Most Important Truth #1



For the translator; Keep your eye (pinal gland) on the baal (plural baalim aka “jinn”)

The subject matter of this Truth embodies countless accounts and testimonials given to us by the most famous prophets, thinkers and gifted ones throughout the ages. A good example is in this famous Cherokee tale;

The Tale of the Two Wolves;

A wise Indian told his grandson about a secret, lifelong battle that goes on inside every human being. He said; My son, there are two wolves inside us all.
One is EVIL. It is known for being self centered, unjust, envious, greedy, doubtful, arrogant, apathetic, rash, guilt ridden, perverse, shallow, negative, ignorant, deceitful, fearful and Godless.

The other is GOOD. It is known for being selfless, just, happy, forgiving, caring, giving, humble, patient, thoughtful, empathetic, sound, joyous, peaceful, strong, deep, positive, wise, Truthful, confident and Godly.

The boy asked; Which wolf wins? He replied; The one you feed.


As you’ll soon see, it turns out there’s a little more to such ideas about duality but one thing is for sure, it’s time to feed the Good wolf! And for good reason . . .

Galatians 5:19-21 Now the works of the flesh are clear, they are; immorality, impurity, uncleanness, indecency, idolatry, witchcraft, anger, selfishness, intoxication, heresy, wrath, pride, envy, treason, oppression, murder and the like: of which I warn you beforehand, as I have also done in the past, that those who do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

Yea, that’s the point of doing this work! The text portion of Truth #1 is a short 30 to 45 minute read, maybe an hour for those who are really paying attention. Then the vids are about 4 hours total. They provide the basic, must have understandings and the text will take it to a whole other level. It will be some pretty foreign stuff for most good people but just hang in there for a few minutes until we get to those very important videos, they will really bring it all to life. We’re going to begin with exposing some scary and evil sh*te but don’t worry, we’re on the right side of things and it all ends very positively as any truly Good journey does. (You’ll soon agree that each of the 5 Truths are virtual journeys unto themselves!)

OK, you’re here to learn about a couple of totally invisible and therefore entirely insidious entities and weapons that have and continue to be used against you, your loved ones and everyone else by some very sick, insane and evil people. As you’ll see the first invisible weapon/entities exposed in this, Truth #1 is the most essential understanding for any human being to have about this life. (Because being aware of it is often the only way to grasp anything else of real importance!) Yea, this site is 100% dedicated to exploring the world of the “unseen” in which exists not only frequencies but also both the greatest friends any human being could ever have and the worst enemies that every human being already has, albeit most often without their knowledge. (Until now for YOU!) All of those friends and enemies are real, living, breathing beings who exist without our seeing them. (Unless they choose otherwise.) And as for the enemies, we’re going to provide the only hammer like tool that smashes them to bits, that being the Truth!

Ephesians 5:11 “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them”

That’s exactly what we’re going to do right now! Like hundreds of millions of other people living today have and are doing, we recently realized that we had to overcome all the negative propaganda and false BS about Islam, Muslims and the Quran. And due to that effort we’ve learned that the Bibles’ baalim (aka “shedim”, “sons of god”, “familiar spirits”, “unclean spirits”, “devils”, “demons” etc. therein) are the same as the Qurans’ jinn. They are real, living, breathing “people” who we call ETs that have existed on earth long before humans.

Quran 15:27 “And We (God and His Archangels) Created the jinn before humans from a mixture of fire in scorching heat” and Quran 76:1 “Was there not a long span of time before humans were even thought of?” Verses are from The Quran For Christians (Herein awaits the only solid and veritable answers to some of YOUR age old, unanswered questions such as; “Who built the pyramids and thousands of other dumbfounding megaliths all around the world?”, “Why do 1 out of 3 people openly claim to have seen UFOs?”, [while another 1 out of 3 who have too, won’t.] “Why did the pentagon wait until 2021 to release official reports of their existence after forever covering them up before?”, Yes really, didn’t you hear?) We’ve found that reconciling reality using both the Bible and Quran is like dot connecting on steroids!

But this isn’t limited to the Bible and Quran. These Jinn/ETs are found in the literature of multiple ancient cultures around the world; Jainists and Hindus speak of the “NAGA” as ‘half-human half-serpent deities”. The Aztecs actually worshipped the “Quetzalcoatl” whom they described as the “serpent-like god”. (And note how they were famous for performing gory, human blood sacrifices!) The Hopi Indians in North America referred to a race of reptoids called the “Sheti”, translated “Snake-Brothers” some of whom they and/or other tribes are said to have killed for being cannibalistic. In Africa, shamans claim to bear extensive esoteric knowledge of a race of reptilian beings called the “Chitauri” whom they say control the Earth. (Note this!) Chinese, Korean and Japanese legends talk about a race of reptilian beings called the “Kappa”. And in gnosticism you’ll find invisible parasitic entities whom they call “Archons” that use humans as an energetic food source which is harvested while subjecting us to highly stimulative events which are often traumatic or followed by deep seated memories of sadness, fear, guilt etc. negative feelings which further serve as nourishment to them.

The bottom line is these highly telepathic beings are the gods/demons/spirits invoked by those practicing satanism, witchcraft, sorcery, divination, ouija, tarot, etc. These entities are at the core of real magic deployed by figures such as the group of subversives among the Israelites who worshipped the golden calf (molech) and Pharoahs’ sorcerers who brought the Egyptians to their doom. That was just after God Gave Moses the magic to scare the crap out of them by turning his staff into a giant serpent that ate their lessor ones. (Gods’ Abilities obviously trump all others!) A recent example of such deployment by a satanic leader and his sorcerer/witch not that unlike Pharoah is in this totally banned and extremely eye opening, 5 minute video;


Or use this link to Download “SatanismAnd911” (5 min, 50 MB .mpeg video)

That vid is so foreign to Good, normal people, it may take a few views to accept the realities behind it. (It definitely cannot hurt to “play it again Sam”!) If it makes you uncomfortable just remember it’s because you’re normal, that’s part of the process and understanding the world we live in is the goal for any decent human being. Also, it is the first step to any great change which as you’ll soon see, is what’s going to begin happening soon and you definitely want to be part of it!

OK. So, they were invoking their god lucifer and his minion to use their telepathy upon the masses to get us to beLIEve the entire shit show that 9/11 was. As we will prove, these entities can make entire populations of people hear, see, believe or disbelieve practically anything to varying degrees. It is dependent upon how much the individual is willing/participant (similar to how some people can’t be hypnotized as easily as others) combined with their state of faith, the latter of which being the real key. Some people are simply more inclined to the Truth because it is also known as “God”.

If you’ve ever watched a magician do a real illusion (without using props/trickery) the aforementioned is what was happening to YOU. lucifer and/or his jinn “stepped in” telepathically. Take note that you had to agree to that form of full on possession where they take over your faculties such as sight, hearing and even consciousness itself. You did so simply by showing up for the show. No different than when you turn to the papers, TV, radio or internet for news from your satanic leaders.

That’s how good but ignorant (unknowing) people agree to be lied to and used by evil people, it’s that simple, they use the jinn to possess and mentally control their victims. (i.e. One of the shittiest examples is in the 600% increase in suicides seen since 2020. That is ultimate mind control and evil being used against the masses, mostly youths who are more connected to their mobile devices. More on that later but perhaps YOU know of someone that’s recently become more depressed since covid hit?)

The ”good news“ is the demon possession side of things no longer works once you’re armed with Truths like this and become aware! (See the value of Truth? It’s literally life and death in thousands if not millions of other instances as well.) However, there is often a conundrum here, that being; How do you get someone to educate themselves if they’re already heavily possessed by the jinn who keep them from educating themselves?!

For instance, many people will not be able to simply bring themselves to come here much less stay here to learn what you are because they’re already under firm control of their jinn! This is True in countless of other examples as well, anything the enemies don’t want the public to do is almost always addressed by them via this sort of witchcraft. That’s what the 9/11 video was all about, putting everyone under a spell to believe all the lies surrounding it. (Especially the idea it was planes that caused the destruction, not the explosives they put in place, hence; “plane must hit steel”.) And FYI; there was much more to that spell that went on prior to and after what’s in the vid. 

Yea, that’s part of what we’re going to cover and expose, it is a couple of age old, well guarded secrets behind real magic and satanism aka luciferianism. (So secret that the vast majority of satanists/luciferians themselves don’t really know what’s going on!) It is telepathic mind control by the jinn and it is evil as evil gets which is why YOU DEFINITELY WANT TO LEARN HOW TO FIGHT THEM!

It’s because the daily version of such possession is much more subtle and you don’t have to agree to anything! Instead of taking over our faculties, it’s all about them using “suggestion” and “temptation” which is 100% legal exactly as the Scriptures and vampire lore tell us. (As you’ll soon learn, the jinn are “energy vampires”, if you openly invite them in they can literally “possess” you but if not, they can only make suggestions and temptations. And if you succumb they get their treat, YOUR ENERGY! And more . . . But that’s too much for now.)

lucifer and his minion of jinn have forever been commonly worshipped or better put “invoked” by jew-ish (not real Judahites or Judeans) sorcerers, magicians and witches. It is well documented throughout the Vedas, the Bible and the Quran as well as in literally 1,000s of “how to books” now freely available on the internet.





Here’s a few screen shots of some papers they have safely tucked away from the general public there;


That’s 37,732 professional papers for “academics” on WITCHCRAFT!  How about sorcery . . .


That’s 18,601 professional papers for “academics” on SORCERY!  How about their favorite seemingly innocent title of “magic”. . .



That’s THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHT THOUSAND professional papers for so called “acedemics” on MAGIC which God forbids us to practice!!! 


Do you think this is all just a “conspiracy theory” or will you slow down to realize that EVERYTHING GOD TELLS US ABOUT EVIL, SATANISM, WITCHCRAFT, SORCERY AND ETC. IN THE VEDAS, BIBLE AND QURAN IS 100% TRUE!?

It’s important to note that all those books you can find on the net are “kiddie versions”, the greater magic used by higher ups isn’t known by anyone other than them because they’ve obfuscated the ancient texts that contain the invocations, names and spells used to do them.

And here’s the kicker, there are millions if not billions of these jinn/ET “g-ds” residing on Earth to this day! (i.e. most have heard of zeus, amen-ra, beezelbub, molech, baal, etc. HERE’S A FEW MORE OF THOSE SUPPOSED “gods” FROM ANCIENT EGYPT; Aah, Abtu, Ahti, Aken, Aker, Amathaunta, Amaunet, Amenhotep, Ament, Ammit, Amn, Amsit, Amun, Amun-Ra, Anat, Andjety, Anet, Anhur, Anit, Ankhet, Anouke, Anti, Anubis, Apedemak, Apep, Apis, Arensnuphis, Aten, Atum, Ba, Ba-Pef, Babi, Baal, Banebdjetet, Bast, Bat, Benu, Bes, Beset, Buto, Chenti-Cheti, Chenti-Irti, Cherti, Chontamenti, Dedun, Dua, Duamutef, Ehi/Ihu, Geb/Keb, Nut, Ha, Hah/Heh/Hu, Hapi, Hapy, Har/Nedj/Hef, HarPaKhered, Harmakhis, Haroeris, Hat-Mehit, Hathor, Hauhet, Hedetet, Heket, Hemen, Hemsut, Henet, Heptet, Herishep, Heru-Behudti, Hez-Ur, Heka/Hike, Horus, Iat, Ihy, Imentet, Imhotep, Imiut, Iptet, Isis/Aset, Jah, Kebechet, Kebechsenef, Kek/Kuk/Keku, Kemur, Ken, Khepri, Khnum, Khons, Kneph, Maat, Mafdet, Mahes, Mehen, Mehurt, Menhit, Monthu, Meret, Meretseger, Meskhenet, Min, Molech, Mnewer, Mut, Nephthys, Nef, Nefertem, Nehebkau, Neith, Nekhbet, Neper, Nepit, Nun, Nunet, Nut, Osiris, Petbe, Ptah, Qetesh, Ra, Renenet, Renpet, Renpham, Reshep, Sahu, Satet, Sebek/Sobek, Seker/Sokar, Sekhmet/Sachmet, Sepa, Serket, Seshat, Sesmu, Set/Seth, Shai, Shait, Shed, Shesmetet, Sekhmet, Bastet, Shu/Su, Sopdet, Sopdu, Sphinx, Tatenen, Taweret/Taueret, Tefen, Tefnut/Tefnet, Thoth/Tetu, Tutu, UnNefer, Unut/Un/Wenet, Wadj-Wer, Wadjet, Weneg/Uneg, Wepawet/Wepwawet, Wosyet/Waset. AND A FEW MORE JINN FROM ANCIENT GREECE; Achelois, Achelous, Aeolus/Aeolos, Aether/Ether, Alastor, Alcyone, Alectrona, Amphitrite/Salacia, Antheia, Aphaea/Aphaia, Aphrodite/Venus, Apollo/Apollon, Ares/Mars/Aries, Aristaeus/Aristaios, Artemis/Phoebe, Asclepius/Asklepios, Astraea, Até, Athena/Minerva, Atlas, Atropos, Attis, Bia, Boreas/Aquilon, Brizo, Caerus, Calliope, Calypso/Kalypso, Castor/Kastor, Celaeno, Cerus, Ceto/Keto, Chaos/Khaos, Charon/Charun, Chronos/Saturn, Circe/Kirke, Clio, Clotho/Nona, Crios, Cronus, Cybele, Demeter, Dinlas, Dionysus, Doris, Eileithyia/Eleuthia, Eireisone, Electra, Elpis, Enyo, Eos, Erato, Erebus, Eris, Eros/Amor or Cupid, Eurus, Euterpe, Gaia/Celu/Terra, Glaucus/Glaukos, Hades/Orcus or Pluto, Harmonia/Concordia, Hebe, Hecate, Helios, Hemera, Hephaestus, Hera/Juno/Uni, Heracles, Hermes/Mercury, Hesperus, Hestia/Vesta, Hygea/Salus, Hymenaios/Hymen, Hypnos/Somnus, Khione, Kotys, Kratos, Lacheses/Decima, Maia/Fauna or Bono, Mania/Manea, Melpomene, Merope, Metis, Momus, Morpheus, Nemesis/Invidia, Nereus/Phorcys, Nike/Victoria or Nice, Notus/Auster, Nyx/Nox, Oceanus, Pallas, Pan/Faunus or Inuus, Peitha/Suadela, Persephone/Libera, Pheme/Fama, Phosphorus/lucifer, Plutus, Pollux/Polydeuces, Polyhymnia, Pontus/Pontos, Poseidon/Neptune, Priapus, Pricus, Proteus, Rhea/Cybele, Selene/Luna, Sterope/Asterope, Styx, Tartarus, Taygete/Taigeti, Terpsichore, Thalia, Thanatos, Themis, Thetis, Triton, Tyche/Fortuna or Nortia, Typhon/Typhus, Urania, Uranus/Ouranos or Caelus, Zelus, Zephyrus, Sus, Zeus aka Dias/Jupiter or Pater aka father. THESE ARE SOME OF THE gODS OF THE MOST DECEIVED PEOPLE ON EARTH WHO WILL SOON BE EXECUTED AND SENT TO HELL FOR ETERNITY!!!)

Those were just from 2 ancient civilizations, there are obviously countless more of them worshipped by the erring masses around the world across history right up to today. Such fools actually work for them in trade for knowledge, money, power and fame exactly as the Bible tells us. (i.e. when satan tempted Yeshua [aka jesus] by offering him the world in return for worshipping him. Same thing with many popular figures you’ve heard of who claim to having “sold their souls”, most commonly for “rock and roll”. But the same is actually true for notable reporters, politicians, evangelists, corporate execs, etc. famous/rich people we see in nearly all positions of power today. This is real, anyone can do it but whoever does, is f*d. They just don’t know it, yet.)

To really begin grasping this crucially important and elemental reality of all our lives, watch both of the following video interviews at least once each. They will begin to explain many things about life that were otherwise unexplainable, and unavoidable, for you prior. This is about the real reason people you know have acted crazy and gone psycho, this is a HUGE part of life that is commonly unknown by the masses.


Download “Marzinsky” HERE (Length: 125 minutes, 203 MB)

One of the most important things to understand about Jerry and his patients is that they aren’t “true believers”. (Who’s that you ask? Well, it’s anyone truly submitted and devoted to The One and Only True God and Creator YHWH, His Laws and His Word, the Truth, which is ALL TRUTH!) Anyone who is not a True believer and remains so will have little to no real success in this internal struggle over the course of their lives because of the simple facts they are confused about God and therefore are spiritually weak and alone in the broadest sense of the word. (Without God.) 

Oh sure, they might think everythings’ fine but it’s NOT! They are convinced into NOT believing important Truths because they’ve been long possessed by the enemy and have become trained to habitually buy into blatant lies! This can be any number of unfounded things we think we alone have been saying to ourselves over and over throughout life that end in disregard of actual Truths that we failed to research/confirm. (i.e. “If God was real this or that wouldn’t happen” or “I believe in a higher power but I’m not sure beyond that” or “All the scriptures were written by man” and etc. totally ignorant sayings about the most important subject in this life, God! It’s all about the jin/lucifer keeping people deceived and in the dark about everything that matters to us and they can do it via possessed people in our lives as well.  For instance, do you remember how people of last century bought into the satanic propaganda that things like cigarettes weren’t harmful, meat was the best form of protein, animals were ok to oppress, torture and murder, milk made your bones strong, pharmaceuticals work better than naturopathy and literally millions of other complete opposites?)

Those were all lies pushed by people working for lucifer and his minion (luciferians) who ran the governments, media and churches then exactly as they do today. (And now they have the net, but not our little corner of it because we’ve been on our own $500/mth private servers ever since they began censoring us back in 2011!) First they introduce the lies in the media and then their jinn reinforce them in the minds of the masses.

Yea, everything from them is lies because they are liars. Then there’s the lies we think we’re telling ourselves. (i.e. I’m fat, dumb, lazy, ugly or stupid, I’m a bad person because I did this or that stupid thing, [that God forgives us for if we ask and believe] I’m mad at this person for making this or that stupid mistake, my friend is against me, my parents don’t care about me, my spouse is going to cheat on me, this person trying to help me has ulterior motives, etc. things that create arguments and division between people. The jinn feed off of the negative energy created.) But in Truth, in the case of Adamites, it’s not really us telling ourselves those things because our souls are of God and aren’t prone to lying. We can however choose to listen to these false ideas just like we can choose between a or b, or c, d, etc. which of course could be good or evil. That’s the “limited freewill“ that God gave Humans.

In contrast, angels do not choose nor are they subject to possession by the jinn, they just obey God 100% which is how He Created them. But not the jinn! They have total freewill. And to take it a couple more levels, Gods’ Messengers and Prophets are “just a little lower than the angels” in that they are heavily guided by God and the angels which limits (but does not eliminate) exposure to the jinn. Hebrews 2:7 “Thou madest him a little lower than the angels; thou crownedst him with glory and honour, and didst set him over the works of thy hands.” (And by the way, only those with freewill can choose to be and do Good to earn the favor of God. This is how we can actually become higher than the angels in Gods’ Eyes!)

Aside from these jinn, the only other entities we live with on earth besides animals are full on, evil, degenerate freaks who, like the angels have no freewill but in their case it’s opposite, all they can do is lie and do evils for they are cursed from birth. They are jinn/human hybrids straight out of John 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil (a jinn/ET) and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” That verse and others are speaking of human/jinn hybrids who simply cannot stop themselves from being complete scumbags because they are full on possessed by their jinn throughout their entire lives. They are genetically predisposed to being murderous, lying freaks and that is THE problem with our world!

Even the most well read of believers in the Vedas, the Bible and/or Quran usually have no idea about all of this. Indeed the actual identity of those individuals is a deep subject that is surrounded by TONS of misinformation and propaganda everywhere. (Especially in archeology, religion, schools and ALL forms of media. We will thoroughly expose them later but for now just warm up to the fact that there are two humanoids on earth, pure blooded Adamites of Gods’ Original Creation and Adamite/jinn hybrids.) Getting back to Jerry and his sort of self proclaimed expertise in this wild area of our existence, let’s take a look at what would be a very surprising and eye opening fact for anyone in his shoes, if his jinn allowed him to see it;

Jerry speaks of his belief in a supreme being whom he himself says the voices hate but when I recommended doing so, he couldn’t even bring himself to read the Scriptures from The Supreme Being! Like many his jinn have got him fully under control in this most important aspect of life. Keeping people away from Gods’ Word in the Vedas, Bible and/or Quran is their main goal!

And Jerrys’ friend Sherry actually made it clear to me she hates and distrusts God! Then she thinks she’s won the fight against her God hating jinn!? Now that’s a laugh riot, and very sad at the same time. BUT QUITE REVEALING, IS IT NOT?! Both of these people think they’ve got their jinn licked but it’s the complete opposite, their jinn have succeeded at getting them to avoid educating themselves with the Scriptures which is their ONLY chance at defeating them! So, they have freely disobeyed and are now destined to Hell out of sheer ignorance. (You can’t win any game without knowing and following the rules and life is the greatest game of all!)

Note; In defense of those who haven’t gotten into the Scriptures because they don’t trust translations of the Vedas, Bible or the Quran, it is fair to say that distrusting any of the impossible to translate Vedas (because ancient Sanskrit is a lost language) or the 450+ English translations of the Bible and 60+ of the Quran to at least some degree, is wise. Yea, if you don’t know ancient Sanskrit, Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek or Arabic, you simply don’t know for certain what the original texts say. Right? Right. Only a fool would argue that fact. That said, it is each persons’ responsibility to make the effort in finding the “right Scriptures” and then of more import, discerning the “right messages” therefrom.

What’s meant here is that it’s not just the translation that’s key, it’s the understandings you get from them for yourself while being Guided by God and/or His Angels. (Who like the jinn, are also with us 24/7 during this life!) That can only be done without some literally demon possessed preacher, evangelist, imam or other fool who’s been convinced into twisting things around by their jinn. Hence why everyone should read the scriptures in solitude first, then in communion later. Give God the chance to Guide you. If you’re serious about it and ask Him to, He Will.

Aside from direct guidance from God and His Angels there’s only one other source of Truth on earth, that being the messengers and prophets sent and directed by God and His Angels. And He ALWAYS GIVES WE THE PEOPLE PROOF THEY ARE REAL, THAT PROOF IS THE MIRACLES THEY COME WITH. That’s the entire point of all the miraculous events surrounding ALL His REAL prophets and messengers.

Remember that for when the last messenger is revealed, you will know him not just by his assertions of thinking he is the messenger but by his UNMISTAKABLE, MIRACULOUS AND IMPOSSIBLE TO FABRICATE PROOFS. And it is prophesied that they will be MANY, for instance Mohamet said; “The dominion of Gods’ last messenger  is one of the proofs that God has created all things, these proofs are so numerous that they will overcome everyone and nobody will have any alternate explanations to offer up against them”. (You don’t know it yet but that prophesy has indeed materialized, to the hilt! And yes, we will be covering all of that right here at 5Truths!)

In regard to translations, ask yourself this; who if anyone would you literally trust with your eternal life that also has the knowledge to do a sound translation that would stand against all the critics? Unless you know for certain they’re one of Gods’ messengers, it’s impossible. Yet the majority of Christians trust both their current and eternal lives to a translation from a pompous and oppressive, blazing bisexual 400 years dead who couldn’t read Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek so had to pay 47 other creeps a lot of money to translate it the ways he requested while making shit up along the way!

That’s not fiction, that’s the Truth about the King James Bible and literally hundreds of millions of fools write it off because of having bought into the blatant but successful, widely spread lie that the KJ Version is best! Some idiots are so brainwashed by their preachers and their jinn about this they will actually argue about it with absolutely no refutations of the above stated facts to back themselves up!

And in regard to brainwashing, it is exactly what the jinn do. They repeat lies over and over during the course of ones’ life to keep us from investigating all sorts of Truths just like with the KJV. Yea, that’s the jinn hard at work in peoples’ heads. They have their possessed “hybrid offspring” and sell out followers create these kind of lies and then the jinn themselves foster them in the minds of the weak who are made that way simply by being deceived. The more deceived they are the weaker they get, to where they can no longer discern between good and evil or truth and lies.

Sadly that is where many have arrived exactly as dozens of end times prophesies foretold. And the majority of those losers are the people going to temples, churches and mosques to be TAUGHT how to understand their Vedas, Bibles and/or Qurans. Indeed, in these times, one should consider oneself fortunate to NOT have been subjected to such training. If that’s you, congratulations, your slate is relatively clean. So long as you keep an open mind during the rest of your tour here and don’t listen to your jinn, you’ve got a real shot at success! So, be very grateful for not having been deceived like billions of church/mosque/temple goers are!

A couple more good examples of possessed fools brainwashed by their jinn are when people think of those who expose evil as “conspiracy theorists”. Or when any dumbass thinks their Abrahamic religion is better than anothers’ when all the authentic ones originate from books sent down by the same and only God! (i.e. YHWH and His Vedas, Bible and/or Quran) And even dumber than that is to say this prophet or that prophet was better when it’s not the prophets’ Word we’re being given that matters! Indeed, whether it be Krishna, Moses, David, Yeshua or Mohamet, it is only GODS’ WORD given/spoken through them that mattered.

And that brings us to one of the most aggravating and childish divisions of all which is seeing fools take up political sides as liberals, conservatives, democrats, republicans or etc. when in truth it doesn’t matter one iota because it’s not political, it’s Scriptural! The entire show called politics in governments around the globe is 100% controlled by lucifer, his fellow fallen jinn and their foolish “followers”. Many famously outspoken psychologists such as Swedenborg and Van Dusen (as well as assuredly thousands of others who were afraid to speak out) consistently found that many of their patients “voices” (their jinn) have indicated they would take over the world and/or have already done so. If that’s not a spine chiller I don’t know what is. BECUSE IT IS 100% TRUE AND VERIFIABLE.

The telepathic ET enemy within has “re-taken” over the world that originally was their dominion before God Gave it to humans/Adamites. Gen 1:26 And God said, Let us make Adamites (intentionally mistranslated in all popularized translations as “man” to blur the distinction between us and the preexisting jinn) in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

Right there is the only real division any human being should ever have focused on, hence the import of the enemy making sure we didn’t. Many of the jinn like lucifer have been pissed ever since God Created Adam and gave him said dominion which originally was theirs! So, they’ve used every trick in the book to make sure we’re all dumbed down and divided which is the entire point behind the age old “divide and conquer” strategy. Hence why we find all the divisive BS within the thousands of religious denominations, sports teams, political wings and etc. Yea, so only fools buy into creating division between we the people in such ridiculous manners. We’re in a much bigger war and the enemies are insidiously positioned in all the places you’d never think to look for them. In your and everyones’ heads!

Indeed, we are not alone, ever, at all!!! These facts should set the stage for a much bigger understanding in the coming pages, as you’ll see, everything here and in life is part and parcel to the same construct. It’s all about finding, proving and embracing the Truth and only the Truth. Next is another of Jerrys’ excellent interviews on the same truly “mind blowing” topic, this time with a man who bravely and commendably provides his valuable first hand experiences. There is much to be gleaned from it, you’ll see;


Download “Jerry Marzinsky and George” HERE (Length: 108 minutes, 178 MB)

Take very serious note that George admits to praying to jeZeus who is in fact a jinn, albeit this is unknown to him. (Because they haven’t allowed him to figure it out like you are right now!) Be thankful for what you’re learning, God Has Guided you here! But remember, it’s a test! You still have much work to do if you want to pass it and most of that work will be in the form of resisting the whisperings, ideas and emotions instilled by your jinn to disbelieve THE TRUTH. You and everyone you know are at virtual war 24/7 and this is the first time you’ve been given the chance, knowledge and tools to fight back!

So, let’s connect the main dots with this man George who worships sus/zeus and can’t get rid of his voices, indeed even after so much brilliant effort he is stymied. It’s because he is praying to the very same entity from whom he seeks asylum. So, instead he’s making sure it’s stuck like glue to him! Indeed, he like billions of Christians are praying to their enemy, zeus who is a jinn like lucifer himself! 

Also note how zeus made George see the “J” (which King James “made up”, the letter didn’t exist prior) in the pool which he ranks as the most important epiphany in his life! (Even though the prophets’ name was Yeshua, not jesus. And that it is common, easily veritable knowledge that names are NOT translated, they only sometimes get changed slightly due to differing dialects and alphabets. Hence there is no friggen way you go from Yeshua to G-zeus!!!)

Note the English parallel of G-zeus (g-d zeus or zus) with their much revered and idolized masonic square and compass logo. At least in part (there are several other things the G symbolizes including gnosticism, key numbers 6 and 7 and their g-ds.) it also represents the importance of the jezeus deception upon the masses of jinn possessed/brainwashed Christians. (See how they made “je” = “g” for one of their jinn g-ds?) Getting 2 billion people to worship and pray to their jinn g-d zeus/sus instead of our One and Only Real God and Creator YHWH was paramount to their success!

FYI; That is one super crafty deception! There are only 2 words beginning with the letter J that make the “GEE” sound, jezeus and jeep which only came along 60 or so years ago. Before that jezeus was the only one!  And “jeep” only exists due to having come from the vehicles being associated with ”General use” and “GIs” which is who drove most of them originally. (general infantry) Yea, don’t underestimate the power of names, satanism is chock full of proof that they are extremely important. And g-d zeus/sus is one of their most powerful jinn going back to ancient Rome and earlier likely!

Here’s a great little realization for EVERYONE from Yeshua in Mat 7:21Not every one who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will (follows the commandments) of my Father YHWH Who Is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name Gzeus(which is illegal, satanic divination if not done by a real prophet of God) and cast out demons in your name Gzeus, (because his fellow jinn/demons obey him hence why exorcisms work) and do many mighty works (bloody wars, seeking of riches, building of false religions, etc.) in your name Gzeus?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you (because he’s not Gzeus, his name is Yeshua!) depart from me, you evildoers.’”

And we’re not picking on Christians, both they and Muslims ignorantly pay homage to another famous jinn named amun/amen! Being curious, we went down to check out a mosque in Tri-cities, WA and were blown away to see a building full of Muslims repeatedly chanting “amen, amen, amen” between each set of their prayers! WOW. So, it was no wonder why many of them couldn’t even bring themselves to accept FREE copies of our highly Truthful Goyim Gazette #119 article which is solely based upon modern science, bulletproof mathematics and hundreds of prophecies from THEIR prophet Mohamet! (We’ll get to that but the point is that Muslims pride themselves in being experts on those topics and they are among the most open minded individuals of all! And the really scary part; the leaders of their mosque freaked out and confiscated the remaining few pieces of #119! Hmmm, think mosques are headed by evil f’*cks just like 503 (c) churches?! Yep. Go to church, go to mosque, AND LOSE YOUR SOUL.)

Or read on . . . This has never happened before across history, due to Jerry, Sherry, George and others’ testimonies We the People now have extremely blatant, clinically established psychologival proof of the existence of “others” who are indeed controlling the minds of the masses. Once you gain constant awareness of this critically important facet of all our lives while going about your days, it will completely change your world. COMPLETELY, it will empower you like nothing else can. This is what 100+ famous prophets and messengers over the course of the last six millennia were sent to tell We the Adamite People!

Yea, if you watched those vids and read along this far, you are now, for the first time in your life, armed with the most elemental understanding any human being can have about this existence. Lo and behold, this truly is exactly what all the scriptures were primarily about. Combine them with what you’ve just learned about demonic/jinn possession of EVERYONE, and you’ll be getting back on the right track. (“EVERYONE” definitely includes you and yours to varying extents, NO ONE IS IMMUNE FROM IT, not even Gods’ prophets and messengers as illustrated repeatedly in the Scriptures. Even they had to learn how to resist temptations and suggestions by the jinn! And they did, thanks only to God for Guiding them exactly like everyone else requires!!! No one can do this alone, no one can do this without God.)

If however you didn’t take the time to watch those vids, (especially the 2nd one) you may as well pack it up because you’ll never have the wisdom to understand nor the awareness to overcome all of the only real enemies you’ve ever had. They will not allow you to see, comprehend or retain the key Truths about life and therefore you will remain deceived and condemned. (By God. Yes really, did you think judgement doesn’t happen until after you’re dead? Nope, that’s sentencing, we’re all being judged for what we continue to do right now!) So, that’s it, you’ve been defeated and shall remain that way until you’re dead. What comes after that for such fools will be the most surprising, humiliating and terrifying reality anyone could ever imagine, FOR ETERNITY.

But if that’s not you, you’ve just learned that this is what you and everyone basically are;

Now you know what was meant by “keep your eye (pinal gland) on the baal (the telepathic jinn in your head)”, congratulations! So, the fact is, things are exactly as the Sriptures say. It’s lucifer and his jinn who control the world, not our leaders most of which are fully possessed hybrids. And even if they’re Adamites, once they invoke the jinn in any sort of ritual akin to masonry and other so called “secret societies” they are quite literally mental puppets and foot soldiers from that point forward. Since you weren’t privy to all this you can be thankful, because every last one of the deceived fools who were aware of it all, are headed straight to Hell!

Indeed, and make sure to understand that important aspect of this Truth; Virtually the only people that could learn about this before now had to sell their souls in doing so! You can’t become a luciferian, satanist, sorcerer or witch without giving up the only things that matter, your soul and eternal freedom! So how did we learn about it you ask? It’s a good question because the answers will help in further understanding. OK, so like Jerry says, the jinn hate psychiatrists because they drug their human victims which impedes their ability to possess them. In general, psychiatrists try to help people suppress the “voices” of their jinn in any number of ways, merely talking about them like I am with you right now pisses them off!

And also like he said, they hate preachers more than anyone because just the mention of God or His Word weakens the jinn while strengthening their would be victims. (But only temporarily, it’s up to them to remain “God Conscious”, this is one of the great secrets and the most important state anyone can achieve, think the Matrix pic on the homepage. That is symbolic of God Consciousness. This is how Yeshua “overcame the world” as he put it.) Well, it turns out, you don’t have to be a preacher, you just have to be an outspoken believer and the jinn will hate you too. And the more outspoken you are, the greater their hatred.

That’s us, and we’ve been attacked by possessed fools in every way til Sunday. (Good friends, close family members, strangers, it made no difference.) Since we began down this rabbit hole back in 2012 we’ve personally seen what is now (as of this writing in 2021) likely around a thousand people go from being completely normal to total psychos in split seconds, and it’s consistently over absolutely nothing we’ve done or said wrong to them!

The stories we have would send ice cold chills up your spine and give you goosebumps everywhere even if you were sunbathing on a 100 degree day! This is no bullsh*t, WE OURSELVES HAVE PERSONALLY WITNESSED THAT AND TONS MORE OTHER TOTALLY CRAZY STUFF LIKE SELECTIVE MEMORY ERASURES, TOTAL ABANDONMENT OF REASON AND LOSS OF COMMON SENSE FROM OTHERWISE NORMAL, INTELLIGENT PEOPLE THOUSANDS OF TIMES.

What we also have and continue to see is the other side to all of this, we’re seeing God at work in ways that only a very select few ever have! Those who’ve followed us over the years know this isn’t anything new, our stuff isn’t our stuff. We’re not doing all of this alone, no one could. And it is now safe to say that our firsthand experiences far outweigh those of both psychiatrists and preachers combined! (And that’s why you see all the insights herein that have commonly went over the heads of tens of thousands of individuals professionalizing in both of those fields!)

An extremely obvious manner of possession that all Truthers can attest to is watching people deny the undeniable. The letter “j” and zeus deceptions, chemtrails, depopulation or toxic vaccines for instance, denial of any easily veritable reality is a dead give away. Another one we’ve seen hundreds of times is when we give someone the Truth and they obviously like it but when left alone don’t pursue more on their own. These are obvious possessions because who likes something then doesn’t want more of it? It’s the jinn telling them things like “I don’t have time for it”, “I’m not certain what’s True and not”, “I’m above all of it”, “I don’t want people to think I’m a conspiracy theorist” or the classic lie of “that’s just THEIR TRUTH, MY TRUTH IS DIFFERENT” and etc. BS to keep them from Truthing.

And by the way, that last one is a favorite for the jinn, getting people to think the Truth has different versions is obviously great for confusing them. It’s not that there can’t be more than one Truth about any subject, (i.e. Joes’ car has a red paint job. Joes’ car is fast. Joes’ car has four wheels. Joes’ car is a Ford, Joes’ plates say “2FAST4U”, etc.) it is moreso that those Truths cannot and will not contradict each other if indeed they are bona fide Truths. Hence why it is not possible to say “my Truth is different than so and so’s Truth”, the Truth is the Truth period

And all Truths about any subject must agree with each other thereby leaving no argument (aka division) amongst the Truthers. That’s why the jinn love for people to be confused over what is and isn’t True! Therefore, when you finally settle on any Truth it is exactly like knowing 2 + 2  = 4. Such surety outside of mathematical Truths often rests in knowing as many Truths as possible pertaining to any particular subject.

Then you connect them to build your case/confidence until finally you KNOW the overall Truth of the matter. (i.e. Yep, that’s Joes’ car!) The only exception to hard Truths are opinions held before arriving at them making what is still unknown “possible Truths” that really can’t be argued about because they’re still under investigation. Yea, Truthing is a process sometimes but the bigger the Truth, the bigger the rewards! Hence Truthing is ALWAYS worthwhile!

Yet another downfall we’ve seen frequently is when the Truth seekers are forced to listen to deceived friends or family members due to being around them. Being without a support group of other Truthers they return to former states of possession and denial. Hence ultimate failure, defeated by their jinn! Scriptures warn us not to associate closely with disbelievers for this very reason and it’s also why it’s so common for believers to leave their disbelieving friends and families, they’re toxic and deadly in the worst way.  

So, watch out for people around you, especially those who deny things without investigating the facts, their jinn will use them against you to create doubt and disbelief in your mind, guaranteed! THIS NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN ON EVERYONES’ FOREHEADS, WATCH OUT FOR THE JINN IN THOSE AROUND YOU, (especially disbelievers and those under the influence of hard drugs or alcohol) THEY CAN AND DO USE OTHERS TO WORK AGAINST US ALL.

Yea, and just remember that EVERYONE, definitely including YOU are influenced throughout life by their telepathic whisperings. (To at least some degree from subtle to extreme, i.e. schizophrenia.) And make no mistake, the subtle can be far more “damning” than the extreme because it goes on without our knowing it. That is the entire point, to get us to sleep at the wheel without our ever being cognizant that we were sleeping at the wheel! In fact, making us think it’s life as usual is the whole point.

Truly the thing they hate most is Truth, ALL TRUTH, because all Truth is from God. So it makes perfect sense when you think about it. Keeping people asleep and confused over what is and isn’t True is job one, they do it constantly and subtly. For instance, if while consuming anything herein you think something like; “ya right” or “no way” or “that’s nuts” or “whatever” or “not me” or any other thought/idea/emotion that downplays what you’re reading/watching, that is them.

It is not human nature to be closed minded, skeptical yes, but not closed minded, because that is just plain stupid. We are supposed to use our God Given ability to reason in determining what is True or false. Hence only possessed fools (literally, right?) deny or dismiss things without such due diligence, especially that which is incredible for this is where the greatest discoveries and advancements are made.

The reason the jinn would instill such non-human thinking is because the last thing they want is for you to become aware of their control over you. So, they will tell you (in your own voice) or make you think/feel whatever is most likely to stop you from learning about them and God! (And as you saw in the vids, they commonly know us better than we know ourselves. This is because they have much higher IQs [Likely in the 1,500+ neighborhood at minimum] and always greater memory capacities to recall EVERYTHING you’ve ever done, said and experienced.) Is this some scary but extremely valuable and interesting sh*te or what? Yea, who needs to be intrigued with science fiction in books and movies when you’ve got real life!?

Oh and by the way, regarding the “not me” type whisperings/ideas, those are of pure arrogance and pride. Now let us think, what was it that lucifer was condemned by God for? Oh yah, PRIDE!!! Indeed, it’s what is going to make him the most famous, miserable and hated inhabitant of Hell! So, NEVER assume you’re ok or immune from this enemy because if you do, THEY JUST HANDED YOU YOUR ARSE and from what we’ve seen, it only gets worse from there on out!

Yea, we’ve seen that one quite a few times too. And it really is one of the worst fails, sort of a voyage of the damned who are never to return to their former state. Remember what Yeshua (not G-zeus) said in Matt 12:43-45When the unclean spirit (of a jinn) is gone out (figuratively) of a man he (the jinn) walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. (jinn find a certain amount of peace from humans because [a.] we’re of God and [b.] we’re quiet in simpler thoughts.) Then he saith, I will return into my house (the man) from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. (Because the man had time to get his head straight and commune with Gods’ spirit that resides in us all.) Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, (to gang up on the man) and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.” (Meaning he was better off knowing and admitting the jinn was with him instead of thinking he overcame and got rid of it because they are always with us! There is no getting rid of them, there is only overcoming their influence upon us with Truth aka God. So, when someone gets cocky with their jinn on their own, they’ll get reinforcements to slam them even harder.)

The fact is, this is square one in the game called life for all human beings. (Hence why it is Truth #1) It is the central concept of nearly all the scriptures delivered to us by 100+ major prophets and messengers over the the last 6 millennia since the creation of our originating ancestors, Adam and Eve. In the Quran we learn how lucifer refused to bow down to Adam when God Commanded him to do so.

Quran 15:32-43 “God Said: O lucifer what ails thee that thou are not with those who submit? (to Adam) Said he: I am not one to submit to a mortal (jinn are semi-eternal) whom Thou Has Created from sounding clay of dark wet Earth. (carbon 12) He Said: Go thou forth from hence thou are now the accursed. And the curse is upon thee till the Day of Judgement . . . Said he: My Lord because Thou Has Sent me astray I will make life on Earth seem pleasing to them and I will deceive them one and all! . . . God Said: My Pure Servants, thou has no warrant against any of them only those who follow thee among the misguided. And Hell is Promised to those one and all.”

Hence his condemnation by God and ensuing hatred for all human beings (Adamites) who he then swore to mislead into eternal damnation with himself, his fellow fallen jinn and all of their human/hybrid offspring who are damned from birth. (Yes really, the jinn inseminated human women who bore the giants called “nephilim”. They and their ensuing race of nephilim/human hybrids are very well documented. It’s irrefutable. And recall Adam lived 950 years so the famous garden story occurred AFTER he and Eve having had children who became the victims of the jinn rapists. Those unions resulted in human/nephilim hybrids who are among us to this day in multitudes. These are the “snakes” in our midst! i.e. Gen 3:1 Now the serpent was more subtle than any creature that YHWH had made.)

We’re getting ahead of ourselves a bit but you’ve got to start somewhere. The first Biblical mention about the creation of those serpents is in Genesis 6:4 “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto (RAPED) the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” There are upwards of about a hundred more Bible verses which fully support all of this and then the Quran for Christians completely “seals the deal” leaving no doubt whatsoever, all of this is real.


That bloodline never went away, they have spread like wildfire! We will thoroughly and irrefutably document all of this later, it’s sort of a big deal which is why lucifer and his minion have went to great lengths to cover up all the blatant clues about themselves. (Especially archeological evidence, this is why most people can’t access thousands of archeologically rich sites around the world to this very day. It’s also why they established a treaty back in 1959 to assure folks like YOU can’t explore Antartica where the greatest body of both archeological evidence and current realities of the existence of jinn remain.) We’re talking about Gog and Magog here, they’re nations of jinn.  

And don’t forget, this coverup doesn’t just rely upon satanic/jewish propaganda alone, it fully utilizes telepathic mind control of the jinn themselves. This is the real reason people have such a hard time getting their heads around the reality of their existence. All the propaganda spread by their lil possessed helpers in the govt and media goes hand in hand but they are the real gatekeepers IN OUR HEADS. Lots of things are like that, many of the big deceptions are twofold. They come at us from what we really see and hear as propaganda and are then reinforced by the jinn in our heads. On that note, let’s examine the satanic/masonic all seeing eye on the US $1 bill along with a couple other things most aren’t aware of, even though the great seal is the most widely recognized image on earth. (See how well telepathic mind control works?)


Yep, that’s been front and center in the faces of literally billions of people around the world yet no one else has ever pointed it out to the masses. It’s all about telepathy and worship of a couple of lucifers’ fellow jinn named “amen” and “renpham” with what’s known as that six pointed “star of renpham” from Acts 7:43. (But like everything else in this world, the star of David is 100% owned by God. They are only usurpers.)

Now stupid people can sell their souls for whatever they want but what the olive branch and arrows represent is the most important “trade” lucifer and his minion of jinn seek. The olive branch represents friendship and cooperation with the jinn by MASONIC leaders. In return, those leaders get military technology, political power and longer lives. Now stop for a moment to consider how non-masonic sellouts such as actors and musicians often die young and only receive money, talent and fame. (Which masons commonly get as well.)

Yea, there’s a big difference and it’s due to the fact that high level masons are those who hold top positions of power in governments, finance/commerce and religion. Unlike actors and musicians those in said positions could represent real threats to the jinn if not fully controlled, they’re somewhat afraid of humanity. (There are many accounts of various natives around the world having killed cave dwelling jinn out of disgust, fear and/or misunderstanding of them. Given our military capabilities today, humans are an extreme threat if not well contained/controlled so, that’s what masonry is for.) And as anyone can easily verify, there is a masonic lodge in nearly every decent sized town on earth. That’s the BIG club that We the Good People are thankfully NOT in!

I was led to discover that stuff on the US dollar back in 2015 but now have a lot more insight. For instance back then, being a homegrown graphic artist, architect/designer and google maps geographer myself, I wondered who some of them were that did the kind of advanced stuff we see in government related art, societal architecture and locationing of cities, streets, buildings and etc. Well, guess what? It doesn’t matter who the human was because they were possessed by the jinn who actually created it!

Same is true with high technology thought to have been dreamt up by famous thinkers such as Tesla. Nope, it wasn’t Tesla himself who came up with his inventions! We will come to find that most (if not all) major advancements by humans were not human after all! Indeed, we have no idea what is of our own invention vs. that of the jinn. It reminds me of the saying “there’s nothing new under the sun”.

Wouldn’t that make a ton of sense from the perspective of a semi-eternal being who’s seen and done it all, especially vicariously through however many hundreds of human hosts they’ve had over the course of their life. (And that reminds me of the many people who have claimed to experience memories from previous lives! There are soooooo many dots to connect in this Truth, are there not?!)

Hence whether we’re talking about so called “new” forms of art, music, writing etc. it may very well not be new at all! And while we’re on the subject, isn’t it quite telling how you never see top musicians screw up? I’ve seen a lot of concerts as both a concert goer and vendor at somewhere around 400 to 500 events and this always fascinated me. The only things I EVER saw go wrong were equipment related. Now I’ve come to realize it’s because they are full on possessed by their jinn during their performances and the jinn don’t make mistakes! There’s no other explanation and it makes perfect sense because that’s part of “the deal”.

Watch the following really, really incredible live concert vid of Elvis and try to tell me he’s nothing short of a jinn puppet! (He’s totally wasted to where he can barely speak yet flips like “a switch” and does his performance to a perfect T, stellar actually.) While watching it, think about who took part in writing the lyrics for it and every other song you’ve ever heard! (Speaking of lucifer being the minister of music per Ezekiel 28:13 Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God;  . . . The workmanship of thy timbrels and of thy horns was in thee: in the day that thou wast created were they prepared.)

And by the way, the audio in the original vid sucked so I overlaid it with the one you’ll hear. It’s a good match except for the end . . . Yea, so no, he wasn’t lip syncing.

That sort of stuff is totally common among hellbound musicians, athletes and other performers who’ve sold out. Their jinn just take over and they become virtually perfect performers. As they say, “the show must go on” and from what I’ve seen, it ALWAYS DOES, even if they’re sick or falling down wasted. I’ve seen it first hand many times. Same is True in another way, that being Good things that Humans do working for God. This is why we hear of all kinds of “superhuman” acts such as people lifting heavy objects and any number of otherwise physically impossible feats to save others. While cortisol and adrenaline play some part, it is still a mystery of impossibility without adding the “God Factor” of angelic interventions commanded by God or God Himself Working in our midst.

God and His Angels can do quite literally anything, from lifting mountains to standing up the dead or making the wind blow and of course everything in between, including whatever He Wants His human servants to do. For example, our stuff including this you’re reading right now. We didn’t figure all this out and do everything we’ve done by ourselves! (Including my having been subjected to about three and a half hours of breathing the toxic fumes from 33 chembombs during the SWAT team attack without so much as a sniffle, tear, cough or sneeze! Ask anyone who’s been through military/police training how long they lasted in the test chamber with that toxic shite and they’ll tell you none make it more than a minute, most only last a single breath! I WENT A FULL  THREE AND A HALF HOURS WITH ZERO EFFECTS!)

Another example is the AAA Ballot which I was guided to sit down and draft in the matter of a few hours. (If you were smart enough to read and use that you’ll now realize that I could not have done it alone, it looks like a team of attorneys spent a couple months on it!) Another one that still blows me away is my so called discovery of the actual size and make up of our world, (If you’re not a seasoned Truther, you probably shouldn’t read that right now, just bookmark it. That one took Peggy who veritably is a serious Truther a full year to get her head around, that’s a BIG Truth! It even messed with my head for about a month leading up to my investigating it.) The point being, I could make quite a long list of things we know for certain were not of our own doing, likely longer than all the articles I’ve written over the last ten years!

Yea, it’s a moment by moment thing, we’re obviously being guided and directed. It’s become totally commonplace for us. In fact there’s a lot of instances on this very page, one in particular happened just the other day when Itunes played Dave Mathews, “So Much To Say”. (we just leave it on random play) It was so appropriate for what I was writing here it seriously stuck in my head for about 3 days. I was then led to check out the video of it that I’d never seen (which I did because of said “stickage”) only to find what could not be a more perfect thing to include below, so I have and you’ll agree!

Yea, it’s looking like everything we all do may be “inspired” by “others” who are either on the good side or the evil side. Case in point here, I’m a pretty big audiophile and the music side of these things truly fascinates me. 20 years ago my personally owned music library on CDs was considered as huge with over 28,000 songs, even nowadays that’s still a pretty fair amount.

That said, I’ve always wondered where people popularized in the music scene by higher ups in the industry got the ideas for their songs, many lyrics are just totally bizarre. Now we have the answer do we not? Psychopathic jinn!!! Here’s a good for instance from Dave Mathews singing the aforementioned “So Much to Say”. (Kinda fitting for the “voices” aka jinn huh? Yep, exactly! There are many more proverbial lines to read between in this one. He even flashes the satanic one eyed gestures everyone is used to seeing from all kinds of satanic turds in the media, but that’s not all, see for yourself!)

That psychotic performance, like most others coming out of the satanic Hollywood scene was obviously by the psychopathic jinn. Many Muslims would say (although I can’t help but doubt it) that Dave Mathews himself may very well be a jinn as well as any number of other “performers” in this illusion we call life. Quran 3:185 . . . “For the life of this world is only the enjoyment of a massive illusion.” (I’m pretty sure that Dave Mathews is just a hybrid in the illusion/program. We’ll get to the “pseudo physical” reason behind that assumption later.)

While we’re on this subject, there are MANY mentions of how Angels can take on any form in all 3 of “the books”. (Vedas, Bible and Quran)  For instance; Quran 6:9 “Had We sent an angel as a messenger We would have made him appear as human which would have confounded them on top of their confusion.”

What is not commonly known or mentioned is that the same is true for the jinn, albeit likely to a lessor extent and manner, that being by way of the mental possessions we’ve covered. Yet still, it does make perfect sense that they too can make us think we’re seeing things which in reality, aren’t there or are completely different.

For instance, many believe the rape incidents like that of Gen 6:4 were achieved by the jinn making themselves appear as the husbands of the women who were impregnated by them. The point simply being, we cannot always believe our eyes nor can we see everything there is to be seen which of course is why part of this invisible/spirit world we’re exposing here is called the “unseen”! (Known only by God, His Angels and whomever else He Allows to see it.) FYI; Like us, the jinn cannot see Gods’ Unseen World either but they can see us while we can’t see them.

Yea, there’s a lot of jinn/angel/God related things going on around us 24/7 that we’re completely unaware of. Aside from what Gods’ messengers have told us, we know relatively nothing because that’s how God Wanted it, until now. 3:179 . . . “And God will not inform any of the unseen except one of His Messengers whom He Wills.” And the jinn themselves prefer to remain “hidden” which is what the word “jinn” actually means in Arabic. Again, it is Gods’ Will; Quran 18:19 “Send one of you (jinn) with this money of yours to the town and let him see what food is purest there and bring you a provision therefrom and be cautious letting not anyone be aware of you.” (That was God speaking to several Good jinn.)

Here again we see how the jinn are afraid of humans. Part of that fear for Good jinn like those being spoken to in that verse is of being worshipped by us. If they allow it, they will be sentenced to Hell. Think how you might feel if you met an 8′ to 9’ or taller, semi-eternal ET who’s about 10 times smarter than you. Wouldn’t you be inclined to be fascinated or even enamored with them to some degree? (Kinda like how dogs look up to their human owners.) Hence luciferianism, the worship of jinn such as lucifer as g-ds by the most deceived people on earth! And the fallen jinn like lucifer who allow themselves to be worshipped instead of God Himself are all going to Hell along with their worshippers/servants.

FYI; How we process all this information is key. For the reader, just let me say that writing the many Truths we’ve covered has often been like “self talk”. This is a process of discovery for us all and this one goes far deeper than we’re delving, I am only documenting the wayward points in said process for both you and myself. I hope it helps both of us!!! Yea, there are many, many offshoots in this particular rabbit hole. But in the end, all that matters is finding the protection of God which we will spend 3 of the 4 remaining Truths to thoroughly accomplish. And have no doubt, He Will Take Care of those who take the time and effort to do this work!

By the way, note the profuse sweating by Elvis in his vid, I myself can attest to that symptom of overheating while being “occupied” by others whenever doing anything of major import in relation to God, just speaking Truths keeps me warm in freezing temps with nothing more than a t-shirt on! (And yes, I get the fact Elves was on drugs which could further such results but I’ve experienced the same while not!) You can feel your head heating up, nothing else, just your brain! It must have something to do with a sort of synaptic overload from being “driven remotely” by others. (The brain burns the most calories of any organ, hence it heats up when being heavily used not that unlike computer processors.) Another “symptom” is that my ears ring like crazy, but that’s been happening my entire life. It’s like a high frequency melody that only my subconscious can interpret.

Anyway, it’s a given we’re being protected, guided and tested by God while also being tempted and generally f’d with by fallen jinn. I can feel when they’re working on me too, usually the sign is a sort of “brain fog” delivered to impede my abilities to break through connecting the dots for certain Truths. The bigger the Truth the foggier and more negative, confused and/or distant I seemed to get. A lot of times it’s like hitting a “thought wall”. We’ve seen God do it too, that happens when we’re going down a road He doesn’t want us going down like getting jobs or focusing on materialistic crap. This is the game we’re all in. It makes sense to revisit . . .

The Tale of the Two Wolves;

A wise Indian told his grandson about a secret, lifelong battle that goes on inside every human being. He said; My son, there are two wolves inside us all.
One is EVIL. It is known for being self centered, unjust, envious, greedy, doubtful, arrogant, apathetic, rash, guilt ridden, perverse, shallow, negative, ignorant, deceitful, fearful and Godless.

The other is GOOD. It is known for being selfless, just, happy, forgiving, caring, giving, humble, patient, thoughtful, empathetic, sound, joyous, peaceful, strong, deep, positive, wise, Truthful, confident and Godly.

The boy asked; Which wolf wins? He replied; The one you feed.


Yea, if any thought or feeling is negative, it’s your jinn at work. It is very important to make another mention that according to scriptures not all jinn are bad but we’re not sure what part/s the good ones play in our lives, if any. Quran 72:11 . . . “among us are those Righteous and among us are other than that, we are of diverse paths.” And 6:108 . . . “do not curse all jinn as if they were evil lest they insult thy God in retaliation out of ignorance.” Also of import is that any number of them can occupy our minds at once (as several did with George or in the case of Yeshua with the man in the tombs, a thousand!) Mark 5:9 “And he (Yeshua) asked him, (the man with the unclean spirit) What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many.”

And they can work together in coordination to get us to do any number of things, just about anything really. (i.e. seemingly coincidental meetings, perfectly timed events and occurrences of all other kinds requiring the coordinated actions of multiple people and jinn. Watch the movie “Paranormal” at the end of this post for some solid proofs of all this!) It is also key to remember that like Jerry said, some of them are totally psychotic. Wouldn’t that be nice, to have a psycho whispering in your mind over the course of your entire life!? Uh huh, such is the case to one degree or another FOR US ALL, definitely to some degree.

This next bit is an example of just how evil the bad jinn can be.


We haven’t covered it but there’s always at least 2 jinn with us who are called “watchers” in Biblical texts and in the Quran they’re called “receivers”. As mentioned earlier, we don’t know what, if anything the good ones do. (aside from documenting/recording our actions) But we do know the bad ones do bad things! OK, so when NDE people die before coming back to life their minds go into a blank state where those bad jinn can do/project whatever they like, and they do. This is why all reports of NDEs are about the comforting experiences of death.

The evil jinn make them see things that the person will associate with goodness (relatives, God, Jesus, Mary etc.).  Why goodness you ask? Get ready . . . it’s so all the people who experience NDEs will come back to recount stories of how peaceful and great the afterlife is. Hence, no worries right!? That’s right, the jinn are using them as public speakers to make everyone think Hell doesn’t exist and not to worry about those pesky 10 commandments and other warnings associated with the punishment of Eternal Hell! Get it? Now that is friggen EVIL!

And by the way, it isn’t mentioned elsewhere or in those vids but these entities are also what people think are ghosts.

We have to remember that the jinn can sound and/or present themselves in visions as whoever they like and collectively they know everything about everyone. So, they can make themselves sound like whomever they want to and have access to all of our memories. This is why such supposed experiences with ghosts by their grieving loved ones can be so convincing. They are also the actual entities behind what are thought by many to be visits from various prophets and angels who the victims then will mistakenly serve somehow or often even worship. And that’s a big no-no which will result in eternal hell if not ceased and forgiven for prior to dying, the latter of which is notably hard to obtain.

In fact it is so hard that many believe worshipping/serving others in any way is one of the unforgivable sins like murder of innocents or believers, but that’s not absolutely true for everyone. (Peggy for instance, she was a now self admittedly, seriously deceived Christian up until she began coming out of her spell about 25 years ago. It started with God making her dislike church. Then all she needed was a little Truth which we’ve been up to our ears in since 2012!) For those hanging in the balance like she was, it really does just take Truth along with some extra effort and sincere repentance, for God is The Merciful, The Compassionate.

So, if you can repent, seek His Forgiveness and submit to Him, He may give it to you. (For those who can’t it’s either because they’re already condemned and He won’t allow it or, their jinn have such a firm grip on their minds they can’t even fathom to repent or ask for forgiveness! And always remember that while the jinn can make you see, hear, think and feel things, God Is in total and utter control over EVERYTHING including anything they’re allowed to do to you either as punishments or tests from Him! Readers of the Bible will recall the many trials of Job and all the other prophets/messengers, but God Tests us all with hardships. And after each test comes either ease or more tests. When lucifer and his minion of satans tempt us to sin in any way, it is always a test God Allowed to happen. Each time you fail, you sink and drift farther from God and His Infinite Grace. And don’t think money is a form of ease, it too is a test to see what you’ll do with it! Sorry, I digressed into other teachings but they’re good ones!)

Just remember, when the evil ones tempt us to buy into things like deceptions, sin, doubt, fear, hate or unfounded division amongst ourselves, it’s actually just a test from God. AND TESTS ARE THE ONLY WAY TO GET A GOOD GRADE. NO TESTS WOULD MEAN NO SUCCESS. So, life really is a game that inevitably offers either a great reward or a stiff penalty, both for eternity. All that said, the main thing to take away from Truth #1 is that we all get mentally attacked by jinn who are with us throughout our lives.

What we haven’t covered but will, is that we Adamites have angels who stand “on call” to help us, the Quran says God will send down thousands of them for each of us just for performing certain prayers!  This gives us a clue for what must be an incredible numbers of angels who exist, likely in the Trillions. (Each of which are TRULY GOOD which is opposite to what we’ve all been led to beLIEve, i.e. “fallen” angels = TOTAL BS! There’s no such thing, all the angels obey God 100%.) So, for each of us that’s a large number of angels (the largest mention in the Quran being sent for one person is 5,000) and one good jinn only and at least one bad jinn. Then there’s God Who Is Constantly Watching Over the whole show. How can this all be? We really have come to assume this life is somehow likened to the Matrix and Avatar movies. Hard to believe? You bet! But we humans are obviously not the ones in the know about this construct we call life, it could be any number of things we have never dreamt or even have the ability to imagine it being!

So, obviously the best wager is to error towards caution by not wagering at all! Hence any wise person would simply attempt to live how we’re told to (while repenting for past mistakes) and Pray for help and forgiveness from YHWH and ONLY from YHWH. (There are no intercessors with God so, if you try to use one, [i.e. jezeus, amen, any angel, etc] you’re breaking all three of the first 3 commandments which we’re clearly warned will result in eternal Hell.)

FYI; We ourselves didn’t know how to do those things 10 years ago! (Do you know how to live by Gods’ Laws? [which we are warned that non-compliance of will result in horror for Eternity] Do you even know what they are as originally put forth before being mistranslated by the enemies? Can you recite and fully comprehend the correct ones right now?) The honest answer for 99.999% of people (including us some years ago) is NO.

And this is one answer YOU want to be 100% HONEST about! No dreaming, guessing or assuming that you’re ok. This is THE stuff that really matters. You’ve either got this down or you haven’t, and it is the foundation of your eternal life so you want to make sure it’s solid! And yes, we will thoroughly cover the commandments as well. This site truly is all that anyone could ever need, you’ll see. God Used us to make it that way and has Guided you here to give you a shot, there’s no coincidences in life and therefore no other explanation. God Used us to create this site and has now Sent you here to see what you’ll do with it!

So, now you know you’re not alone in your head (at all!) and if you recall this often enough you will have a shot at overcoming the enemy within. It starts with your knowing that any negative voices, thoughts or emotions you might have while learning how to fight these entities in the hours, days, weeks, months and years to come are not your own.

And therefore, you should fight them with responses similar to those Jerry, George and Sherry used like “that’s a lie”, or silly, distractive sayings such as “oogly, boogly, woogly, iggy” or thoughts of “Love, Kindness and Care”. But in order for those to stick you’re going to need a little more serious help from The One Who Created this whole program. Yea, in order to succeed you will need to be a believer worthy of reciting key Scriptures used by some of Gods’ most famous prophets and messengers such as;

Psalm 23 from David; “YHWH Is my Shepherd, I shall not want, He Lays me down in green pastures. He Guides me beside still waters, He Restores my soul. He Leads me in paths of Righteousness for His Names’ Sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You Are With me, Your Rod and Your Staff, they comfort me. You Prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies, You Anoint my head with oil and my cup overflows. Surely Goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the House Of YHWH Forever.”

Quran 1:1-7 This powerful prayer was originally given to Abraham, the patriarch of 6 billion people who believe in the One True God of the Vedas, Bible and Quran; “In The Name Of YHWH; The Almighty, The Merciful. All praise to You Lord of the Worlds; The Merciful, The Compassionate. The Only Master of Judgement Day. You Alone we serve and to You Alone we Pray for help. Guide us on the Straight Path. The Path of those who have Your Blessing not the ones with whom You’re Angry nor those who go astray. Thank You YHWH!”

Mathew 6:9-13 from Yeshua; Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name YHWH. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And allow us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For Thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory, forever.

Quran 2:255 from Mohamet; “God. There is no god but He, The Living, The Eternal. Neither slumber nor sleep overtake Him and Unto Him Belongs Everything in the Heavens and the Earth. Who can intervene with Him except by His Permission? He Knows what is in front of them and behind them and they grasp nothing of His Knowledge beyond what He Wills. His Throne overspreads the Heavens and the Earth and the sustaining of all thereof wearies Him not. Yea He Is The Exalted, The Tremendous, The Incomprehensible.”

Quran 114.0-6 from Mohamet; “In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful. Say; I seek refuge with Thee The Lord of humanity, King of humanity, God of humanity from the worst of the sneaking whisperers who whisper evils in the hearts of humanity. Yea woe to the fallen jinn and their degenerate snaking imposters!”

Be honest. How do you feel after having read those verses? Uh huh, better, right?! It’s like finding a rock to stand behind during an onslaught. Such is life!

I challenge everyone to copy/paste those on your device for reading the next time you’re tempted to sin, feeling dark, angry, afraid, unnecessarily argumentative, in disbelief or confusion, then watch how things change, usually instantly. It’s all about having the awareness to simply make this effort.

And here’s the BIG REWARD for having made it thus far. It’s a bonus, if you will. And just the fact that creating it f’d with David for 3 days should tell it all. Indeed, the jinn definitely did not want for him to produce it, nor for YOU to watch it! (They messed with David BAD, then they crashed his PC and his Ipad, attacked this site and repeatedly killed our internet as we’ve tried to upload it! Imagine what they’ll whisper in peoples’ heads to stop them from watching it!) . . . But that’s not going to happen to you right? Yea, right. Enjoy what might be one of our favorite works to date in the short film; “PARANORMAL”! (Even if you’ve already seen it, we definitely recommend watching it again after having just taken in this Truth #1!)



Download “Paranormal” HERE (Length: 40 minutes, 215 MB)

Next hunker down and stay focused on this constant work at hand for us all. Indeed, they won’t quit trying to mislead you until you’re dead. You can count on that 100%. But know you needn’t be alone in your fight with them, as alluded to in the advised recitation of Scripture to defeat these entities, there is That Someone Who Just the thought of repels and drives them down! That brings us to Most Important Truth #2. Pull up your boot straps, the journey has only just begun!