nice because it’s smaller and simpler for use in what is pretty limited space of the camper.

Looks like we’re taking a little detour here to help others with compression related back problems (which accounts for about 9 out of 10 cases) maybe even YOU dear reader or someone you know will benefit from this knowledge!

OK, so Peggy went to chiropractors for years back in the late 80s and early 90s. At one point she was going 3x per week at $50 “a crack”. Then we learned about inversion tables, bought one and began using it. There’s a bunch of different ones out there, ours was a basic one, something like this;

Using this $100 machine we made progress and it slowly began to change our lives. The pain was manageable to non-existent, moving around got easier and we even began sleeping better which was a very notable result. Yea, we’ve learned that sleeping soundly is really a big deal in life and back pain is 2nd in commonness only to electrical radiation in being detrimental to achieving a good nights sleep. (Turn off your wireless router, wireless phones, cell phones and any electric sources of heat near you tonight and see for yourself!) And on top of being more at ease, energetic and productive, that $100 table also saved us about $7,500 per year on chiropractor bills for Peggy!

Yea, so anyway, after a few years that combined with good, long walks and performing some other stretches really worked for Peggy. And as many know, the results are usually immediate, you get instant relief while using it. This is especially noticeable after getting a back ache from picking up heavy items. So long as we stretched, things would usually get back to normal in a day or two. 

We even did the same thing for Bear after he slid and fell in the backseat of the pickup while going around a curve. Like Peggy is now, he wasn’t sleeping well because of the pain. He would toss and turn while groaning all night. So, we came up with a simple, homemade stretching system for him with a pulley, some rope and a towel. This stretching stuff really works in cases of compression injuries and anyone can do it.



It took a while but we knew it was working the very first time we did it because he smiled, ran around like a puppy afterwards and then took a nice long catch up nap! Yea, but now all the work, time and money we spent on healing Peggy years ago is for nothing. As of this writing 7 days later, she’s sitting on the couch in pain unable to find a comfortable position, same thing when trying to sleep. Right back to where she was all those years ago. A total reversal including nasty migraine headaches which she was actually hospitalized for on several occasions. Anyone who’s been through these kind of spinal injuries knows this stuff can be serious. It will mess with your life like crazy.

Yea, most everyone experiences some kind of debilitating pain in their lives and back pain is 2nd only to bad tooth infections or child birth! It’s a horrible, energy draining experience that leaves you unable to function, rest or even think at times. Add to that the drugs they prescribed for the pain and she’s a real mess, just getting out of bed for a drink of water can be a process. Oh and we just realized something, this being the water trail, did you notice what the hole she fell in was full of? Yep, WATER!

Why we don’t know, it doesn’t make sense that it wouldn’t have drained from the holes. So, that’s a sure sign that “something else” is up here! After thinking about it David also realized they had taken down the light pole that used to light up that entire area thereby making it more dangerous in that respect alone.

Had it still been there Peggy surely would have been able to see clearly and thereby avoid the dangers. Can you see Gods’ Fingerprints yet? Now we’re not saying that God wants Peggy to suffer but what is becoming quite obvious is all that suffering of hers is going to come with a very large price for all the negligent pieces of excrement who are responsible for this entire shit show! Yea, and for the record, we’re not the type of people who have ever even considered suing anyone.

There’s been plenty of times both of us could have though! Peggy’s been rear ended twice, had her leg almost ripped off by a faulty tractor and was in a head on collision with a drunk. Davids’ been shot in the cheek with a .22, fell off an un-repaired 40’ slide at a park as a kid, t-boned by a dumbass who was eating while driving and was in a 70 mph rollover caused by another drunk dumbass. We could have been millionaires long ago many times over for all the stuff that’s happened to us! 

And by the way as you’ll see in the following link, we didn’t know it but God made sure their parent company where that bitch who fired Peggy works is not exactly poor! Before all this crap happened we thought the company was just “Roam Tillamook RV Park” but we just found out it’s not, that’s only the LLC owned by a huge investment group called “Preserve Partners“. (That takes you to their investment properties portfolio) It turns out they just bought this park back in August of 2021 for $8.1 million dollars.

That’s literally the largest/richest and therefore, most evil company that either of us have ever been associated with in our entire lives. Yea, this billion dollar company has broken nearly every employment and tenancy law imaginable to illegally harass and threaten us.

All that along with now also being blatantly guilty of gross negligence which has caused a ton of pain suffering to Peggy! So, on the 25th of April (after 32 days of the park management and all its employees knowing those holes were left as a danger to anyone walking around the area, especially us since we’re the closest to them) David drove up to Tillamook to buy some caution tape and the lumberyard gave him a few 2″ x 4″ pallet stickers to cordon off the area.




Yea, we had to pay for the tape and do the parks’ job to protect other innocent tenants from getting hurt like Peggy is now! Is that friggen ridiculous or what?! But hey folks, spoiler alert; God is making them screw up left and right. That’s what is going on here! And next, get ready for the cherry on top, how about a complete admission of guilt in every way imaginable by the jinn possessed park employee Jeff who is in part directly responsible for all this. Yea, and how about GIVING IT TO US ON VIDEO!? Uh huh, posting soon!



What’s Black, White and Read All Over? 5/5/22

Get ready for it . . . Our new 5Truths signs and bumper stickers! (Along with our pickup, car and camper which we’ve only now just realized.)



That’s our little spot on the very busy, front corner of the RV park where (they think) they chose for us to be. As is often the case, the pic doesn’t portray the visibility of those 5Truths logos but rest assured, they’re getting everyones’ attention! (Zoom in to get the idea) Yea, now every single person that stays here (soon to number a constant 800 or so changing visitors and their friends from around the country daily) and everyone who frequents the busy restaurant/bar up the road called Kellys’ Place sees them!

Note the color scheme of our lives currently. This whole black, red and white theme was not of our own choosing of late. We bought the truck because it was the only 7.3 diesel available within 500 miles of us at the time and the black boxes on the back were the only color available. Then the Town Car popped up and we simply couldn’t resist buying it due to its mint condition coupled with the deal we got on it. And of course the black, white and red camper was obviously not of our choosing, that should be overly apparent for anyone who’s read about it above.

Then there’s the “Black and White” expression which we’re sort of into around here. It all kinda reminds me of the Black Flag (aka the “Black Banner” or “Black Standard”) which was one of the flags flown by Mohamet when he went forth to conquer the disbelieving enemies. It’s steeped in Muslim tradition to this day because it’s prophesied to be flown by Gods’ End Times Messenger. Hey, that’s me! I wonder what the red portion signifies?

Rev 14:19-20 And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God. And the winepress was trodden outside the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs. (about 200 miles)

Yea, so I stuck one of the bumper stickers on the back drivers side window of our Town Car yesterday before running up to Tillamook figuring I could watch and see if people noticed it.


Oh boy, they definitely did! There’s something about that logo that really stands out, don’t you agree? Especially when the background is black eh? People remember it like crazy too! I’ve already ran into several people who remember seeing us out on the corner with our handheld signs on 101 a few weeks ago. They’re huge, 24″ wide by 30″ tall so, are a little tricky in any kind of wind though. And with Peggys’ injured shoulder, it’s a no go for the time being. We’re going to make some new, smaller ones which we’ll also offer for sale here soon.

Yea, those decals are going to proverbially be the last things that millions of scumbags see! Try censoring that mothaf*ckers!!! And they’ll be available for shipping from our little online store right here at soon! This is how people can support us AND spread the Word. T-shirts and other mediums coming soon!



Meanwhile in New Zealand . . . 5/12/22

This one’s just a little snippit but I figure it’s worthwhile because it’s about Anton who’s been chiming in with synchronistic water stuff on the other side of the world since the beginning of this water trail. Firstly, since I know he’ll be reading this, Greetings Anton! Yea, so a few weeks ago he sent me a message on Telegram. (Download and begin using that everyone! It’s private, secure, doesn’t allow any censorship and has all kinds of functions. i.e. FREE text messaging, voicemails, audio and video messaging, phone calls, video conferences [all over either cellular or wireless connections] and even money transfers to/from anywhere in the world! Both Peggy and I are on there. My # is 509-670-3022 and hers is 509-670-0321.)

OK, so Anton and his wife had just purchased a WATER distiller which is a great way to get rid of the fluoride, birth control pill remnants, hormones, antibiotics and etc. other crap in your recycled city water. Yea so he fired it up for the first time and lo and behold . . . the heating element left a near perfect Star of David in the bottom! Here’s a pic with the text he Telegrammed me with;

Anton says; ‘Holy’ water? It’s grown a little blurry with use, but I think you can still see it! I feel a bit like one of those characters that sees the face of ‘jesus’ in their toast or some silly thing…

Ha, ha, ha, jesus in the toast is a good one! (Because he “jeZeus” is going to burn in Hell for Eternity! All the while Yeshua will be with God, the angels and all successful believers in Heaven.) Yea, so the SOD in a WATER distiller on the water trail seemed worthy of noting. Can’t hurt that we got in a mention for Telegram and the importance of clean water for our health and bodies given to us by God! 

Peace all.